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Buick is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM). Named for automotive pioneer David Buick, it was among the first American marques of automobiles, and was the company that established General Motors in 1908. Before the establishment of General Motors, GM founder William C. Durant had served as Buick's general manager and major investor. Buick was the first production automobile maker in the world to equip its cars with overhead valve engines, which it did in the year 1904. For much of its existence in the North American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling luxury vehicles positioned above GM's mainstream brands, while below the flagship luxury Cadillac division. In addition to wealthier buyers, Buick has also had a reputation of appealing to older buyers. In North America, Buick vehicles are almost always sold alongside GMC vehicles at joint dealerships, allowing the same dealer to market both upscale cars and trucks.

Brandy mentioned in a review "Have made multiple contacts to Buick Customer Assistance Center with no resolution. I sent a certified letter with pictures of safety issue with Buick Regal seat belt. No one contacted me even though they signed for the letter. I made numerous calls to them with continuous run around on their part. I have already had to have part of the seat belt replaced once and it is still something wrong with it. You would think they would care about safety issue but it is apparent they don't care. They just tell me to take the car back to the dealership and wait. I like my car overall but after the lack of care from the Customer Assistance Center, have second thoughts. I am not asking them to fix the radio or an optional feature. It is a law to wear seat belt while driving motor vehicle.·


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Executive Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible environment to work in. Unprofessional. Poor language used. Unorganized. Controller thinks she's the owner. Unfriendly environment..........NoneUnprofessional"

Jack of All Trades (Current Employee) says

"Place is a good place to work but can’t live with the low pay can’t eat or feed family with low pay people been there years an still don’t get raises employees have to ask for itFree food some daysLow pay does extra work an still low pay"

BDC Representative (Former Employee) says

"Some of the employees are nice. Buts not career worthy. It's a dead end job with not room to advance or get raises at. Don't bother working here ever.Cool peopleNo growth"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"This company is not interested in compensating their employees for their hard work. They don't give raises or breaks. They have a high turn over because they are unorganized and don't have any policies in place. The owner and comptroller are never in agreement and unapproachable when they show up, therefore makes working there unbearable.Great Sales MangerHorrible owner and office staff"

Sales and Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The owner has not trust at all for the sales team and constantly micro-manages. He has no idea how the industry works and has never actually worked a day in his life. All he does is sit in his office and monitor every call, text, and email you make and if he isn't satisfied (which he never is) he makes some new rules to make the job harder. The managers work very hard to make the job as palpable as possible but the owner is always harping on them as well. DO NOT WORK HERE UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING CONSTANTLY TOLD YOU ARE TRASH REGARDLESS OF HOW ANY CARS YOU SELL!!!!!!"

Other Work Experience (Former Employee) says

"Owner is a loser with little knowledge of car industry. You are basically set up to fail starting day 1. This dealership has a horrible reputation with a high turn over rate.Majority of my co-workers were great."

Sales and Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Throughout the training, I was told about how great this location is and how much money I'll make and that was a lie. The dealership is slow and does not put any effort to grow. No marketing and makes the sales team act as the marketing team. Management is back and forth and can't make up their mind. Was told how easy it was to sell at least 15 cars and most on the team can't hit 10. The management team makes you feel bad for taking your scheduled day off. Burns their sales team out and wonders why everyone keeps leaving. Great way to get your foot in the door due to turnover but I would only learn the skills needed and move on to a location more respected and used in the community.Free lunch once a week and nice coworkers"

Shop Helper/ Painter (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the bodyshopfor a year and met a lot of good people there. How ever the owner doesn't recognize you as an employee or values your work the same goes for management. Its a company that is willing to make a profit of its own employees.Great coworkersThey are it!"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked here when my family first moved to Orlando. Their work is automatically distributed by computer, which seems fair, except that there is no work available to draw at 10 am. You then stand there hoping more work pops up, they then continue to hire more technicians to fill up there stalls because heaven forbid there be 3 work orders in the rack at a time. They intentionally stuff thier shop with more technicians than needed so that everyone can starve. Thank heavens another opportunity presented itself or my family would have been seriously screwed. I really liked working here, it's a shame it didn't work out.Free lunch on Saturdays, Sundays off, great work environment, very relaxedNot near enough work, (no money)"

