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CalAtlantic Group, Inc. was a home construction company based in Arlington, Virginia. As of 2018, it was the 4th largest homebuilder in the United States. The company built homes for more than 113,000 families during its 46-year history.In February 2018, the company was acquired by Lennar Corporation.

Inez angrily wrote, "Ok so here's my tale. I purchased a home 2 years ago from a new builder called Mignatti who then sold itself immediately after Lennar, leaving my home under the care of Lennar. So Lennar took responsibility for the first year repairs. Did I mention I bought my home 2 years ago. Guess you can imagine where this is going. I handed them a list of work & in 2 years they've only managed to send 1 worker to repair nail pops on the wall. Now this company is using the # coronavirus gift of unexplained delays to claim they don't know us and it's Mignatti's problem. Wow! So we sent them proof via emails that they were in fact handling the list of work prior and now SILENCE, No response."


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