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Brian Jeffery Mast (born July 10, 1980) is an American politician and veteran who serves as the U.S. representative for Florida's 18th congressional district. He is a Republican.


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Campaign Intern (Former Employee) says

"bad place to work, they treat you horribly. They ran out of money, and couldn't pay me anymore. I was forced to quit. The management doesn't know what to do and just funnel every problem down to the underlings. Cons: bad"

brian mast campaigner (Former Employee) says

"My only complaint is that it took more than 3 months to get paid for work i did over a month span and it just shows lack of coordination inside the party."

Field Director (Former Employee) says

"The daily routine typically consisted of calling potential volunteers, overseeing volunteers and interns making political phone calls, assigning neighborhoods for political canvassing, personally canvassing neighborhoods, and making sure the office is kept neat and tidy. This job also required public speaking at various political events. My only local co-workers were volunteers and interns. Many of them were older given the demographics of the city. The most enjoyable aspect was having the freedom to manage my own office how I saw fit. The most difficult aspect was the lack of assistance from my supervisor, who was responsible for multiple counties thus limiting her ability to travel to my office. Another difficult aspect was establishing relationships with local politicians/volunteers in a city I had never been to before. Cons: Limited assistance from supervisor, 80+ hour work weeks, phone calls from hecklers"