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Buildium is an American property management software company. It was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, providing cloud-based (software as a service), real estate software. Its property management software allows real estate professionals to manage property portfolios, including leasing, accounting and operations.

Jeff shares his disappointing experience on, "I have been with Buildium for about 2 years and currently have over 100 units. Over the last 4-6 months, Buildium's functionality and customer service have become terrible. Don't just take my word for it look at their recent reviews. We had recurrent problems with online payments. The final straw was losing several applicants secondary to Buildium being unable to process their online application fees. So we switched to Appfolio. Earlier this week I waited on hold for an extended period of time to cancel my subscription. I eventually spoke with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] who stated the company policy is not to offer a refund for canceled subscriptions (I pay annually and have over 3 months left). Had I made the decision to cancel because I just wanted a different software then I could maybe understand this policy. However, I left Buildium because they consistently haven't been able to fix their online payment system and it directly resulted in lost income for my company. I asked [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] to have his supervisor call me 3 days ago. He said someone should call back, hopefully, later that day. I still have not received a call. I hope my experience can help someone else avoid the same mistake. DO NOT sign up for this software. If you are already a subscriber DO NOT PAY the annual subscription. This company is failing to maintain it's basic functionality and worse take full ownership of its failures."


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Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Would never consider property management a fun industry, but Buildium does a good job of keeping employees excited about their customer and the product. The best thing about Buildium is the focus on getting to know the customer, and the willingness to allow you to do that. Another perk is that most employees are encouraged to attend a workshop related to their role to improve their skills. The downside to Buildium is that it's got a heavy meeting culture, there's a lot of decision by committee meaning it's hard to get things done, and it's difficult to have ownership on what you're working on. A mediocre aspect is their monthly meetings where the executives line up for an ask us anything session. It's good in theory, but something about it is off. Practice week is also cool, but poorly communicated outside of engineering. There are some fun initiatives happening, but that depends on whether you want to attend those things. The most enjoyable part of the job is all the tools you have access to and the ability to learn a lot, the least enjoyable part is navigating getting a decision across departments. Cons: Meetings, politics, nepotism, lack of ownership, decision by committee, poor communication"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Buildium full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Growing pains.. They over-hired and now sales reps cant hit goal because of it. More heads with crappy leads. Pretty destructive to moral especially when they increase goals by 10% during a pandemic and with extra heads you get less quality leads"

Former Employee - Customer Care Agent says

"I worked at Buildium full-time Cons: - Team leads and managers drop the ball A LOT. They do not respond to requests in a timely manner and often may overlook the request. - You will be micro-managed. - If you are a person of color/minority, Buildium is not very diverse. It is a white, male-dominated company. Most of the individuals in positions of power/authority are white and men. Those who are often hired and promoted are white/men. - Communication between management and team members is very poor, especially during a time when everyone should be overcommunicating. - Buildium will put the customer before the employee and ask no questions. - There is a false sense of community, especially if you don't fit the mold of being a "Buildian." They say there is opportunity for growth, but again, it seems to be a pattern of who gets promoted and who does not; and the pattern has nothing to do with work ethic or dependability."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Buildium full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Company has gone through a series of layoffs and they mask this by putting people abruptly on PIPs. Then, to make matters worse, they try to fight unemployment benefits (yet give people severance because they know they are in the wrong). Company is notorious for underpaying and hiring very young/newbies then only offering title promotions with little to no pay raises. There is too much drinking the kool-aid there. In addition, I've seen people who have been there for over 5 years let go because they "weren't performing" when really it's probably because the company wanted to take back their shares (company went through a new round of funding and were about to hit a 50% ownership loss threshold which meant they needed to pay some employees that held these special they let go of these people before funding solidified)."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Buildium full-time Cons: new CEO likes to talk about calling out B.S. but uses that to mask how he is actually all about B.S."

Current Employee - Customer Care Specialist says

"I have been working at Buildium full-time Cons: bad bad management within the customer service department'["

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Buildium full-time Cons: The naiveté, especially when stemming from Kulture Kommittee types, has downsides. They overvalue their “cool” monoculture and few are skilled enough to identify best hires. Both contribute to “personality” hiring and an inevitable spiral toward mediocrity. Thankfully, the investors saw the rampant amateurishness and applied heavy pressure to weed out the most problematic “leaders”. Things are better but, after 14 years of bad decisions, the product is fundamentally broken. This, along with investor impatience and no vison or courage, equals yet another perennial “start-up” locked in a vicious cycle of poor finances driving bad, short-term decisions. All the gushing PR and LinkedIn posts overcompensate for this cold reality. It’s why vanity metrics are touted in the success-theater of company meetings and why Buildium boasts a bit loudly over repeatedly winning the same dodgy awards. A thousand years in a row being super amazing. Seems legit, right? I’ve never seen such high turnover and performers usually exit soon after witnessing the shenanigans, especially if pressured into the deluded cheerleading. Time and costs always trump quality. It’s the root of the bumbling firefighting. It’s exhausting and frustrating and I stopped caring which is my cue."

Former Employee - Customer Care Agent says

"I worked at Buildium full-time Cons: While Buildium as a whole has some perks (as shown above), the actual role I was in (Customer Care Agent) is by FAR the worst job I have ever had. Honestly, thinking about this time in my life gives me the chills, not in a good way. In the ‘busy season’ (side note: it is always busy…do not be fooled into thinking busy season is a few months of the year), you easily work 10-11 hour days (with no overtime) with a thirty minute break all day. You have call after call from angry property managers, and truly do not ever get a break from it – it is completely maddening. In this line of work, to maintain sanity, breaks are needed; it is not healthy to be on the phone for 10 hours straight without a break. Managers are incredibly apathetic and lie to your face about positions opening up so that you (falsely) see the light at the end of the tunnel and stay a few months longer. Managers truly do not care about your success or growth as an employee; they only care that you take as many calls as humanly possible throughout the day. Really, your only worth in this role is your call volume; this is constantly evaluated and managers do not actually care whether the customer’s issue was resolved, only that they are off the phone. Buildium operates with a high school clique mentality –the people at the top (with a couple exceptions who made my time at Buildium bearable at times) are catty and arbitrarily pick favorites, while forgetting about everyone else, no matter how hard their work ethics. It is beyond frustrating, and honestly it is a sad work environment when you don’t respect your ‘superiors.’"

Former Employee - Devops Engineer says

"I worked at Buildium full-time for more than a year Cons: Communication with other teams at times was lacking"

Current Employee - Product Department says

"I have been working at Buildium full-time Cons: Benefits, Promotion Roadmap, Leadership not communicating clearly"

Current Employee - Customer Care Agent says

"I have been working at Buildium full-time for less than a year Cons: The hours are long. An average shift for a customer care agent is 8.5 hours and if you're on the late shift (11am-8pm), it will likely be longer than that because you're required to stay until all incoming calls have been answered. Also there's only a half hour lunch except for the one hour each Thursday for team lunch. Team leads and managers are very strict about being exactly on time for work, breaks, lunches, etc. If you are a minute behind, you get confronted about it. Also there is no time to follow up after calls because leads are contanstly on you about going to the next call. They also don't like if you happen to need a break when someone else is already on a break. You have to check in with a lead with every single thing you do and will be confronted if you don't. Sometimes it feels a bit condenscending. Also there are a lot of social events that many are encouraged to attend, which would be a pro for most, but for an introvert it's daunting."

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