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The Bowlus CG-8 was a prototype Second World War American transport glider to be built for United States Army, one was built but the type did not enter production and the programme was cancelled.

CG 8 didnt enter production and the programme was canceled, the company encountered serious problems with the design and asked Douglas Company for assistance, according to a report published at

"the company encountered serious problems with the design of the larger XCG-8 and the company asked for assistance from the Douglas Aircraft Company, to no avail as the XCG-8 failed testing and did not enter production. The glider was made from wood and fabric, it was destroyed in a storm in June 1943. XCG-8 Prototype 15-seat transport glider, one built. Data from MrazekGeneral characteristics Crew: 2 Capacity: 7 equipped troops Length: 45 ft 0 in Wingspan: 90 ft 0 in Wing area: 880 sq ft Empty weight: 7,450 lb Max takeoff weight: 11,050 lb Performance Cruise speed: 120 mph while being towed Military glidersRelated development Bowlus CG-8 Andrade, John."


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