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Campéole is a campsite in Portiragnes, France.

An unhappy camper had many complaints about Campeole:

-Closing of the tents blocked impossible to be able to open the windows. -Every time someone takes water we have to put up with the smell of sewage (a family even asked to change the lodge thinking that it was within the hour that there was a problem but in fact it's in all the gates). -Very little activity and information on the evening of our arrival there was still a fireworks display since it was the party in Portiragnes nobody informed us during the welcome drink we heard from ourselves around 11 p.m.). -The maintenance of the campsite needs to be reviewed the walkways are all deformed the rutted cobblestones difficult not to hurt yourself when walking. -There is a kind of canvas above the terrace which is absolutely useless because when it rains the water passes through and when there is sun the sun passes through (moreover people were obliged to put a triangular canvas hung as best he could between the lodge and the tents to be able to shelter from the sun). -4€ token for the washing machine (and again the laundry is not spun). -Only one washing machine for the campsite the other is broken no dryer. -No plug in tents. -Mosquito-infested, impossible to plug in mosquito repellants since there is no outlet in the tents.

Moreover, after talking with people from the campsite, it turns out that there are always places.


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