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Carl F. Bucherer is a Swiss watch company based in Lucerne, Switzerland, which manufactures luxury men's and women's mechanical watches. Since its founding in 1888, the company has been wholly owned by the Bucherer family, making Carl F. Bucherer one of the oldest luxury Swiss watchmakers continuously held by the founding family. The company is run by the original family's third generation, with J


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Christine Lee says

"Very bad experience as some of the clients here . Anyone can help me out May I hv the senior management email here I hv done the payment , and they cannot ship out buy promised we will keep me updated email but so far none emails from online team"

Mr Ahmed says

"Horrible customer service especially online, I have been trying to sort things out for my IWC watch with them for 2 weeks and believe me like others said no resolution whatsoever. They promise things but don’t keep up to it. And looks like there is only one guy working for online department called xyz and he just doesn’t get it or not sure if he pretends of not getting it. I was told to go into my nearest Bucherer store and return the watch and when I got there the sales guy who works there was trying to wash away hands with it and said they can’t accept returns and asked me to contact the online team to get the watch returned. Trust me avoid them like plague. You better off going to their competitors you will surely be looked after."

mark olly says

"I placed an order and paid for a £9,000 IWC chrono online on a Sunday evening and I received an automated email to acknowledge the order immediately with a personal follow-up email from Keira stating it would be arriving no later than Wednesday. On Wednesday, instead of my watch, I received another email from Keira stating that the watch had failed Quality Control and could not be sent out to me, and they didn't have a replacement. Really???? How on earth could it not pass QC? They would not, despite numerous requests, divulge what these issues were, which was rather a strange respponse from Bucherer. I've given 2 stars instead of one because at least the correspondance was acceptable. Upon looking into it I believe the reason for cancelling my order was that the watch was mistakenly priced half of the RRP and instead of swallowing it, or even owning up and saying it was a mistake, they came up with a QC issue but wouldn't tell me what it was. After numerous email correspondance to and fro, with the offer of 10% off a few of their 2020 marque's models I had no interest in, I gave up. My money was eventually returned nine days later."