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The Center for Development and Strategy (CDS) is an environmental and economic American think tank and online publisher based in Buffalo, New York, in the United States. The center develops policy studies, risk briefs, and OpEds on political, economic and environmental issues throughout the world, with a specific focus on issues concerning sustainability, development, and national security.

An upset former employee said this on Indeed "I did an internship at CDS years ago and was placed under someone who had never supervised anyone. She was a mean, old therapist who made my going in everyday dreadful. She was negative, critical and just tried to make my life hard. I asked to be placed under someone else and was let go. I luckily found a great internship and excelled. This was an awful experience and management sucked".


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Gary Moore says

"Today the power went out in Paoli PA 2 times during the day and another time at 10:43 pm ,this time the generator was running and there was no power in the house. So I called emergency service and the serviceman got ten minutes from the house and called then turned around while I was waiting , all I know he was rude and it was a service failure and I bought the 5 year maintenance plan. My generator is paid for, the emergency plan cost $1500 pre paid . I strongly advise not to do business with this company after you experience not getting what you paid for. I want my money back for a service failure.If it walks like a snake and talks like a snake ,its a snake.This company does not have anything to offer if it can not be on time and fulfill its contractual obliigations. Because they are obligated. I am a licensed aircraft mechanic trained I would not trust them to do good work, I suspect sabotage, I would not trust them to do work, they would sabotage the equipment based on information and belief. I made a emergency call and they lied and said they were comeing out and said they were 10 minutes out from my home then they never showed up. I would never trust them.That's called non performance of contract obligations, and deceit, because I paid 1500 for a 5 year maintenance contract with emergency service they did not intend to do ,but they want the money. Theft of services is what it is and I am pressing charges"


"I have no indication that my generator was serviced. No document was indicating the date of service or the service performed."


"I did not receive a phone call before CDS showed up to do maintenance @ my house. I like to be home when maintenance is being conducted. I called and complained,....I was told that they called me on my cell phone that is not true I did check my cell phone and no phone call was received....After talking with Denise Rogers last year I requested that my cell phone 301 672 2959 be removed from your listing and only use my home phone 301 855 3159."

Stan says

"Disorganized company, very poor business processes, poor communication, stuck in 1970s technology"