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CBS is sometimes referred to as the Eye Network, in reference to the company's trademark symbol, in use since 1951. It has also been called the "Tiffany Network", alluding to the perceived high quality of CBS programming during the tenure of William S. Paley. It can also refer to some of CBS's first demonstrations of color television, which were held in a former Tiffany & Co. building in New York City in 1950.

The network has its origins in United Independent Broadcasters Inc., a radio network created in January 1927 in Chicago by Arthur Judson, a New York City talent agent. It was later that year, in April, that the Columbia Phonograph Company, parent of the Columbia record label, invested in the network, resulting in its re-branding to the Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System (CPBS). In early 1928, Judson & Columbia sold the network to Isaac & Leon Levy, brothers who owned WCAU, the network's Philadelphia affiliate, as well as their partner, Jerome Louchheim. They installed William S. Paley, an in-law of the Levys, as President of the network. With the Columbia record label out of ownership, Paley re-branded the network as "Columbia Broadcasting System". Under Paley's guidance, CBS would first become one of the largest radio networks in the United States, and eventually one of the Big Three American broadcast television networks. In 1974, CBS dropped its original full name and became known simply as CBS, Inc. The Westinghouse Electric Corporation acquired the network in 1995, renaming its corporate entity as CBS Broadcasting, Inc. in 1997, and eventually adopted the name of the company it had acquired to become CBS Corporation. In 2000, CBS came under the control of the first Viacom, which was formed as a spin-off of CBS in 1971. In 2005, Viacom split itself into two separate companies and re-established CBS Corporation through the spin-off of its broadcast television, radio, and select cable television and non-broadcasting assets, with the CBS television network at its core. CBS Corporation was controlled by Sumner Redstone through National Amusements, which also controlled the second Viacom until December 4, 2019, when the two separated companies agreed to re-merge to become the new single entity known as ViacomCBS. CBS formerly operated the CBS Radio network until 2017, when it sold its radio division to Entercom. Before this, CBS Radio mainly provided news and features content for its portfolio owned-and-operated radio stations in large and mid-sized markets, as well as its affiliated radio stations in various other markets. While CBS Corporation shareholders own a 72% stake in Entercom, CBS no longer owns or operates any radio stations directly. It still provides radio news broadcasts to its radio affiliates and to the new owners of its former radio stations. licenses the rights to use CBS trademarks under a long-term contract. The television network has more than 240 owned-and-operated, and affiliated television stations throughout the United States; some of them are also available in Canada via pay-television providers or in border areas over-the-air. The company ranked 197th on the 2018 Fortune 500 of the largest American corporations by revenue.

In January 2017, after the events of the 2017 Chicago torture incident took place, CBS Radio News reported, "The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally challenged teenager. In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. This description was criticized by conservatives, including Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty at the San Francisco CBS Radio News affiliate KGO (AM)


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Line engineer (Former Employee) says

"Perilous company with a very high turnover of staff! The ones remaining struggle to understand the basics on natural sense & technological ability! Ideal as a stop gap so one does not remain unemployed Teamwork? They are too busy for that! I feel better progress of the company would be to employ staff with abilities to understand the customer needs & purchasing restraints, as well as management capable of helping staff members complete tasks in an efficient manner. Personal targets outweigh team accomplishments and overall business progress."

Desktop Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"do not work here toxic and racist place to work for. Anyone who wants to be depressed go work here and you will feel the depression the first day of work."

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"its stupid company with stupid people there, its corrupted and i just killed 3 years of life to work with them. They are lucky to that project only because of one person on the client site"

News Editor/Researcher (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized, inefficient, non-communicative, lazy journalistic standards, 60 hr weeks and terrible management. Zero basic human decency. Other than that, great."

NSW Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Small company with ineffective management. Disorganised and lacking direction to grow new markets. Very dirty and unsafe working environment. Dirty toilets and nowhere to eat lunch. This company has now ceased to exist and this is not a surprise to me.NoneDirty working environment"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"It was a great opportunity as I was asked to use my talent and gifts on the radio, doing voice overs. I came away with an experience that helped empower me on my next career adventure.great people to work withmanagers were not authentic and had no integrity"

Representative (Former Employee) says

"very fast paced job and had to learn a lot of material in a short amount of time. busy call center work and phones ring all the time, high volume work experience"

Web-Master / Lead Content Director (Former Employee) says

"Company was extremely cut-throat with zero job security. Had to work 50+ hours a week, including weekends. Had one manager who actually sent emails and requests for response on Christmas Day."

