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Burton Snowboards is a manufacturer of snowboards, founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, the company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders: snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, and accessories. The company's flagship store is in Burlington, Vermont. The company was privately owned by Burton and his wife, Donna Carpenter, who has been active in the business since 1983.

Jim H mentioned in a review, "Burton's service is disgusting: I purchased four items online, two are faulty. I have been trying to get something sorted since mid July. I keep being passed to a different customer service person each time and having to start over again. Awful service time they got their act together before its too late. I worked for Burton in the 80's & 90's, this kind of service would never have happened.


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Part white, black, asian, and neanderthal. says

"Screw you Burton for giving money to Marxist racists (BLM etc) who burn our cities and judge people on skin color. Why is your sporting goods company becoming a political enemy of the USA?"

DrewP says

"Burton claims to have a lifetime warranty on all soft goods, is committed to sustainability, and will repair items at a reasonable cost. I sent a puffy jacket in recently that’s in excellent condition, however the wrist elastic has completely blown out in both arms. Mind you, this jackets had very little use. Well, my “guide” claimed it wasn’t under warranty, but that they could fix it for $75, plus I pay shipping, and it would take 6 weeks. Well, I paid $100 originally for the jacket, so the repair cost is 75% of that value?? 2 elastic wrist gaskets? Seriously. 20 min repair. Okay, what happened to the lifetime warranty, and commitment to keeping clothing out of the landfill? That’s called whitewashing. I call BS on Burton and their supposed warranty and sustainability. I’m voting with my pocketbook. The $1k I was about to drop on gear and a shell ain’t going to Burton."

angel says

"appalling customer service. i am trying to redeem my lifetime warranty on a just-purchased item and it‘s impossible. i have filled out their online form countless times and they almost never answer. when they answer different reps will tell you to proceed in different ways. the closest i got is giving them my address so they can replace the product but then they stop answering or their email stops working. calling is useless, i have waited up to 1 hour many times and no one ever answers."

samantha jeffries says

"The snowboard I purchased was missing channel inserts. I called Burton multiple times and was on hold for hours before I hung up. I also went on the website and filed a request for missing hardware/equipment not once or twice, but THREE times and have still not heard back via email (mind you it’s been 3 weeks). The customer service is awful. I do not recommend."

Lang and Lit says

"Compré un par de cosas en la web que ponían que estaban de oferta con un 20%. Compruebo el pago antes de pulsar el botón de pagar y todo correcto. Hago el pago y el precio que me cobran es el precio sin el descuento. Eran 128 euros y me cobran 150 euros. He enviado varios email al customer service y ninguna respuesta. Miro en mi cuenta bancaria y me cobran 128!!! y 150!!!!. Me han cobrado los dos!!!!! Una cosa que costaba 128 euros con el descuento, van y me cobran dos veces. Precio de descuento y precio total!!!!! Son unos ladrones!!!!!!

I bought a couple of things on the web that said they were on sale with 20% off. I check the payment before pressing the pay button and everything was correct. I make the payment and the price they charged me was the price without the discount. It was 128 euros and they charged me 150 euros. I have sent several emails to the customer service and no response. I checked my bank account and they charged me 128 euros !!! and 150 euros !!!!. They have charged me both prices!!!!! The purchase was 128 euros with the discount, and they charged me twice. The discount price and the full price !!!!! They are thiefs!!!!!!"

Jaime says

"I purchased a pair of snowboard boots that I wanted to return because of sizing issues. I kept experiencing an error with the online return portal so I called Burton customer service several times to which I was left on hold for up to an hour. I emailed the company and received a response 2 months later - well out of the 30-day window for return - with the excuse of short-staffing due to COVID-19. In spite of this, they refused to take the return. In the same way that Burton expects their clients to be understanding of their failure to provide customer service in a timely fashion, I should expect that Burton treat their customers with the same compassion. Despicable."

Patx Shaw says

"Purchased the 156 speed date board on 4th July. It stated it was in stock. Got an email straight away saying they received my order and payment and that another email will be sent once it was shipped. I heard nothing until 14th July when I then got an an email from PayPal saying i have received a refund. No explanation from Burton as to why the order was cancelled. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND WEBSITE!!!"

Tavi Dominik says

"I bought a board and received an e-mail that said the board is out of stock. Thats totally okay but they do not respond to my messages and they have had my money for almost 1 month. Horrible company."

Nor Easter says

"Burton made a promotional discount for healthcare workers because of COVID-19. At first, this seemed like a really great promotion and I was stoked. Well, the promotion was granted and being excited I spent a long time on Burton's website but only finding there were no products in my size and level. The staff at Burton have been surprisingly fairly apathetic and even defensive. We healthcare workers who are taking care of COVID-19 sick patients have a ton of stress, our family lives are radically changed, I haven't hugged or kissed my wife or family in many weeks, sleep in a different bed, and this seemed to be a nice gesture but in reality just looks good for Burton's PR but was a promotion that can't even really be used. I'll likely be considering other companies going forward. Shame on you Burton for getting some of us, who are putting our health on the line, excited only for Burton to dangle a carrot in front of us. Using a pandemic to make yourselves look good in the public's eye. Shame on you!"

Paul says

"I have just spent the last few days in an email discussion with Burton warranty about a jacket I bought 3 years ago but only used for 3 weeks(One week per year). There is a clear manufacturing fault, so I was advised to send it to them. At my expense. After receiving It the person dealing with my complaint quickly decided there was nothing wrong with it, and That he will be sending it back the next day. It. Then took the next few days of emails before he finally agreed that yes there is a fault, but this is due to degradation and not a manufacturing fault. And furthermore the degradation is due to over usage and sweat. The degredation in question is a welded seam.
Burton doesn’t give a ship anymore."

