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Caleres Inc. is an American footwear company that owns and operates a variety of footwear brands. Its headquarters is located in Clayton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Founded in 1878 as Bryan, Brown & Company in St. Louis and undergoing several name changes, for a time, the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company was the largest manufacturer of shoes in America. It went bankrupt in June 1939.In the 1970s,


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Current Employee - Specialist says

"They do not pay fairly, always trying to skim off the top of paying you saying that the experience will be beneficial and you will get raises every year. The raise is less than 2% typically."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turnover, Culture is only talk, Leadership doesn't trust their employees and employees have trouble trusting leadership, Below average pay, Reactive rather than proactive, Office environment is unprofessional often in disrepair or messy, Using "retail is hard" to justify poor work life balance and unrealistic deadlines."

Former Employee - Corporate Employee says

"The leadership of the CEO is so poor and degrading to the employees. Bottom line is leadership only cares about themselves. Human Resources will only put what’s best for leadership and not for the employees, thus leading to a bullied environment."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Lack of leaders with courage, recycled VPs moved to various departments, lemmings not leaders, a total lack of communication; HR team which puts themselves first over associates; no performance review process, barely 1-2% annual raises; antiquated IT systems; slow to react to changing business needs; internal bickering; no clear vision to move forward; focuses more on outside perception then the internal realities; mismanaged teams, no level of trust to let people do their jobs."

Former Employee - Information Technology says

"a follower HR doesn't care about you will take shortcuts to pick cheaper options HR has too much control, they dont work with the actual departments they control no bonuses unless you're high level BIGGEST ISSUE IS THE PAY, everyone is severely underpaid, causing many people to work at caleres to get the experience and leave"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"It'll be a miracle if it lasts another 10 years. This is no longer a hidden gem of a "go to" employer in STL. In the last 5 years alone it has changed so drastically it is mind boggling. Use to have great entry level jobs that paid $15 an hour with tons of company perks. A decade later, those jobs have the same start pay, no perks and bigger work loads. But If you are attractive, can afford to dress stylishly, hired as salary vs. hourly, and know how to brown nose with the right people--you'll be fine and probably make more than you would make anywhere else for the same job. If you are any part of a nut or bolt that keeps a company going - they sell a good game but ultimately will treat you terribly. Departments that may have been overstaffed at one time are cut, and then cut again and again - yet retain the same workloads. Supervisors given raises and then when downsizing, instead of being cut, transferred or pay reductions; these over paid people are put in charge of areas they have absolutely no understanding of, get another raise and don't even pretend to care about anything but keeping their own jobs. Some supervisors, and all directors and above get yearly 5 figure+ bonuses, and have exorbitant salaries that are dumbfounding. People that play games get multiple promotions and raises and it has nothing to do with their talent (it's about who likes them). Hard workers who don't have time to play popularity games continue to be overloaded and underpaid. The current CEO has been running the company into the ground for years. Her greatest concern has been to try and insert herself as an 'elite fashion industry' player (and making her multi million dollar bonuses). Going so far to have spent hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in changing the company name--instead of spending half as much on 're-branding' the name that had been on the NYSE for over 100 years. Listening to only a small group of favorites beneath her who say what she wants to hear - to be able to push personal agendas & making sure their 'pets' are promoted and overpaid. An example of appearances being more important than work; under guise of 'being green' it was directed that no one could have a wastebasket! Large bins in off path areas and each person only allowed to have something that looked like an ashtray on their desks! (not making this up). Maybe if she worried about the bottom line more than having to see a trashcan when she walked thru..."


