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Brigham's Ice Cream is an ice cream manufacturer and was formerly a restaurant franchise. Brigham's is sold in quart cartons throughout New England, and was served at franchised restaurants located in Massachusetts until 2013. It was founded in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. Since the purchase by HP Hood, its offices are located at 6 Kimball Lane, Lynnfield, Massachusetts 01940.

A customer of the restaurant wrote in a review, "Worst milkshake I've ever had at Brigham's. It was literally milk and chocolate sauce, no ice cream and no blending. Now I realize that Brighams may decided to do milkshakes in their own way, but the concept is pretty well established. When you order a milkshake you more-or-less expect a certain type of thick, ice-creamy drink, and what I received was certainly not that. If I'd wanted chocolate milk I would have asked for chocolate milk."


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