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Buscapé is a comparison shopping service that operates in Latin America. It was co-founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 1999 by Romero Rodrigues, Rodrigo Borges, Ronaldo Morita, and Mario Letelier. It is currently ranked 1,313th globally and 37th in Brazil according to Alexa.com In July 2006, Buscapé merged with the Rio de Janeiro-based competitor Bondfaro.

Buscape employees have a low salary, there is a limited room to grow, the company has poor leadership and communication, and holds people for political reasons, according to a current employee at glassdoor.com

"Salaries are not great, all information isn't shared across departments. Poor leadership. Low opportunities to grow. Holding people for political reasons."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Miss of organization, not objective individual metrics, lack of communication clarity, not concen about performance evaluation"