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C.P. Company is an Italian apparel brand founded in 1971 by designer Massimo Osti. Initially called Chester Perry, its name was changed in 1978 following a lawsuit by Chester Barry and Fred Perry, for the use of their first name and surname. C.P. Company clothing design often conducts research and design into military uniforms and work suits. It became known for its functional, military-inspired outerwear and the use of innovative fabrics, processing techniques and design.

Frustrated customer Mattia Moscetti took to Facebook to write:

Made my first online order from C.P, the items arrived 4 weeks late and in a different colour, the worst part is dealing with customer service, they seem like they are trying everything to not help you........ one of the most annoying customer service I've ever experienced. Now they're telling me that is possible just refund me since the colour I purchased is sold out which doesn't line up to what their website says.


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Assistant Trainmaster (Former Employee) says

"It comes from the very top, culture is awful, management gets in trouble for not writing up employees even when they have done nothing wrong. Targeting employees is commonplace. It is very much a "what have you done for me lately" type of place. Cons: Toxic workplace environment, toxic culture, stress, work/life balance"

Conductor Trainee (Current Employee) says

"My husband had applied for the Conductor position at CP. He was contacted by CP hiring-manager-type person and went through a phone interview. Later followed by a an in-person interview. Passed a drug test. Waited on training, which was postponed from August, to September. Then September to October. Then again until November and finally, again, until January. Luckily during this time, he had a reliable job that allowed him to continually prolong his stay. Cons: long hours, exteme shift work, low wages for training, no work/life balance"

So called management (Former Employee) says

"Work 50+ hours a week is not meeting expectations?? No positive input only negative response. On salary taken advantage of, unless good old boys club. Can’t think outside the box. Cons: Watch your back, it’s not what it appears!"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"This company is tanking. Management from the highest to lowest levels display the greatest amount of incompetence I have ever seen. The company as whole does not care about its employees and will try to terminate you any way they can. Current employee."

Track Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"Got hired for brake man switch man and was thrown into maintenance of way track work Tie gang then steel gang . When a company lies to you straight to your face it’s not worth working there."

Trainmaster (Former Employee) says

"This company is full of awful people from the top down. Stay away for your own good. They literally wrote a person up for having to take off work for chemotherapy. Cons: Everything"

POLICE DISPATCHER (Former Employee) says

"I thought CP would be a great company. I received NO training and worked with someone management is aware is a bully but they do nothing to address. I don’t recommend this company"

Conductor (Former Employee) says

"The good- the views/ scenery."

Specialist - Database Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The database team manager go for coffee with two Indian guys everyday after morning meeting. All other people in the team feel very bad. Salary is also pretty low."

Conductor/Engineer (Former Employee) says


Train Conductor / Locomotive Engineer (Former Employee) says

"company gives no eff's for their employees. Scheduled days off are non-existant. Pay is often argued with an arbitrator (company often refuses to live up to a pre-written contract ) Cons: no personal life"

Mechanical RIP Carman (Former Employee) says

"Managers in here come and go literally like changing clothes. The ones that come in have no railroad experience or knowledge about what we do. This place hires you to fire you. When management messes up “no harm no fault” when union employees make a mistake management is out to fire you, suspend you, anything they can do to get you written up! Canadian Pacific is not a railroad it is a publicly traded company filled with horrible managers that are ready to replace you. Safety is the last thing on there minds and if you have an opinion about some thing you better watch out because you will be harassed by management until they fire you or you leave. Find a American railroad to work for! Cons: Management, Lack of Safety, Transportation, Mechanical, Lifestyles, pay, vacation"

Maintainer (Former Employee) says

"I honestly will say this places management cares nothing about the employees they kept me away from home all week and my position was only 25 minutes from home. I asked manager to train me on my territory he told me no one was working INDEED REALLY NEEDS TO LET PEOPLE EXPRESS THEMSELVES FREELY Cons: Dont work there"

Conductor, Locomotive Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I have been in the railroad industry for over 20 years. Canadian Pacific Railroad and there management team from Superintendent upwards are incompetent. If it were not for the train crews doing what needs to be done this company would go under. There US operations should be rated by the FRA as a class 2 railroad. From outright liars to false reporting of train arrivals and departure times, miss management of train crews, and horrible customer service, harassment of transportation crews, the Roadforeman of engines are a disgrace to the industry. The list goes on and on. No leadership by example. Cons: Canadian Pacific"

Signal Maintainer (Former Employee) says

"The company made you park the co. truck even though they required you to be on call after hours of work. You would have to drive your personal vehicle to get the company truck. Cons: Company Truck"

Conductor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work if you want a work life balance and to be treated with respect. Management only cares about meeting the numbers, regardless of how the employee may be treated in the process."

Conductor (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this company, no workplace safety, poor management, unhappy employees, worthless union, fake investigations, no work/life balance, working the 2359 extra hump when the yard is shut down on Christmas day. Cons: Management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at CP before and after Hunter Harrison took over. Cons: fear, corporate culture, brutal upper management"

SAP Functional Analyst (Former Employee) says

"One of the garbage companies to work with. No respect of employees. Employees are treated like animals. No safe work environment. Lot of approval process and noting get done."

Railway Conductor (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management and it’s a very non inclusive place to work. No work and life balance with this job and they treat you like a slave. The management thinks they own you even though most of them don’t have any railroad experience at all. They are just hired because of major nepotism. Cons: Everything"

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