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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Starting out in 2003, it first focused on games set in World War II. However, over time, the series has seen games set in modern times, the midst of the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space. The games were first developed by Infinity Ward, then also by Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. Several spin-off and handheld games were made by other developers. The most recent title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, was released on October 25, 2019.

A former player said in a review "I stopped buying new Call of Duty releases after Ghosts in 2013. I hated the gameplay videos I have seen the “futuristic” newer releases, they are incredibly unrealistic and in my opinion geared towards the little kiddies that gobble up jelly beans and Hot Pockets while their hearts beat at 200bpm. Why parents let little children play the game is for another answer, but it probably involves leaving their children unsupervised for long stretches of time in pursuit of their own interests. Other releases that rely heavily on parkour as a gimmick for the little kiddies are equally unrealistic; no way you are running up a wall with a rifle in your hands. No way a soldier is running around like Usain Bolt with a gun in their hands. They seem to me like Call of Duty on crack. If I wanted to play Halo I would play Halo, not some cheap knock off version. Definitely a lot of little kiddies playing Halo too"


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Quality Assurance Tester (Current Employee) says

"You are constantly reminded that you are a contract employee with an expiration date. Meanwhile you recieve a W2. During training and orientation you sit in on all of these calls where Activision tells you about these amazing benefits. When the call ends you are told "Those benefits are for permanent employees in California". As a QA tester you are constantly told how important you are to the development of games like Call of Duty. When you first sign on to the position you are informed and forced to sign a contract that states you are not eligible for a bonus regardless of the games sales or performance. All of this leads to the most important thing people need to be aware of. There is zero work-life balance. We have been working six days a week, eight to twelve hours a day since August of 2020. While it easy to ask for time off, you are not eligible for PTO because you are not considered a permanent employee. If you want to be treated with some kind of dignity and respect, Activision is NOT the place to work. Cons: Does not pay a livable wage, zero work-life balance, little to no upward movement in the company."

Senior Desktop Technician (Former Employee) says

"It's nice when you work with talented team members who carry their share of the workload."

Localization Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"Overworked, underpaid, temporary contract, zero benefits."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"None of the perks of working in a real game company office - passive aggressive management - NO job security or room for advancement. Poor treatment. Even as a satellite office it's really poor. The only perk? Decent coffee (when the machine works) If you have any history working in the games industry at all you know that part of the 'payment' for long hours and substandard payrates are the perks (snacks, game nights at the very least) Activision Dublin... nothing - seriously we couldn't even use the canteen after work to play board games once a week... Cons: Bad work environment, inept management"

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"I realy hated this job. The managers don't tell the QA Testers things until after they have spent days trying to test a bug or they expect you to meet a bug quota for every day when you are placed on a team that has to test one bug on a map that has had all the bugs reported for days. They are not very open with employees being themselves at work. They require a more casual formal dress code, so sorry guys no punk rocker looks metal faces or heavy tats, least you be fired for being yourself. Cons: Bad Management, poor employee standards, bad hours, low pay"

Social Media Specialist (Current Employee) says

"You come in as a contracted employee and stay as one. Very rare chance that you will ever become an Activision employee. Cons: where do i start?"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"It's all about personal relationsips in this company. It doesn't matter how talented, skilled and intelligent you are in the specific expertise you are passionate for. There will always be a person who has much less skillset and talent but does his best job on politics and lobbying behind the doors to edge out others. Cons: Very poor management, low quality coworkers, very poor assesment of employee talent and contribution."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"The work environment at Activision is extremely toxic. The entire rewards and recognition system is based on favoritism. Teamwork is almost non-existent and employees are enticed to compete against each other "The battle for the best idea". Cons: Just about everything else"

