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Cabo Wabo is a nightclub and restaurant located in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Franchises exist on the Las Vegas Strip and on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. It is also a popular brand of tequila. All were founded by rock musician Sammy Hagar.


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Bar Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not suggest this location as a career path. The opportunity for advancement is non existent. They do allow Felons to work in the work place which is not a comforting thing."

Host (Former Employee) says

"The manager seemed really nice on the surface but they are they all act like they just become a manager but this is their first job ever but I’ve actually had to manage other people and it shows they’ll let people that they know never come in for a shift all they have to do is call off of work last minute but the newer people that have just started working there who are honest hard-working people they write up very quickly they don’t take their job as manager very seriously at all it’s more about who their friends with and who they’re actually managing"

HOSTESS (Former Employee) says

"I did not want to work where people who were still set I g time in prison were working. In the kitchen Ok it’s very common in the restaurant. As a busser Ok but as a host front face & impression of restaurant is tacky and not how I want to represent myself. The women were sweet but I was scared for my life."

HOSTESS (Former Employee) says

"Constant harrasment from coworkers, managers, and customers. Managers clearly play favorites. Manager kay kay dated a server and parties outside of work with her favorite hosts and servers. Cons: Pay, Rude management"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Good money. Lots of work. Managers play favorites. Some people have preferences in schedule and sections. Physically exhausting. The bussers don’t buss tables. Cons: No breaks. Poor management"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Cabo Wabo is a place to work when you're young and you want a fun job. This isn't a job you can make a career out of or make much advancement in. If you like to be around a lot of people all day long then the restaurant industry is a great place to work."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great Fun, lacking management attention though."

Host/Anchor (Former Employee) says

"Working at Cabo Wabo Cantina felt like being with a second family. Very nice people, who are very helpful. Full of hardworking people and full of smiles and laughter from both customers and staff."

Lead Food Server (Former Employee) says

"Working at Cabo Wabo was fun while it lasted. Once you clock in be ready to run a race for 6-8 hours with no breaks. The guests are what kept me there for so long. You meet so many people and get to share experiences and stories with them. Cons: no breaks, high stress"