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The Buffalo News is the daily newspaper of the Buffalo–Niagara Falls metropolitan area, located at 1 News Plaza in downtown Buffalo, New York. The paper was for decades the only paper fully owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. On January 29, 2020, the paper reported that it was being sold to Lee Enterprises.

A former employee shares his disappointing experience on indeed.com, "No thanks to The Buffalo News. The worst place ever to work. I worked 365 days a year. If you take a day off you get fired. I never missed a day, was never late. The Buffalo News stole lots of money from my check that I can never get back. If anything having that job set me back a couple of years financially."


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Newspaper Carrier (Former Employee) says

"No thanks to the buffalo news. The worst place ever to work. I worked 365 days a year. If you take a day off you get fired. I never missed ,was never late. The buffalo news stole lots of money from my check that I can never get back. If anything having that job set me back a couple years financially Cons: Everything"

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst place I have ever worked. There is mis managed leadership. They do not care one bit about their employees. The place is old and falling apart. I was so glad I got out when I could."

Mailroom Helper (Former Employee) says

"Mailroom helpers beware. You will work unreasonable hours and be scheduled for any and all shifts, day and night. Not a suitable place to work for someone attending school or who has a family. Also, not a good fit for someone with a religious convictions or morals. Consider a different department or company all together. Best of luck! Cons: No raises"

Advertising (Current Employee) says

"great place to work"

Carrier/ Delivery Person (Current Employee) says

"Delivering the buffalo news daily - Monday-Sunday Cons: no comments"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"People not in my department we’re great people. In my department I was bullied, belittled and embarrassed in front of my peers. Cons: Management"

Buffalo News carrier (Former Employee) says

"It a job for those who don't mind getting up before 6 am . Those that like being their own boss.those that don't mind running through vechiles.it is very high demand that you are on time and making sure you don't miss delivering the papers. Cons: You don't get time off"

Delivery Route Driver (Current Employee) says

"Been working for over a year and half straight. It's by contract so you have to work everyday or you don't get paid. Majority of my customers don't know me and they have petty complaints that are mostly false and the company doesn't really care about it's Carriers. The only pros are I don't have a boss standing over me and I only work part time for full time compensation. Cons: No days off. Request month in advance"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Buffalo News did not have advancement after starting in the warehouse on the Assembly line. For 2 and a half years I went through alot of pain in my feet working in their cemented warehouse. I repeatedly spoke to the Supervisor regarding working in their offices to apply my Administration Degree skills. They never allowed me to work in their office environment."

Paper Carrier (Current Employee) says

"No longer for me, but it was employment while i went back to school, very difficult hour's, had to deliver the papers weekly by 6 AM, no days off not even holidays. Its ok at best but it not for me anymore Cons: No days off"

News Carrier (Former Employee) says

"I had this job from the time I was 11-15 years old."

Distributor (Former Employee) says

"Good money but No days off, No sick time... You gotta work every night no excuses. Anyone who can handle that are some of the hardest workers I've met. Cons: Work every night 7 days a week. If you miss a paper comes out your check"

paper courier independent contractor (Current Employee) says

"This position allowed me to work while raising a family with developmental disability needs and left some free time to rest. Time management and customer services skills are a necessary component of this position. The hardest part of this job would be considered the poor winter conditions of WNY/"