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Brown Thomas & Company Limited is a chain of four Irish department stores, located in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. Owned by Wittington Investments, Brown Thomas is an upmarket chain, akin to Canada's Holt Renfrew chain, Britain's Selfridges stores, and De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands, all of which are controlled by the Weston Family.

Cynthia had this to say about the shop in Dublin, "Huge disappointment. Bought a jumper for a gift and arrived home only to find out that the paper tag with the band name had been removed by the sales person at the cash desk. Too late to drive back, as it was a birthday gift. Apparently they do this with all products in ladies department. As they "got scanned upstairs" and then got thrown away. Ladies staff behaves like they own the shop. They look down on you with judgment. (Male staff is very friendly and attentive). They don't accept returns, only exchange or store credit. Sale products can be only exchanged for other sale products. I much prefer Arnotts. Will not return to Brown Thomas soon."


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Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Thanks for taking the time to submit your thoughts on working here at BT2 Dundrum. If you’d be open to it, I’d welcome a conversation to talk about specifics- feel free to reach out."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's all about who you know and how good you are at sucking up to people. Rewarded skills are keeping your mouth shut, keeping new ideas to yourself and nodding along."

Sales Associate says

"Toxic environment, unrealistic sales targets, managers who act like bullies - I witnessed staff being singled out and shouted at most days, low wage, little training and no career progression, favouritism and cliques, highly competitive. I could go on and on."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Awful financial compensation, terrible morale, management are bullies, overall just a terrible place to work."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Retail staff are not allowed a seat even if heavily pregnant. Air conditioning is freezing causing chronic sinus problems. Management are snobs and consider everyone to be less than chewing gum. Hours are awful, requiring floor staff late in to the night and regularly ignoring break times. Overtime is not appreciated and you may be expected turn up at 6am the next day which is ignoring the minimum 8h of rest required by law. Back rooms, hallways and staircases are a death trap of boxes and an accident waiting to happen. Bullying is part of the day to day job and is accepted. Concession staff are regularly forced to cover BT staff. Damaged designer clothes are repaired ad-hoc in the store by BT staff and then sold for thousands. Staff belongings are not covered by insurance or the store if stolen. Some of the managers are racist to you if you look "ethnic" and they only treat white blonde models kindly. If you look and talk a certain way you haven't a chance of getting store approval to work there in a customer facing role (no north siders or disabled staff), although they would be happy to put you in the stock room... But if you are very lucky are get a customer facing role the managers will make your life hell until you quit. Sales targets are unrealistic and designed to prevent giving staff commission stipulated in their contracts. Very strict on appearance. Talking on the sales floor with staff is forbidden. Mobile phones on the sales floor are forbidden. Staff are required to clock on and off with a card. Wages are minimal."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working with people who always want to switch the late night shift with you"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Disorganized, unprofessional, stressful due to lack of coordination/communication. Weak management. Unrealistic sales targets."

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"The management are complete bullies! Do not work here if you want to be treated like a human being!! They make their minds up about you very quickly! And if they don't like you they will pick on any little thing you do! Totally treated unfairly and singled out here! Avoid this place like the plague! Im disgusted with the way they treat staff members."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Approaches to working within the company varies hugely between managers with most having a terrible management style. Rarely take an active interest in the development and training of staff beyond basic job requirements. Inflexible working hours. Management can be really unaccommodating when people are ill also. The culture in the company is really demotivating and often hostile."

Former Employee - Administrative says

"Bully environment, snobby and patronising unless you looked like a model . Really soul destroying place to work and I was one of the pretty ones ."

Chef (Former Employee) says

"I work in Brown Thomas Restaurant , It is the worse place i worked in my life . The Boss are rude , intimidating , food are not fresh most are frozen ,"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to work in gift wrapping, then designer handbags. The pay was below the living wage, which I thought was appalling. I had know idea when my contract finished, I was never given a contract. So was shocked to be handed a letter the morning of the 28 December to say I was finished that day. No notice of any kind, very unhappy eith the work environment in Brown Thomas."

Concession Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bullying and racism at it's peak. Poor management. No job security. I was the Concessions manager and I was still micro managed. They have lack of trust and treat employees really bad."

Security/ Concierge (Former Employee) says

"security work , staff not allowed to communicate with security personnel. threatened with dismissal if staff dated someone from security department or had any kind of informal chat with them security staff not invited to Christmas parties or any other type of staff gathering, , apart from that the staff were very friendly and so were management , long very long hours . no social life whatsoever .secure joblong hours. no social life. isolation from other staff activities"

General Operative (Current Employee) says

"Brown Thomas is good place for people who arrived and do not speak English so good. But after two months it starts to be very boring and demotivating because you see that you can not progress there. People work for 6 or more years and still they have same salary like in the beginning."

Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"Store was often quiet with too many staff on the floor so sales were spread thinly and commision was reduced as a result. Great atmosphere and culture amongst the floor staff but managment was not particularly warm and created a doom and gloom atmosphere when they were on the floor with some staff being afraid to voice any issues they may be havingdiscountssporadic hours"

Fashion Sales Assistant (Whistles Concession) says

"A very fast-paced job. It can be quite stressful as there is never enough staff to cover the amount of customers that appear. Management is very poor. It was a good job part-time job as I was surrounded with people my own age. I worked only weekends which made dealing with the stress alot easier.Free lunch on sundaysRotas"

Sales associate - David Clulow (Sunglasses) says

"It is a good place to work in, getting to know new people everyday, making new friends, working in team with the staff. There is something new to learn everyday."

Senior Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is being over worked and underpaid. I learned how to deal with difficult customers here and also difficult managers. Retail is a hard enough job but Brown Thomas was extremely difficult due to the politics. Management acting like they were better then staff due to where they were from and who they knew. Extreme pressure put on staff when the ceo was coming to visit, which all seemed very fake.discountslong hours, underpaid, management, type of staff they have working here"

Despatch/stockroom (Current Employee) says

"As I still work at the job I'm not all that sure as to what I can say. It definitely used to be a better place to work for sure but times change. I really thought I'd be working at that place for the next twenty years but not the case.Good hoursTough management"

Stock Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Overall my time in brown Thomas was amazing very helpful staff , good security in the workplace I never felt under pressure good environment to work in.Discounts in local stores"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Learnt the task of reaching your target sales, and learnt the key points of selling and promoting products to clients and why they should invest in your product."

Assistant Buyer (Former Employee) says

"Need clear picture for future planning IT system needs much stronger Abrupt changes in all areas made work life uneasy. I liked professionalism & team work,"

Security (Former Employee) says

"very good place to work management for this company is good and easy to get through to management with any enquiruies. pay is always on time aswell..."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I learned great customer service skills and got familiar with handling large sums of money. I gained great experience, made great friends and great links. The most enjoyable part of the job was selling the product because i love fashion. The most difficult part of the job was dealing with difficult customers.subsidised canteen with free lunch on sundays, great wage, lovely employees.long hours, unsocial holiday hours"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"All the areas, from HR to management or sales are well interconnected so you can have direct contact with any of them. Learning the guts of a great company its very useful and suitable for those who want to grow within it. Also they offered good benefits to the employee."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"sometimes it is hard to work because of managemet, they might be rude and mean. people and other staff members are nice, good working hours, customers are nice and friendlt but demanding"

Daniels says

"Products labelled incorrectly on website.
Bought gift which had to be returned and something else purchased. Was assured of a 10% discount on new order but has not been processed. Sent email and no response from customer service."

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