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CINCINATTI BELLS Sucks. Cincinnati Bell is a regional telecommunications service provider based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. It provides landline telephone, fiber-optic Internet, and IPTV services through its subsidiaries Cincinnati Bell Telephone and Hawaiian Telcom, which are the incumbent local exchange carriers for the Cincinnati and Dayton metropolitan areas and Hawaii. Other subsidiaries provide enterprise information technology services and long distance calling.

Betsy H gives some comments about her experience with Cincinnati Bell in a review she wrote on HIGH SPREED INTERNET website: “I was suckered into lower pricing with assurance from salesman that Fioptics had improved. If I could give less than zero, it would be in the negative. So sorry I switched. I work from home need reliable internet. It goes out every 6-8 hours. They send a technician, it works ok for a week or so and then back off. When we reset the router it works ok for 6-8 hours. I've had 5 different technicians since I switched in August! So frustrating! Need more internet options. I also can't stand Spectrum/TWC, only options in my area.”


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Former Employee - Network Operations Technician says

"They are outsourcing all core network operations to India. Their end goal is to completely get away from the union. All they care about is how much money they can get the higher ups, don't value their employees or their skills, experience or knowledge at all."

Current Employee - Fiber Optic Account Manager says

"Goals are set so you can’t make the monthly minimum every month. Then you only get 13.00 an hour. No parking pass. Every year the commission structure is cut, so you won’t have an increase in pay. Vacation time hard to arrange, and company tried to find ways to cut the pay. More modern technology has made Fiber optics old technology not needed. Company recently sold as stock has plummeted year after year. Mostly because they get the customers to switch for internet and tv providers, then they Jack their prices up in less than a year"

Former Employee - Commercial Account Manager says

"Management is the worst in America. I could go on and on but I will sum it up as Commercial Outside sales at Cincinnati Bell is the worst job in America."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership doesn’t practice what they preach. Unqualified employees are promoted and qualified employees let go without notice or work transitioned."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"Leadership has no clue how anything works. There their expectations are woefully out of proportion. The tools given to do your job are 10 years out of date. If not more. The ordering system is a 1970s DOS based, for example. The data analytics team is a joke. No one's numbers ever match. So you spend half your time just trying to get an accurate sub count, etc. Unbelievably shady business practices. If only you knew. Soulless people that will stab your back in a second. No forward thinking at all. Every quarter is about milking THIS quarter for all it's worth. The CEO is a foul mouthed buffoon. Every other word is the 'f' word. It's all about who's fault it was. Never about solving a problem. They will take everything from you and give nothing back."

Call Center Representative says

"pay, "promotion" system, workload increased daily"

Outbound Sales says

"Goals were unattainable and the potential commission was greatly misrepresented. Outbound sales is a dying thing, most don't answer the phone, and those that do are typically in early stages of dementia."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very, very inconsistent workload. My manager doesn't seem to know what my job actually is and therefore gives me tasks she just doesn't want to do herself - things a secretary could do. The work environment is hostile to women, as well as racial and sexual minorities. I hear racial and sexual slurs on a weekly basis. I reported an instance of sexual harassment to HR several months ago, and while the experience with the HR rep was very positive, nothing ever happened to the two offenders (other than a slap on the wrist). Even among the few female employees I've talked to, there's a general resignation that "boys will be boys" and that eventually I'll get used to it."


"Senior Management left a lot to be desired"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very unprofessional culture. Undefined job roles. Lack of ownership of technology (too many vendors). Very racially insensitive to say the least."

Fioptic Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Worked there for 3 years. Always made my goal, but they just kept raising it. Went up 35% in a year. Parking pass has to be paid for by employee now. Commissions cut every time you turn around. Can’t get a pto day to go to the doctors. No flexibility. We work off a dialer that gives bad leads with wrong numbers all day. Company stocks are dropping. Customers bills are not as promised."

Field Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Cincinnati Bell's focus day 1 was on culture. I seen zero. The manager had used curse words in a meeting in a room filled with new hires. Very unprofessional! He also asked me and other guy to report to him of how Charter Communications ( Spectrum - where we both previously worked ), processes were different than of Cincinnati Bell. The training location, was a nightmare. It was downtown in a skyscraper and the parking was all full by 8am because of a baseball game later that afternoon. Communication by HR and management was horrible.nonemanagement, culture is terrible"

Security Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Flash layoffs, no notice, no replacement job. Do not work here. They will not tell you anything and then you get flash laid off. They also will not help you find any other position at Cincinnati Bell."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management ruled by intimidation and fear. Language was offensive. Management didn't know processes and didn't want to know how -- just do it. Job performance was handled in the open and demeaned the person and upset others. Management style was lacking people skills, understanding and offering proper learning and development. Drinking on company time in the office was common place on Friday's and during Corporate Management meetings. My co-workers struggled through each day and were very stressed. Some cried, some were angry and left to smoke or sit in their cars for a while. The only enjoyable part was 5:00 p.m. and treats that people made and brought in to share.A paycheckAlmost everthing"

Field Representative (Former Employee) says

"Products are having trouble, management unable to cope. Job seems insecure based on moves the company has made. Not paid commissions based on reports that are incorrect and systems which cannot be accessed by sales force. Long hours and very stressful.nonall"

Retention Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The training they give is three days a week for for weeks. They expected us to know things we were not trained for. The pay is horrible and the company itself is not understanding if you have to take a day off. They don't care about their employees as long as they make them the money, that is what matters. I don't like lying to people for any reason, much less telling the customer one thing yet doing another. You would be lucky if you received your paycheck on time and hope each pay period it would be the correct amount for the hours worked.n/athe entire experience with the company"

SMB Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to ever work for and they only give opportunities to individuals they like."