Jonathan Rennick says

"Avoid this website. Got charged instantly for a pair of socks but then received an email saying that they were out of stock when they said they were in stock on their website. Tried calling their number, just rang out with no response. Tried emailing them twice to get a refund and no response. Absolutely shocking. Will now have to escalate through PayPal."

Matthew Osofsky says

"Don’t ever buy from this “we could care less about your satisfaction” crap company. You bought it.... enjoy sucker. Took one run in a pair of boots and tried to swap for a more expensive pair. Nope. See ya. Week prior swapped my daughters boots at Epic Sports after two full days of skiing. They were happy to make sure we were satisfied. Night and day. Never ever buying from Burton again. Ever."

Dillon Tompkins says


Apparently burton snowboards doesn’t care if you’re satisfied with your purchase. I spent $725 on the #stepon system and my foot is too wide for the boot required. Therefore it rubs the outside of my foot and it hurts like hell! So I called them and they told me I can’t return them because I rode in them. How would I know they hurt if I didn’t use them? So they gave me a 40% coupon so I could waste more money an a company that doesn’t give a s*** about it customer.

🖕 #burtonsnowboards

You have lost a long time customer."

L Quinn says

"Our local Boys/girls club engaged shawn white as a speaker this past Dec.Not only were his requirements (private jet flight ) outrageous, but he changed the date two weeks before and the club lost all of the deposits and had to scramble for a venue. AND BURTON REQUIRED THEM TO PURCHASE SEVERAL BOARDS at a high price. Really!!! This is a non-profit association that exits solely to help CHILDREN. My family and friends and anyone else I can influence will NEVER PURCHASE BURTON merch agaun"

Jay says

"Burton warranty program is a joke. Have an old bag and checked with them before I sent it to them to see if it was covered. They advised it should be covered. Sent it in and a month later they told me they won't cover it given no proof of purch. Give me a break!!! Another lost customer. Told them to keep my back pack! They can use it to carry all the boloney claims for their lifetime warranty!"

Brian Bang Schneeberg says

"I was promised a 10% discount with my first order (600€) if I signed up for the newsletter. I signed up, but never received the promo code, then contacted “customer service” chat, and was told that it could take up til 24 hrs before I would receive my promocode by e-mail . I waited 48 hrs and still no code, and had to send my order thru, if I would have any chance to receive boots and bindings before X-mas (gift for my son). Contacted customer “service” again WHO declined my ask for the 10% discount because order was sent before I signed up for the newsletter, what a lousy “service “ Burton!
(Need I say that the newsletter has been signed OFF again?)"

Jo says

"I had to wait 1 hour on the phone for customer service. I placed an order for snowboarding boots, bindings, and a board and it got cancelled because the billing and shipping address addresses were different. My order got flagged for fraud and then I never got a notification email and it was cancelled. I never received notice of the cancellation or of the fraud being flagged. It messed with my timeline to order all my gear in time. The customer service rep was not helpful at all."

Mr Francis Van Alphen says

"I paid £400 for a new Burton swash goretex jacket in December. After 2 weeks in the slopes I had a hole from wear next to my right pocket, 2 weeks later new holes on both the right and left sides, as if the jacket was literally rotting! By the end of the season the jacket looked 5 years old, had lost its waterproofing and looked like I'd dragged out down a gravel road. I have made 2 attempts so far too get Burton to honour their warranty, as the product is clearly made from inferior materials (I have a 3 season old Salomon Fantasy goretex jacket that still looks new so I can tell you it's not my riding). The most recent time Burton have slapped on a black patch (my jacket is orange) over some of the holes, ignoring the rest and returned it to me. Who would wear that? On what planet is this a solution? I cannot believe Burton would sell such a piece of sh*te and then give me this kind of after sales service. Burton used to be the best, but I will never buy another product from them again."

Martin says


This season (January 2019) I went snowboarding in the Alps, and the base of my Burton bindings started crumbling - more specifically the gas pedals.

I wrote Burton Customer service when I got home and sent them pictures of the bindings. They were nice at first, and sent me a pair of replacement gas pedals, but they didn't fit the bindings. I returned to them and they answered, that they unfortunately didn't have any more in stock. I told them that I had hoped they would honor their lifetime warranty on bindings, but they won’t. I am now stuck with binding that cannot be used.

I have been a loyal customer since 2006, and I simply cannot understand that they cannot find a solution or give me an adequate compensation. Situation right now: I am missing a pair of bindings for my board."

Alex Bowley says

"Twice they messed up and put the billing name on the shipment name which meant the Xmas present for my girlfriend couldn't be collected, really silly mistake."

Chad Maybray says

"I used to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and at the time snowboarding was just starting to take off. I became a fan of the gear and clothes, basically the entire Burton look. Within the last couple years I purchased a number of zip up hoodies, tshirts, hoodies, long sleeves, and so on. Well it turns out that all the sweatshirts are a horrible fit and quality. I was surprised myself. A few of the sweatshirts had the sleeves too shirt. I'm 5'8, 190, so no long arms going on here. And one another pair the waist was too short. I've been wanting to leave a review for quite sometime, as i paid a decent amount of money for the sweatshirts, like $80 or more. Oh well. I feel better now. However i will not purchase another item. Would you?"

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