"Wow...where do I begin? Let’s start with the Wholesale area... management is below par. They promote who they like... whether these promoted people are qualified or not. The GM has a love for those that kiss the ground they walk on and surround themselves with yes-men... if you don’t conform to their toxic wants, good luck with ever having a promotion or career path. You’ll just sit stagnant in your position no matter how talented or knowledgeable you maybe. They let other managers treat employees with such disrespect. Micromanaging at its finest... you are spoken to in a condescending and degrading tone ... and no one seems to care, though it’s heard and management is aware but nothing is ever done to correct this. It made going into work hard. Your love and joy for your job slowly dissipated. Let’s address the next issue.... the Wholesale HR department. This group is ... I don’t even know how to describe them. Incompetent ....inadequate...inept... They wouldn’t know what talent is even if it smacked them in the face. They hire, not based on how well you can perform your job or how talented you are but how you look and fit into their model of an ideal fashion company. HR personnel should be the people you can trust the most and go to with any issues you have in the workplace. Sad to say, you can’t do so with this group. There’s no such thing as confidentiality with them. When you do come to them for guidance, they are rude, curt and demeaning. There’s no compassion, empathy or a genuine show of respect or care. If you look at Caleres ... they like to promote inclusion and diversity. Upper management, middle management are majority white men and women. Hypocrisy at its best."

Former Employee - Marketing At Sam Edelman says

"culture was very destructive, always felt like i was walking on egg shells. Unsupportive leadership and questionable interactions and communication with employees..HR needs to be more involved in day to day for employees in New York office and step in. No growth opportunities."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management brings own people, all politics, some departments clearly get favored, no work-life balance, negative office talk, buttering upper management gets you promoted in few months on some teams"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"head managers were horrible, talked down to you and belittle you infant of customers even if you're supposed to be there equal constantly checking in on you even if ur a manger, expect you to do things without being told but then get upset with you when you do it before being asked to, hours cut all the time even when your sales were amazing, yelled at then apologize when they realize they're wrong, yelled at for stolen when there's not enough staff nor sensors to prevent it. hired people and never gave them hours and them got mad that they weren't trained had to be told 100 times before anything would get done."

Inventory Control Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Put it this way, I'm glad I'm out this place. No place for advancement unless your'e related to a cannot be seen speaking to anyone for any reason or you will get yelled at like a child. this place is the worst when it comes to favoritism."

Order Picker/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Dont work here the management doesnt care about you. They work you like slaves they send other people home and then pull you off of your equipment to pick up their slack. There is no promotions unless you are related to some one in power. I got fired for missing one Saturday because I hard car issues. Filthy work conditions the warehouse looks like it's been through a sand storm."

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work management it's terrible they have their favorites and they only bring in people they know from NFI not a recommended place to wor"

Forklift Driver (Former Employee) says

"No work/life balance. Lots of sudden demand for OT and yet times can really slow down where there is no work. No advancement opportunities unless your in the “managers circle”. No communication and they give you the run around in order not to lose you but never give you a straight answer. They’re all over the place when it comes to company and employee needs. Not the best place to work but OT can pay off."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Alot of times the shoes come in falling apart! Have to send so much back bc they have to be fixed! Too expensive for what you get.Good luck if you are the manager with permission to override and make people happy, give them their discount they left in the car or share between customers at their request, I mean you are told to "say yes".. But you will get fired! fotweawarningwarningwarning!i!you"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Not a good long term job management sucks and dont know nothing on how to run the job pay sucks for how much the company makes there greedy and only think about themselves and dont care about there employeesNo pros hereThey lie about everything they say never keep there word"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Very cliquish. Not a fair work environment. Very little to no training. (You're told to train yourself.) Lot's of favoritism and nepotism. If you stand up for yourself, then you are a troublemaker. Pay increases seem to only go to the favored people as do promotions. Have never felt so used or deflated by a job before."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Collector II contacts customers who are delinquent in the repayment of their loans and obtains payments, commitment agreements or establishes a repayment plan. Followed set policies and procedures when determining suitable collection solution. Typically requires 1-3 years of related experience. Works under moderate supervision. Reviewed and monitored delinquent accounts daily and maintained losses at or below established guidelines."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This by far was the worst company I have ever worked for. District Managers say one thing when they come visit and turn around and say something different. Working towards sales goals like how many rewards you get and for accessories. Those were always the worst ever because people would get turned against one another and then the team your were working with would not trust each other."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Famous Footwear was fun and exciting only my first day. All the other days that followed were annoying and aggravating. The managers are not as understanding as they look. They like to talk about people behind there backs. They are also rude (rolls eyes, huffs and puffs) and get annoyed everytime you ask a question. Also, they don't hold back when yelling at you for a mistake infront of the customers. My co-workers were the only good thing about this job, plus the 30% off of shoes. The things I hated about this job is that there is no hours (I went 2 weeks without working), the store is slow (not a lot of people come in) and we have no security. They expect us to do our jobs and also be security. This job is boring, all you do is fix boxes and walk around when its slow (which is all the time). Time goes by slow when working here. DON'T WORK HERE! IT'S NOT WORTH IT. WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY. THANK GOD I QUIT!!!!!Co-Workers, 30% off of shoesNo security, immature managers, no hours"

