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BT, formerly BT Financial Group, is a financial services company based at Tower Two, International Towers Sydney in Sydney, Australia, with operations there and in New Zealand. Its product range includes managed investments, superannuation, insurance, and private banking. BT is the wealth management arm of Westpac, a banking and other financial services company operating since 1817.

A former client says, "I decided to roll over the funds from BT Super to another fund. I've been with them for the past 20 years. Total disregard of clients/customers. It's taken close to 2 weeks to resolve the roll over when it should be within days. Internally communication is poor, processes are so backwards that BT are only interested in their bottom line. To the C level executives in the company, your karma of greed will unfold. ACFA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) are onto you and watch out for the biggest fines."


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Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Do not be fooled, this company is all talk! No work life balance and the take home pay is horrendous. All you are is a punch bag and you have to take abuse for mistakes made by BT and other staff members. Managers dont care they're just there to catch you out instead of help you. Team morale is very low after a few weeks compared to week 1 when training starts.My team and some of the floor support were excellent and part of the teamManager and her minion"

Retentions Advisor (Former Employee) says

"5 months working here. Horrible. They don’t care about customers let alone staff, all just a number and a sales pitch. Worst mistake I made going here at all. Happiest day when I walked out into a proper job. Rubbish products, non existent customer service, endless customers complaining and I became one of themLeavingStarting the job at all"

Dog’s body (Former Employee) says

"Another big company with bad management. No point in expanding when a company say you don’t need to know the function you’re managing. Says it all. But you’re Not doing it quick enough and their way is best even though the company have shafted both the copper and fibre networks by not listening to those that do.Thanks for your comments, it's sad to see you're not enjoying things. We'll make sure your comments are passed over."

Engineering Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great people but pathetic backward thinking, no surprise the share price is backward. Hopefully Ofcom get hold of BT and shake the truth out. The HR team involved in decision making is a worry, the Agile word bandied around means sacking long term people who gave their soul to the business. On the whole great people to work with but shambolic management at best. No wonder there competitors are quickly closing the gap."

Technical support (Former Employee) says

"If you peaked at high school and are good at being popular and nothing else then this is the job for you! I'd you have any understanding of networking or computing then don't bother. You have to follow flows which do not work and do not fix a lot of problems. If you understand what's happening under the hood, you are essentially forced to lie to customers knowing you are fixing nothing."

Group finance (Former Employee) says

"The most awful and stifled company I've ever worked for. No training that could possibly help me take on the role i was taking over. As for the job would take a decade of working there to do what I signed up for.Thanks for your comments. We're sorry to see you've not enjoyed working for BT, and will make sure we pass your feedback over to the relevant team so we can improve in the future."

Customer Loyalty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"It's all who you know not what you know at BT/OPENREACH the actual job is impossible. They don't care about customers, because doing the right thing for customers won't benefit your managers numbers. Full of snakes and suck ups, you're allowed to miss sell, you manager will be happy with that because then he'll get some bonus, but as soon as you get caught, it's all on you and you're fired. They don't want you taking time to fix customer problems because it's time consuming, they'd prefer you to mark the job as done or fixed when you haven't done anything, it'll all be your fault in the end, so they don't care. Do not work here. They'll be happy and off your back as long as the numbers are good. That's why lots of people get hung up on over the phone, it gets your average call time right down and will never be investigated. Rule breakers succeed here until they no longer LIKE you. Ever a had a phone line fault that keeps coming back or the engineer disappeared, well that speaks for itself doesn't it?"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Managers are like sticks of rock with bt written all the way through them, you are not allowed to think for yourself, you do not get given the time or tools to do your job properly, bt do not care about the staff or customers, only getting the calls answered as quickly as possible, to make the stats look good, then arranging call backs to make it look like less repeat calls are being made, they make promises on TV about getting a 4g dongle if broadband line is down, try getting one, it is whole heartedly discouraged, virtually no one gets one"

Senior Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"BTHp is one of the worst companies i have worked for. No work life balance, no hikes in salary. Overall experience is just worst and i wish i could give -1 rating"

Senior Service Manager USA/LATAM - BMS (Former Employee) says

"With the current state of business at BT I would not recommend this company to anyone. This is not a secure company at present and I couldn’t in good faith suggest it."

Cleaner (part-time) says

"Wasn’t a pleasant place to work head house keeper was a bully she got everyone to do the work for her and acted like she owned the place. I felt like I was being watched constantly."

Analyst Professional (Former Employee) says

"Career may at risk. During cost cutting they have sacked many people internally. Senior members are always playing politics over there. Very bad company."

BT technical advisor (Current Employee) says

"Fiest starting off it is a great place to work. After a couple years I realised it's the same faces that get opportunities. It is very performance based but they are easily achievable. The team leaders and ccms are thick as thieves so don't get in the wrong side of them.Free broadbandUnsociable hours and shifts, really difficult to book holidays and time off, no chances of progression unless you are willing to put your nose in tight crevices"

Sales and Retention Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I have worked here for many years and it is honestly the most stressful job that exists, i go home at night worrying as the amount of pressure the management put on you to sell and to not give any money away is insane. if you miss targets they will threating you with coaching plans and will try to manage you out the door. They try to position it as customer service and to do what is right for the customer but that is not the case, i need to try and manipulate people into taking tv and mobile packages that they dont want everyday. When they have brought out solution selling they positioned it as trying to find the right solution for the customer, this is not the case, according to management the right solution for every customer is a mobile or a tv package regardless if they feel they are paying too much."

telesales monkey (Former Employee) says

"Managerial bullying, horrible environment to work in, Managers do not care about their staff at all. Turnover very high as people are lied to upon interview about what the job actually entails. lied to about jobs/mis led on what the jobs actually is lied to about salary Toxic environment with no assistance, coaching or help from managers."

FM (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic workload, expected to close jobs off when they are not completed, everything is about stats. Senior management just pass everything down the chain to the assistant Facilities Manager. So many restructures most the good people have gone leaving managers who are ex cleaners and toilet unblockersCompany carManager threats to close jobs"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"What can I say Pay peanuts and treat you like monkeys Worked 8 months for BT the CCM in sales has no people skills talk to people without respect and use PIPs to threaten you to achieve targets. No coaching or support. If your face fits then your protected. On many occasions if you spoke up in team meetings your cards were marked and was treated badly afterwards. Was told to use alias names on the phones so the customer would think they were speaking to English person and not offshore.BuildingManagement"

Business Billing Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Call centers really are modern day work houses, In the BT center I was in , you were recruited via an agency for a maximum of 2 years where you were paid less than half of the BT employed people for doing the same job and then let go just as the two years were up.good holiday entitlementEverything elde"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely no leadership with decision making authority in US. 100% of decisions are based on BT and their cable company focus in London. There is a clear disdain for US offices and staff. Zero investment in training; zero growth for career for anyone in BT in USA. They just resell other phone companies' circuits across US and really can't compete any more with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Their "global" network outside the US is substantial, but try actually ordering and delivering circuits, routers, networks and you will find the broken distributed provisioning mechanisms and procedures (mainly manned in Hungary and India) yield even the simplest of designs taking MONTHS to deliver (not the usual 30-90 days of a brand new connection; I'm talking 4-6 months by the time its all working). NOT a place to go to in US for a career. Avoid avoid avoid."

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"BT is not a good place to work for all they think of you is a number not an actual person / I wouldn't recommend anyone to work for BT the shifts are long and the holidays are not that good"