Jr. SOC Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A company that can frustrate your work ethics, many times in the past they have betrayed my trust, management had a very poor relationship with a union contract that was in place. They on many occasions even tho they agreed to maintain in tact the c.B.A. (Collective bargaining agreement) standards, they did totally the opposite. I have nothing good to say about the fair treatment nor respect to myself or of other employees that I have observed unfair treatment towards."

Programming Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work. The only thing that they could do better is rewarded employees that go out of their way and beyond what their job requires because they care about their product.friendly place to work atpay"

Multi- Media Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Corporate trickle down effect to local managers causing unrealistic expectations and unprofessional treatment of all employees throughout the building."

Utility Person (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism runs wild at CBS. If you aren't related to somebody high up you aren't going to go anywhere in this company. Best to look elsewhere if you want to provide for your family."

Senior Manager, Database Operations (Former Employee) says

"- Average Leadership - High Stress-level - Poor Company structure - No Global Presence - No work from home policy - High amount of outsourcing - High turnover rate - Low compensation for non-executives - Poor professional culture - Solid company benefitsDecent benefitsPoor management"

Controlador (Former Employee) says

"CBS una institución outsourcing, multiempresa la cual esta conformada por una serie de elementos adminstrativo no capacitados para resolver problemas laborales de cualquier índole, ademas de atrasarse con los pagos no ofrecer servicios de ley y cuando los da solo son temporales la cual no es una empresa responsable con y hacia el personal que labora y a quien le contrata.ningunono hay dia de descanso, no pagan puntual, no hay responsabilidad"

Writer/Producer/Editor - for CBS-TV Network. (Former Employee) says

"First and foremost, the pay was way too low, considering my experience. Overall, I would not recommend anyone to work with this company.Wide variety of work kept me from being bored.Very low pay."

ajudante de fresador (Former Employee) says

"apesar de tudo aprendi muito trabalhando em varias áreas da empresa"

Custodial Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Cleaning and maintaining all areas of the Arena on a daily basis. Worked with a team of four as well as on my own. Each day was different, some days we worked a minimum of four hours or a maximum of six hours because the job is a part time posisition.Got to see the end of games and concerts that ended later than expectedThe Breaks were short"

Digital Media Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Company. Stay far away. Managers are horrible. System is horrible. It's a dinosaur of a company"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"One of the greates company's to weork for! Great supervisor's and the out you with the right companys.Pay every week.Sometimes the assingments are short."

Call center (Former Employee) says

"CBS is a temp service that is no longer in business. worked at several positions the best one was a Evenflo as a call center person."

Dannielle Szuba says

"CBS, you suck. You are totally stupid because you think you can do better then Netflix to stream shows, but guess what you can't. Your fees are outrageous and I can't wait till your entire company goes under. This way Netflix can buy out the shows you are trying to hoard for a fraction of the price, to remake or stream themselves. You aren't helping anyone by denying your show to be put on Netflix other then yourself."

A. Wood says

"Tony and Jim calling Chiefs/Browns. These guys are so biased to the Browns it is making me livid!! Who’s the number one jersey in the NFL Patrick Mahomes hello we don’t want to hear how much you like the Browns. Where is Troy and Joe when you need them!!"

SB says

"Good Bye CBS, forever 👋 We are very tired of hateful Bias reporting, CBS was our favorite place for news and entertainment for so many years, we made several complaint calls, all to no avail Finally found another Fair and Balanced news outlet."

Kat Ash says

"extremely bored of lockdown was looking forward to the equaliser series yo find out Queen litifah is playing the role as a single mum what an absolute joke just bloody ruined the whole thing I mean I thought last year was poop cmon give me a break. She's brill but denzel all the way!!!!! Cbs sods in the making. Know nowt all get ya facts behind the history ya dumb mother f'ers I hope indians hunt ya down and beat ya with bare hand slaps and the filipinos caress you hard their sticks . Amen to that 🙏 🙌 👏"

Bruce Thornton says

"why hasn't cbs covered the riots in Oregon and Washington and Minnesota, the so called riots in DC are a joke...."

Madison Koski says

"I got a seven day free trail, and canceled within that 7 day window. They then proceeded to charge me $99. I emailed them demanding a refund for the fraudulent charge, and they told me the best they could give me is two extra months free, and no refund. I am livid that this company thinks they can steal from me and assumes I will still want a subscription to their service."