Fioptics Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Hard to advance. Boys club. Lack of leadership. High goals, pay always decreasing. Since employeed with this company reps have made less year after year. Managers are pushed to micromanage, climate of workplace is depressing."

Senior Administrative Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good ole boys club if your a male or a young good looking female your in. If not then your not. If you are a cut throat type of person you will go far w this company however there are not any loyalties from upper management they expect you to give your life to them and right before retirement they lay you off for no reasonNothingNothing"

Fioptics Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"They cut the heck out of the prices, free this and free that, MGR takes no hit sales rep does. If the UNION Tech decides he doesn't want to get out the truck, salesperson gets a "No Access and a Cancellation" Typical day 200 speed dialer calls 180 hangups, 17 are you kidding me, and might have 3 real conversations. Most people hired on dont realize how bad a reputation the company has. During interview process you sit with sales people not doing what you will be doing. You get a rosy impression, which quickly rots within 4 weeks of completing 30 days of training which is awesome. HR and trainers were top notch.Baseball TicketsToo many to name"

611 Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job. I didn't know it then but I know now this was a terrible job, I had a terrible manager and terrible supervisors and terrible co workers and the whole company had terrible service. Worst job EVER!"

Senior Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"No matter how hard you work or how much you sell, it is never enough. Got kids running the ship that know absolutely nothing about the business. As one other person said, alcohol and hanky panky (keeping it clean) was common. After it was all said and done, me and 160 plus of my closest friends, we're better off getting outsourced and apologize to all those customers who had to deal with the inexperience.great work mates, pay was decentmanagement!"

Subject Matter Expert/Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"I've worked for Cincinnati Bell for two years now. Within three months of my initial date of hire I was offered a full-time position as a Communications Consultant. After six months of working as a full-time consultant I was promoted to Retail Auditor and Subject Matter Expert. Shortly thereafter, my position title was changed to Account Manager. Although I was able to rise within the ranks of the company based upon my monthly performance, my ability to think on my feet, and my ability to retain product knowledge in order to effectively execute day to day challenges, I was extremely dissatisfied with the companies policies, procedures, ever changing compensation plans, and poor customer service. While working in retail, I'd often hear from those who held high positions in the company that retail was the driving force behind the company and that there would be no Cincinnati Bell without the retail represetatives; however, the company sets ridiculous goals for consultants to meet and those goals are upheld by unfair and poorly structured compensation plans that penalizes the consultants by docking their pay for mistakes that belongs to the company (for example: you must sell 20 cable services, 30 internet services, and 15 home phone services within the course of one month. If the customer decides to cancel service within three months of it being activated/installed, the company subtracts the money that the consultant made from those sales out of his current paycheck. Whenever a customer decides to cancel service, it is typically because the service will not work at their residence,Breaks, comp plans, other polices and procedures."

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"After 19 years of dedicated outside repair they decided to let me go while on workers compensation for a back injury. This literally ended my career and has caused me to spiral. Basically they used me up and spit me out without any concern for my well being etc. i actually retirement to college to try and advance in the company but the good ole boys club kept that from happeningNon anymore union sold outThe whole “new” company. No concern for any employee just the bottom dollar"

Certified Senior Project Manager - Contractor (Former Employee) says

"I would never want to work there again. The IT manager was very insecure. If any PM were smarter than him, that PM would be released. I have nothing else to say.Great people to work withManager too insecure, let 2 best PM's go."

Principal Network & Security (Current Employee) says

"Great Pay, company changes leadership ever other week. The team I worked on was fantastic but we lived in constant fear of upper management changing things every day."

customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a work at home customer service rep. Sales was pushed for every call. We were given the "tools" to perform during training, but we were not trained on everything. Very little training on the cell phone set up and no training on the billing system or transfering numbers from one cell company to CB. The cellular dep. would not do their jobs either, and were located in the Phillipines. They pushed us to sell and set up the DTV for those who don't have true fioptic service. But if a customer was not happy and wanted to cancel their DTV service, we would refer them to DTV, but the DTV kept referring the customer back to CB. This aggravated the customer even more and there was nothing more I could do. The systems used were very slow, and sometimes non-functional, which racks up your call handle time. Appts. would be set, and the service dept. would not show up. They would claim there was no appt. So, the customers would have to wait even longer for their service to be connected. They would change the rules of procedures daily then reprimand when you don't follow the procedure. They would put points against your attendance for their system failures. They would cut your hours down if you were not selling. Missed sales repeatedly so they didn't have to pay on commission when you reached your sales goals. Under doctors care for illness? They force you to take a medical leave and use that attendance against you as well. Sometimes I would get kicked out of the system and couldn't log in. Tech support would tell me I wasn't an employee. This happened on severalbest pay for work at home jobseverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"You realize that you are just a number to the company. I would say good luck to anyone looking to work their. They are not the career company they used to be."

Network and System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Worked in CBTS. Was promised multiple promotions but they always hired from outside. When asked about it, they said that they forgot to look at the resumes sent from inside the company."

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Typical day involves direct reports and time sheets, along with several other reports due every morning. - Answering and assisting all direct reports with anything they may need to accomplish the job at hand anytime of day/night. -Field inspections, coaching technicians, on boarding and teaching new technicians. -Patience is a true virtue. -Management is afraid of change and is not receptive to new ideas and out of the box thinking. (it's the way we have always done it why change it) mentality. -Hardest part of job is not being able to assist my Technicians and make their job easier with out getting backlash from management. -Most enjoyable part of my job- My Technicians.Flexible schedulingCost of health care, retirement package"

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