Quality Assurance (Current Employee) says

"Expect frequent and consistent overtime. At the very least you’ll be working 6 days a week, this gets even worse during crunch. The schedule you are given is a facade expect frequent changes at a moments notice. The company will make excuses and say they are looking into structural changes but these are merely empty promises. The one positive thing about the company is the bond you create with your fellow workers. The people are truly amazing without them the job is worth nothing. Sadly you should expect frequent turnover. Know what you are getting into before working here while it’s fun to play new games this only lasts for so long. Don’t expect much of a social life you are married to the company, oh and as far as advancing in the company goes it’s very unlikely regardless of how hard you work. You’ll likely be strung along and think you are given a chance to showcase your skills but they are simply using you. Cons: Brutal schedule, low pay, limited advancement opportunities."

player facing (Former Employee) says

"Layoffs at least twice annually regardless is profitability or industry press releases. Environment male dominated and closed-minded. No hesitation to go back on their word or disregard years of overachievement in favor of short term budgetary gains. Low morale in player facing departments. Cons: Yesterday’s hero becomes today’s zero in an instant"

Receptionist (Contract) says

"It’s great at first and then you truly get to see who has your back and who doesn’t. There’s a clique in management like in High School. If you don’t agree with them or god forbid form your own opinio, you’re out of a job real soon."

Manager, Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Activision aspires to be an innovative, leading company and while many people there are working extremely hard to make that happen, leadership isn't fully aligned and the day-to-day is taxing. The meeting-overloaded culture means little time to do work, so you are expected to be always-on. Most people are given the freedom to work remotely as needed, and be off-site to look-after kids, but it's really case-to-case and overall the culture doesn't seem to have kept up with the fact that the longer-tenured employees are now married with kids and need a more realistic balance. Career pathing is non-existent and when organization shifts occur there is little to no thought put into rolling them out to employees. Many people work hard after the fact to manage through those organization changes, but the transitions in recent months/years have been very bumpy."

Game Tester (Former Employee) says

"Being there for just a short amount of time, I already sensed that being a game tester amongst other testers in a basement-lke atmosphere, that halfway into my time there was a prison setting. There were tens of games being tested at the same time. Which seems normal for a big company like Activision. But with schedules as the same was just horrifying. We all had the same 10-minute breaks twice a day at the same time. And lunch hours all at the same time. We were trated as if we were robots programmed to take breaks all at once. Cons: prison-like atmosphere"

Social Media Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This is a contract job and you are not an Activision employee so your chances of building a path that leads to a career with the company is not that high. The player base that you help is very toxic and constantly verbally bash the help you are trying to provide for them. While I love video games and being surrounded by them on a daily basis, this is not the ideal area of the industry I'd like to be in Cons: Overworked, under paid contract work, very limited benefits, mandatory 6 days a week / 12 hour shifts during new game or DLC launch, very little chance of growing with the company"

Platform Lead (Former Employee) says

"An exciting industry to work in with many sharp, creative and friendly people but one that exploits the graphic artists, programmers and quality assurance personnel with low pay, long hours and low job security because there is a constant supply of entry-level replacements seeking hire. Cons: Relatively low pay, no job security, long hours/weeks during "crunch""

Quality Assurance Tester (Former Employee) says

"Activision is a great starting off poing in the field of quality assurance, however it's also where you learn about how tough life can be when you are trying to move up. Cons: short breaks, work life balance"

Senior Artwork Project Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company promote 'ALL in" and "The People" but I find the staff so unfriendly and stick to who they know. Not a good working environment. Cons: Long inflexible hours"

QA Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great company to get experience. They need to work on retaining people. Too many egos. I wish they would provide more employee development and expansion opportunities."

Outreach Support Agent (Current Employee) says

"Access to the latest titles of games and older versions of games. the ability to visit headquarters is a plus. Santa Monica headquarters is very nice."

Tester Technician (Former Employee) says

"You schedule is not your own."