Niko says

"These conniving supergiants found it proper to charge my account on the previous month after cancelation. Poor quality shows, I hope this establishment is consumed by its competitors and washes away into nothingness."

saper caleb says

"Cbs all access is impossible to use. It is incredibly hard to get to stream to a smart tv. I would never ever ever recommend this. They say you get nfl with it but then ask you to get a fox tv account to put on smart tv. Compleat scam would not recommend at all in one million years."

Jeb Haynes says

"It’s been like 4 weeks since the fall season began. And still a no new episodes of Seal team, Blue bloods, FBI, FBI most wanted, NCIS, NCIS No, NCIS LA. How long do I have to wait ......... till nexflks picks up the reruns???????? Get something new or see ya later"

Starleah Spradling says

"I pay for all access 4.99 a month with ads. You can’t skip to anywhere in a show without watching 3 ads EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If I fall asleep with it on and have to rewind and find my place I’m watching guaranteed at least 12 ads because any time you skip to a new spot you get 3 more. Ridiculous. I highly recommend finding a different streaming service for the shows you are looking for."


"This is because y’all canceled a show called zoo it was a very good movie it is not all about money pls finish the 4 season it will make alote of people happy me and my grandma watch this together we was so mad that y’all did this please give the creator a chance to redeem himself people might just like it please bring it back I beg u"

Black Jack says

"Works with abuser "Amber Heard""

Brian Saladino says

"Ass company that plays ads instead of starts of football games"

Kaleb says

"I am leaving this review because they employ a man named Anthony Perez. Anothony Perez sent out my nudes without my consent to my friends and family after I rejected him. I told him very nicely that I did not want a relationship with him and he said he understood. About a week later, he snapchatted me saying that I let him down and I'm a horrible person who took advantage of him. We met 1 time in person. I blocked him after that msg (did not reply to that msg at all) and the next day I find out he has been sending out a drop box link to my friends and family which contained my nudes. This is revenge porn which is a crime. I will be taking legal action against him. I have recently discovered that he has been acting creepy to another young person and has now said some mean things to him when asked if he knew me. Anothony Perez also constantly would msg me if I didn't reply fast enough.. he wanted to know my location 24/7. He love bombed me then tried to emotionally manipulate me. Anthony Perez asked me to try to pee through his legs on the toilet and see if I could make it without peeing on him. I told him that request made me very uncomfortable but he laughed it off. He got mad at me when I told him that request creeped me out. He also tried to do some incest role-playing with me and I told him that he creeped me out with that also, and he got mad at me again. I worry about the child (will not be disclosing the child's name) he spends time with because of this. He has said some things that seemed off to me about this child. He also knows where I live and I fear for my safety so I will be getting a restraining order against him. He bought me alcohol when I was 20 (I have video and photo evidence of this and also witnesses). I have witnesses that saw his msgs to me. I have proof for everything I am saying and I will be taking legal action. He is mentally unstable and people need to be warned about him. I will be getting justice for me and other victims. He is a predator and I will not stop pursuing this until he is stopped."

Tim F says

"I use streaming to get away from commercials, CBS has way to many.... We are being charged for commercials."

James Lesser says

"Terrible. Won’t allow any streaming unless you pay them. Even your providers account they will find a way to block stuff and make you get all access. Wish NFL and others would pull them from broadcasting their stuff"

Jim says

"Watching the football game on CBS vikings And Jacksonville the woman announcer sounds she's got her hand over her mouth cannot understand a word she saying Have to turn my volume away up to be able to hear what she's talking about get rid of her microphone or take your hand away from your mouth Concerned listener."

Bob Heliker says

"The news on CBS is totally biased. It is fiction not news Where is the coverage of the Presidents speech on the fraud in this election. ???"

Jerry Sintay says

"I just turned off the 2020 CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade. The nonstop talking of the hosts was incredibly obnoxious. The number of commercials was completely unacceptable. They should have called it The CBS Thanksgiving Day Commercial Parade. Just awful mutation of an American holiday tradition."

Rebecca says

"I really like CBS shows such as McGuiver, Magnum, Sunday morning but not Norah O'Donnell/ evening news. Nothing like Jeff Glor who had passion! She is like a robot! Bring Jeff back!!!!"

Scam Hater says

"CBS stopped streaming live shows like CBS this morning, 60 minutes and the like. They want 5.99 per month for something that is available for free with an over the air antenna or over cable if you have it. I guess they are more about ripping off the public than having viewers watch their shows. Not like it is commercial free. They are screwing their advertisers and the public. CBS Sucks! Will no longer watch anything on CBS. BTW if you have cable your are charged a broadcast fee for the local CBS station to be provided by the cable company. That charge is even if you do not watch that station. Ripoff."

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