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Onorme Faith Eraguolor Baror says

"I bought a Redrow home last year... and I am trying to selling to buy another Redrow home. Redrow has refused to enforce a restrictive covenant that has allowed a van to be parked outside my house for the past 8 months. Now I have lost my buyer... and they are not allowing me an opportunity to find a new buyer within the reservation period so I can move out of a home and a situation that has caused me so much stress and anxiety."

Davina Westwood says

"We purchased a Redrow house as a new build 6 years ago. On the face of it, the houses look great. But once you live in a Redrow home for any period of time you realise that the build quality is shoddy. So far in the 6 years we have had to fork out for a brand new boiler after it was damaged due to an installation fault that wasn’t picked up in the warranty period, the drive has sunk significantly causing damage to the water supply which caused a flood, we’ve had water leak through the ceiling from both bathrooms multiple times, the Symphony kitchen was such bad quality that we have gone to great expense in replacing it (on dismantling we found that in some parts the kitchen had been cello taped together), the lovely flat plot we viewed before purchase had an enormous hill in the back garden by the time we moved in, the carpets and flooring supplied have already require replacement, all the toilet flushes have leaked and required repair. We had a number of snagging issues when we moved in and these were remedied to varying degrees of success. I don’t think the poor quality is specific to Redrow, perhaps all new house builders are the same now but I would not buy a new house from Redrow again."

Keri Yarham says

"Absolutely shocking after sales care. They are good within the first 6 weeks then any issues after that time be prepared to be waiting months and months. You have to constantly send emails as emails get ignored and if you think making a phone call would be easy, you never get to speak to anyone, all calls go through to answer machine and i've never had someone return my call after leaving a message. They came out to fix my pathway leading up to my house as the slabs became loose they fixed the slabs but dug up part of my garden, i have now been waiting 3 months for them to finish the job and put grass back down. I have been waiting since October for snagging issues to be sorted, they come out to look then nothing is ever sorted to get the snags repaired. I had brackets missing from the front of my home, after 8 months of waiting, they put them up however there is no way they were new and ordered for my house, they were old, discoloured, covered in black dust and muddy, they didn't put the screw caps on so it now looks awful stuck on my house with no way for me to clean it as they're up at roof level. In my kitchen the finish was disgraceful, the fan was wonky and most of the drawer and cupboard handles were put on wonky and not in line, the slow close fittings constantly come off or break, cheap products used. I have many other issues that i'm still waiting to get sorted. They have no pride in their work and the finish is appalling. If you call head office they put you through to the customer service managers who again never answer. If you're happy to continuously have to chase to get the perfect home you initially thought you had purchased go ahead but i personally would never buy from them again."

Mrs Lalli says

"Reply to Redrow- Your apology is most certainly not acceptable. Very unprofessional and dishonest company to deal with who has no morals, integrity or ethics. I tried to take up matter with Head of Customer Services Richard, rather than resolving the matter and accepting the mistake he tried to blame everything on me!!! I found him very stubborn and argumentative who just doesn’t want to accept honest criticism This company doesn’t even deserve 0 stars It seems like this company doesn’t know the meaning of customer service. WE DEFINITELY DON’T NEED REDROW’S WISHES ? Absolutely Disgraceful *****BE WARNED OF THEIR SALES TEAM**** So far we have received the most unwelcoming, misleading, unprofessional, and extremely rude unacceptable shocking behaviour. We are looking to purchase two properties. We were told by their sales team that our houses need to be market, mortgage needs to be in principle and ready with deposit to exchange in 6 weeks. We went away and sold our house, got mortgage in AIP and got deposit in place. We came back to them and we were told congratulations for selling the house - but you are number 29 on the list, price of house would be 25,000 more than verbally told! Just a small detail to them, but they disrupted our lives! Absolutely disgraceful business practice. We are now in process of selling our properties and no where to go and still being told the same thing over and over again by Sales Manager, that we are 29 on the list! Why did their Manager forget to mention such important detail in the first place! If we hadn’t got this far and loved the house, we would have gone to their comparators Taylor Wimpy down the road from Ebbsfleet Quarter where they value their customers and breath of fresh air. Please be warned and not get tricked by Redrow and be stuck in a vicious circle created by this manipulative building company like we are"

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