ImDead13 says

"Too many cheaters! It\'s not fun anymore. Permanently ban the cheaters! "

HNNES says

"Cold War Multiplayer is just bad. bad aiming-system bad graphics bad performance"

VManSpence says

"Black ops Cold War doesn't work. It crashes more times than it functions. Loadout screens freeze in place so you can't see what you're doing. It ignores your selection and plays whatever game mode it wants. But worst of all; it may even remove your save file, making game progress pointless. In collaboration with Xbox (via the Microsoft store) Call of Duty steal money from people. They sell faulty games which do not work as advertised, and if you try to get a refund, they say "tough luck. You should have known the game wouldn't work before you downloaded it. Thanks for your money, loser!" I don't know if it's different for other console users, but on Xbox nobody seems to care."

sam wright says

"Ever call of duty game is the same. copy and pasted game with updated graphics. They always start off fun but after 100gb update after 100gb update they always turn into trash. They dont seem to listen to customer reviews and in the process of 'fixing' things that dont require fixing they seem to break everything else in the game. trash servers, trash cheat prevention and theres no reason for updates to be 100+GB to make a gun less OP but break it and 5 other guns in the process"

Niterider says

"Same old story year in year out . Always tell myself this one will be better. Never is . Just doubled my internet just for this game. 60mb up 20mb down 20ms ping zero packet loss. New set up so nothing but PS4 connected and it still plays like I'm on a 56k modem. Their match making algorithm is absolute pants. Hello eBay , goodbye MW I'm done"

Christian Reed says

"Warzone is down.. AGAIN! I love the game but this is beyond a joke now. I have purchased packs and the previous battle pass and I am no wya near getting my monies worth. Cannot get hold of anyone at activision, really poor show!"

Nick says

"100+ gb i installed on my pc and end result i get is garbage, cant even roam the map without lag and freezing so just die 24.7, go to shoot someone > freeze > 10 seconds later im across room on floor dead and got bored within half hour, gun systems don't even make sense like a pistol does more damage than a m4? just can't play the game, when it was released free for a few days ages ago i could play it on good graphics at 30 fps, downloaded warzone and cant even play on low with 20 fps and my pc hasn't changed since...also let console players with controllers play agaisn't PC players...not like controller players will have the upper advantage the whole game. Seems nowadays games are made for people with 4 grand PCs, i can play arma 3, rust, gta all on high/ultra yet this game..low at 20 fps says it all, clicking uninstall and seeing my storage go back up made my night. Save your PC storage and time oh and not to mention once you install like 107gb you then have to wait 4 months for shaders to install."

Paul says

"Spawn location are a joke. Weapons damage a joke. By far the worst release ever. Dont waste your money on this piece of crap."

Retr0 says


Tristan Colson says

"Nothing like Battlefield. There is no chance to have fun in the multiplayer mode of warzone.."

Lutek says

"Joke redicilus rubish and trash!!! Change the name for CALL OF LAG!!! WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE ON YOU CONSOLE!! 1 game i shoot 3 enenys in 1 magazine . Other minut i cant shoot 1 !!! With 2mags and rpg!!! Guy standing back to me with ssme gun dtart shooting on back just 20hitmarks ! Jump turn around and drop me down with firstShit like this you should not charge money if you call this multiplayer game!!!! Respawns!!! Droping from sky on warzone . And enemy droping and have respawn on same spot!! Before pi. Up gun to fire he its faster even if i drop first!!! Agsin 20hits nothing happen to him . I deth with a bullet like a fu.... baloon!! Redicilus!!!"

Belinda Queirolo says

"Hi I must have spent £10 to become a female character In call of duty mobile, but seriously I feel you are now taking advantage of my gender, when the men that play this game, don’t have to pay and have several different character versions for them to choose’s not right and I’d like you to explain the reason why you have left it to chance as well, why can’t we just by the female character, rather than make it a lottery costing a 99p for each spin!! This shouldn’t be allowed This is exploitation of women should be made more public and is unacceptable in this day and age!!!"

beeguy123 says

"Paid €60 for COD MW and it is buggy as hell. Unplayable because it crashes every couple of minutes. My pc is the "recommended system". For full $$ I expect joy but all I get is frustration. Other users on the forum have the same kind of problem. Do not buy before it is patched !"

Jason says

"As it can be a bit violent it does get a 3-star rating but it is a good game and is worth buying."

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