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CSW Industrials, Inc. is a diversified industrial growth company with well-established, scalable platforms and domain expertise across two segments: Industrial Products and Specialty Chemicals. We provide value to our customers through offering a broad, yet complementary portfolio of leading products that provide performance optimizing solutions for diverse industrial and construction applications. The markets we serve with our well-known brands include HVAC/R, general industrial markets, plumbing, commercial construction, oil and gas, mining, electrical, steel and transportation.

CSW industrials have a toxic working environment, poor leadership, and no room to grow, an ex-employee claims at glassdoor.com

"Leaders (below CEO) have a belief that anyone below a certain level is not valued. Leaders (below) talk down to employees. The environment is not flexible (they say it but do not mean it). No social aspect of the Company, dry environment. Morale is horrible due to Leaders (below CEO) and how they treat one another and staff below leadership level. Everyone has too much on their plate and it is not appreciated by Leaders. Below the CEO, the Leaders have super big egos because of their title, and some I would consider borderline bipolar due to their behavior. Ethics are questionable by some. Too much bickering to be such a small office. No room for advancement!. HR is not organized and will oftentimes forget to add you to benefits you are entitled to on a timely basis."


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Unindentured Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"never go back management sucks and was just worthless they had bad working conditions and wouldn't take care of the employees and skimped out on safety rules."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"The main manager was always grumpy and the coworker's were not well balanced and or polite. I always had to do other peoples jobs which I didn't mind except it was hard to do mine plus three others especially when it was closing time. And nothing was done over a male worker sexually harassing me."

Installations Engineer (Former Employee) says

"At the interview they promised to train me up through engineering courses to become a qualified engineer, at the first appraisal they said they had no intentions of putting me through any course. Cons: The management are liars"

CSW (Current Employee) says

"This company was amazing, but depending on the family you are assigned to then your rating will change. My boss was increasingly more controlling and added stress to the job. Cons: pay, no benefits, non negotiable salary"

Community Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was a unique, insightful and positive experience into assisting, supporting, guiding and coaching those involved in behavioral and mental health services."

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"same as above need overall improvement needed. More organization is needed and staff need to get along and be a team. clients are great to work with and that aspect of the job is fulfilling."

Accounts Receivable Representative (Former Employee) says

"don't have a review as I knew my daily work task and I did my job and what was asked by a superior. didn't come to work to make friends, only to do my job."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Every days I was working with the homless people or people who really need help in the world, I learned to treat the people very kindly, to be more human and help who need, Also, to answer phones, solve problems, make invoice, manage of data systems and to do interview for new income. the most difficult part was to control your emotions when you know that someone needs a bed to sleep and there is o spaced you have to tell him come back another day. I't was a very noble work. Cons: relif position"


"Enjoyed working with the clients. Policies regarding clients were unclear. My belief was putting the clients needs first and keeping them on the grounds so that an LCSW could arrive to talk with the client was met with conflict."

Group Generation STEM Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I took this job because it had several things I thought I would like to continue doing and that I am pretty comfortable with. Cons: Boring job not what I was sold!"

Community Service Worer (Current Employee) says

"Meeting with clients. Keeping their treatment plans up-to-date and documenting the meetings. I learned different factors on what causes some mental/emotional disorders, as well as coping mechanisms. The management team is dedicated and focused. They are helpful and have an open door policy."

Donations Verifier (Former Employee) says

"Although the guys were respectful, they should have included more females. Out of six telephone customer service agents, they only had one female agent."

Electrician Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Very labor extensive but provided a great environment to learn and perfect my craft. Hired too many people for the amount of work that needed to be done. Luckily I was promoted but there still wasn't enough work to go around. I was fortunate to become friends with very knowledgeable Journeyman who showed and taught me a great deal Cons: Ran out off work"

Former Employee - Maintenance Supervisor says

"I worked at CSW full-time for less than a year Cons: They will fire you for reporting a harassment! Do not report any harassment! They will fire both parties."


"I have been working at CSW Cons: Management. Managers are turning a blind eye to a lot of issues. Employees feel unapperciated and unvalued. The president will walk right past you with out saying hello, he has a way of making you feel small and invisisble. This use to be a great company. But as soon as management changed and started to spend less time in the office everything went down hill. This is not a company for young people to start a career in."

Former Employee - Air Force says

"I worked at CSW full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Hard to move into different shifts"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at CSW full-time Cons: -small company = lots of hats for every manager -not a lot of room to advance, though they usually promote from within when opportunities arise"

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