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Burberry is a British luxury fashion house headquartered in London, England. It currently designs and distributes ready to wear including trench coats (for which it is most famous), leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories, eyewear, fragrances, and cosmetics.

Liliya S mentioned in a review, "Burberry is way Overpriced for products. I am a lover of high end products but when it comes to getting your money’s worth.. In my opinion I think Burberry's overpriced. I purchased a top and the material was not as great as I expected for the price that it was purchased for."


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responsable corner grands magasins (Former Employee) says

"j'ai adoré travaillé chez Burberry avec mon équipe super pro et motivée et pour les articles que la marque propose mais le staff Français prétentieux pas à l'écoute des équipes de ventes et surtout incompétente heureusement j'ai eu la chance de rencontré la direction de Londres qui elle est super compétente super motivante et super professionnelletickets restaurantpas considéré par la direction"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Relación empresa en si y personal directivo - muy insatisfactorio, por política del mando incompetente en España, promesas y incumplimiento de normas básicas (uniformes y tiques de restaurante robados por jefes, incompetencia de mandos intermedios en igualdad de horarios para personal fijo y temporal, discriminación de oportunidades y estrés laboral diario!"

Driver/ Picker (Former Employee) says

"Has to be the worst place ive ever worked. Bullying culture and heavy handed management. So many promises made and never fulfilled. Would never recommend them to anyone"

Warehouse Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Zero job security, permanents make troubke for the temps to get them sacked. Pay you off all the time and expect you to be happy to go back a week later. mess up wages all the time as well"

Temporary staff (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely awful place to work full of idiots and people off their faces on coke, unfair towards temps and its all about who you know not what you know, have to be an a*** licker to get anywhere, they get rid of hard workers and keep those who they class as drinking buddys, place is like a school and those who work there permanently don't deserve to be there as they leave all the work for the temps to do"

Accountant manager (Current Employee) says

"The management in BBS Leeds is poorly, no management skills completely unaware of what you are doing on daily basis. Their style is very aggressive trying to cover their lack of management skills . I do not reccomend RTR dept, the finance area with the highest people turnover . Instead to motivate their resources are happy to pay fortune in external consultants when people leave. consultants"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Very bad company and business environment Management not qualified at all Racism Brand and management The prefer Some Nationality over others Very bad company and business environment"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance very stressful environment they pay peanuts and demands work of a CFO. Managers are not supportive at all. Endless deadlines and too much work load Culture is favouritism You are held responsible for everything"

Warehouse Assistant (Current Employee) says

"waste of time, will make you feel like you're a nobody, a cog in the wheel with little to no usefulness, not to mention they can and will discard you regardless of how well you perform"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"One of the least professional work environments for a luxury brand. Management does not support the team. Management plays favorites. Uniforms are terrible and very strict. You're expected to sell to high end clients while looking like garbage. Can't even red nail polish. Long hours with no recognition.NothingEverything"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"W tej firmie panuje atmosfera mobbingu, lekceważenia praw człowieka i zastraszania. Po 5 latach pracy w tym zakładzie straciłem zdrowie i podupadłem psychicznie. Zwłaszcza brygadziści bardzo chwalą sobie znęcanie się psychicznie nad podwładnymi.BrakMobbing, zastraszanie pracowników, fatalne warunki pracy"

Department Manager (Current Employee) says

"Burberry est une entreprise où il y a de graves problèmes en termes de management : pressions, harcèlement moral, problèmes de paies... Nombreux employés tombent malades, font des dépressions et burn out. Il y a un turnover important.Tickets restaurantsHarcèlement moral"

Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"worked with New York. Upper management was very nice and willing to help. department management was not. Hardest part was learning the system. Making friends .1 hour llunchsometimes had to work weekend"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"a horrid place to work I was there through an agency and the proper burberry staff talk down to you as though they are more important than they are. horrid management who say you there instead of your name constant nit pickingfree lunchthe staff"

Sales Lead Manager / Visual Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"Not fun. Management is all politics and don't help you succeed. In order to get discount you have to sin up for a saks credit card with 30% interest. ScamNoneEverything"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"very easy going days, work very easy. a typical work day was very stress free. I would have stayed if my assignment was not complete. though the work was temporary it was good.alot of over timeno weekends off"

Stock (Former Employee) says

"Awful company. Pay is garbage and so are the management and it isn't so luxury anymore, clothing was poor quality and most of it is made in ChinaNothing"

job candidate (Former Employee) says

"HR wastes your time with pointless interviews. Even though you may have all the right qualifications, they will inevitably pass on you. Who knows what they are really looking for. Their website posts job descriptions that don't match what the actual stores are looking for. You may be headed for a huge disappointment."

Production Operative/ Packing Operative (Former Employee) says

"a absolutlely horrible place to work if you are temp staff you are made to feel unwelcome and they give you verry short notice for shifts"

CS Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Fussy HR department, they are looking for God knows what, they will mess you around, for nothing! Save your time and keep away from this Company."

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