Accounting Clerk (Former Employee) says

"A lot of Old Guard mentality & little room to grow. Employees expected to jump @ the slightest command. Controller is very unprofessional when challenged.Learned a lotBad old school thinking"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"No forward movementNot respected for your time and experience in the work field poor management skills Not given the opportunity to move forward in the company not offered any schooling always pushing deadlines to the last minuteGreat coworkersPoor management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was easily the worst job I ever had the displeasure of working for. The sales team was very nice to work with, and my coworkers were the only reason I stayed for as long as I did. Your "training" will be 90% online, watching videos, etc. The other 10% will be lectures given by the two floor managers, which won't teach you much. They push you to "Learn on your own" which is fine to an extent, but for a minimum of a month (which is your training/trial period) they'll make you split all of your deals with a more senior sales rep and do all of the work for the sale. If you try and work a deal on your own, you'll get reprimanded for it because they want you to "learn from your peers"- even though you haven't gone through any proper training. The managers also can extend this "half pay" period up to three months, and this is purely up to their own discretion. You're required to send 20 calls,emails,and texts daily to your potential clients, and this list of clients you recieve will be hand-me-downs from whoever left before you. I noticed that a lot of people must come and go, considering the clients on my list had been talked to by 3 or more sales reps within the time they were in the system- and most of them aren't interested anymore and are tired of being contacted. You will work 6 days a week, 50 hours, with an hour break every day. Your base pay is $450 a week. If you need time off, for ANY reason, there is no way to request it, and you'll need to find a coworker willing to stay all day to cover your shift. Which is impossible because everyone who works there is"

BDC Representative (Former Employee) says

"Administration and the overall staff is great, but the mechanics performance is not good and the pay is lower than the competition. I would just change from the car industry all together."

Senior Sales and Leasing Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Slow dealership with too many Sales Consultants . The most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with customers however the traffic did not support the size of the Sales force. The hardest part of the job is downtime."

Receptionist/ Cashier (Former Employee) says

"assisted customers with open repair orders, taking payments, setting up follow up appointments. Updating customer information, fillinggreat place to workno room for advancement"

Automotive Technician/GM Certificated Technician (Current Employee) says

"Is a good place to work, every day is a new challenge. New things to learn. Management is ok need to learn more how to understant employ needs and how to put on work."

Collision Center Manager (Current Employee) says

"A very loyal customer base with a solid group of long term employees. Adminstrative support second to none with a management team that was enjoyable to work with."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"it was a fun work place and a nice place to be I learned how to sell cars in a proper way and all the features every vehicle had management was ok, my co-workers were good they helped me a lot when i needed help with a feature of a vehicle hardest part of my job was to sell a brand new car because alot of people wanted to drop down the prices i loved working with everyonefree lunches, healthcare, dentalcareshort breaks"

Peter Hogg says

"We bought our 2018 Buick Enclave and found several things had we done a little more due diligence that would have prevented us from buying the car. First is the skylights in the car are manual open which we could put up with but they rattle like mad as latches are poor. The service center has rattle expert and he's done nothing to stop the rattles as that drives us nuts. Secondly, this $60,000 car does not have auto sensing windshield wipers as the excuse is the wipers get broken going through the car wash yet the other GM cars have them. Then the wing mirrors in setup have an auto retract feature and they only retract sometimes. Now, the real interesting thing is if you contact Buick they don't answer questions they just refer you to the dealership service center. So, when I asked about the lack of auto sensing wipers service techs knew nothing about that as they thought the cars had them. On the rattles, they have what they call a guru of rattles that can solve them all and in a year and a half the guru has failed. Lastly, the wing mirror retraction, again the service people knew nothing about that and didn't know they were supposed to auto retract and when they did their research they just said you do it manually with the buttons on inside of door. Yet the mirrors retract only 25% of the time when the car is parked. Thus, the service people are very ill trained and un-knowledgeable about the car and it's so called features. Never would have bought as I have a new rattletrap."

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