Management (Former Employee) says

"If you accept a job plan to stay about 6 months anything more and you will find out all the reasons to leave. If you kiss up to the DM you will be able to blame everyone else for things that go wrong. Plan to work alone most of the time.noneputting up with people who shouldn't have been promoted"

Finance (Former Employee) says

"You'll always worry about having a job the next day. No profit sharing, no annual increases. Management is worthless don't expect anyone to go to bat for you, if you do take a job here I really feel for you...keep lookingthe people"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company does'nt care about there employees make u open the store alone. And receive shipment by your self at 6am in the morning.NothingNot enough pay for all the things they ask from u."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Yes its a big corporate shoe company that only cares about the numbers of the store and not its employees. Managers are forced to manage stores on a low budget of hours causing you to staff your store with sometimes only one person by themselves at a time even opening and closing the stores. This is not safe for the employees or protecting company assets and inventory. The company feels its acceptable to pay a part-time assistant more than a full-time assistant with both having similar retail backgrounds. The most wasteful company I have every worked for. The store will receive new signage for each sale that is rarely used twice and then just thrown away.the feeling that you have exceeded the expectations of your customerswill work you to death and not compensate you for it"

Planner (Current Employee) says

"If for some reason you're the kind to enjoy frequent layoffs, dept shuffling/cuts, ever increasing workloads due to the latter, constant reprimanding/finger pointing, and little to no growth potential, then this is your place. This is a company obviously driven just to appease the shareholders. I've watched while every year like clockwork there are layoffs, predictably not long after the first of the year, yet the CEO can spend 10's of millions to rename the company and change the identity, just to make a mark for herself.Um, there are free beverage stations?Outrageous workloads, finger-pointing & blaming/shaming runs rampant, unfair practices, micro-managing, squeezing every last drop out of the people"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked at his place for over a year, the bilinguals talk about the regular workers in Spanish, the managers talk about the workers, and others, they do not care about anything you have going on in your personal life, they will tell you it takes 6 months before you can be promoted but will hire people they know personally and promote them in less then a month of starting. The managers and supervisors will rather you give customers free shoes or a bunch of discounts just to avoid a supervisor call."

Any position (Current Employee) says

"A typical day steady unless peak season (chaos) I have learned the moto is clear of its not what you know but who you know. Management is not transparent Workplace culture, segregated The hardest part of my job is lack of training The most enjoyable part of the job is clocking out for the day and my receiving my bi-weekly check"

Order Processor (Current Employee) says

"Racist company unprofessional manager , supervisors an HR favoritism within company. If your white you right if your black you are wrong. They have a do not rehire list of course and the list consist of not rehiring any black ppl that previously worked they before.NoneHostile work environment"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend working here. Mistreatment of employees and unfair pay make is not worth it. Also has a lack of organization and stressfulness that make the employees quit."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management was completely unprofessional and the company itself is unorganized. I do not recommend working for this company at all. Plus retail is a dying business.Rate of payJob duties, management, payroll, store layout, shifts available"