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Bravo is an American pay television network, launched on December 1, 1980. It is owned by the NBCUniversal Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. The channel originally focused on programming related to fine arts and film. It currently broadcasts several reality television series targeted at 25–54-year-old women as well as the gay community, along with acquired and original dramas, and mainstream theatrically released feature films.

A user of the network's mobile app unleashes their assessment of numerous problems, "Terrible app. App glitches non stop! Constant error messages. No other apps have issues. Just Bravo! Took multiple videos to show. It glitches and you can’t hear the words every few seconds. Plus if you pause it it won’t restart. Makes you watch all over again plus TWICE THE AMOUNT OF COMMERCIALS And then MORE COMMERCIALS! More commercials than I’ve ever experienced in my life!! Not paying for this premium channel anymore because there’s nothing premium about it! Can’t get shows on demand. It’s basic AF! No excuse for this garbage Bravo! Keep up with the quality and features of all the other great network apps or move outta the way! I barely watch anymore because I don’t have the patience for the wasted time and annoyance! Can’t watch new episodes at same time as tv air time/day! This is ridiculous!!!!!! So frustrating!!!! Not everyone wants to be hostage to watching a tv in the living room! Some of us prefer taking a tablet around the house or laying in our beds with a tablet and headphones as to not disturb others or sleeping partners etc! Not convenient whatsoever, hard to navigate, find episodes NOT CLIPS! We want FULL EPISODES! They’re all mixed up out of order hard to search never released early etc etc. so lame!!"


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Gary says

"Bravo used to have good movies and interesting shows. No anymore. It’s just trash non reality as so many other shows. Our society has become so “dumb downed” and uneducated that classic movies, tv comedy shows like Cheers, Seinfeld and others that used to give us smart, infectious dialogue without being vulgar has now gone out of style and replaced with plain stupidity. The is no “reality” in the so called “reality shows” and what “normal, educated man” would ever want to be involved with any of the obnoxious, vulgar, money hungry and mostly obese, makeup splattered women on any of the so called Real Housewives of whatever city????? If these are what so called housewives are now, count me out!!! Our society keeps getting worse and worse. Vulgar language, no respect for morals or anything else for that matter. Our education system has degraded compared to the rest of the worlds major countries and in most cases, there is not an integrated family base anymore. Hardly any family sits down together for meals, and if they do, they have to be on their damn cell phones!! Just observe families in restaurants, as soon as they sit down, out come the stupid, addicting phones, that, by the way can cost over $1,000 dollars!!!??? We have become an addicted, dumb downed and uneducated society without morals and self respect!! On top of that, we have also become so narcissistic with taking so called “selfies”!! People have become so insecure about themselves and so needy that no one, especially children and young adults, cannot even accept any form of criticism. Just look at sports, schools hand out “participation trophies” so the little bastards don’t whine and cry, poor babies!! We are so mamby pamby its disgusting!! Our society now “rewards failure” with accolades!! Failure?? Perish the thought today that anyone would dare use that word. It’s too criminal, hurtful and disrespectful!! Really. BS!! Success never comes without first “failing”!! We have lost respect all over the world the past 20 or so years and until we “reset “ what are values are, we will continue this path down to less than mediocrity!!"

Jeff says

"I can\'t tell you.......................... sorry I had to wait for another commercial...................this station sucks................... yup you guessed it.................... more ads than actual show!!!!!!!!!!! "

Jace says

"Housewives of whatever can\'t watch anymore. Seems to us to be pushing political agendas. No thanks!!!! Me and my GIRLS ARE DONE. "

Deborah says

"Let me just start with saying that Bravo TV is a useless tv station that promotes stupidity and hatred. They use their cast members as pawns for ratings no matter how that may affect the person being persecuted on social media platforms. This is a station that should be shut down as it brings nothing of value to anyone\'s life except vulgarity, drama and stupidity. Our society has seen a terrible decline in consciousness and awareness due to shows as the ones they broadcast. All their shows show that it\'s okay to be overboard while promoting drunken stupor, sexual hook ups, lack of common decency, no values, no morals because it\'s all about living like wild animals instead of grounded and balanced human being. I hope and pray that they will be shut down sooner rather than later."

KH says

"Housewives of BH are so out of touch with reality. Worthless women more concerned about a ugly, tiny, 14,000 purse than what\'s happening in the World. Remove Crystal, she ruins the show. If anyone is awkward, it\'s her. She\'s a liar and obviously has issues. No need to introduce a mean girl with mental health issues at this point. I feel violated having to watch her awkward & shameful behavior. These women go into shock if they have to carry their own luggage! Disgusting. Housewives of NY pushed it by adding the young blond last season because she\'s difficult to watch, but adding the black history authority this season has ruined the entire show. Not by what she knows but by shoving it down everyone\'s throat on the show and watching the show, everytime she\'s on screen! Won\'t watch it while she is on it. Removing Ramona is ridiculous. Who cares if she lives in a bubble? Any woman, white, black, any race, at her status has paid by being harassed and demeaned all her way up. ALL women have been to get anywhere in life. Why should she be removed?! We all have our story. Big butt Altanta housewives boring, Potomac need a plastic surgeon to join the group. NJ wives should be called keeping up with the Jones wives. Their all fake & materialistic. Bravo is off my television until some good programming is shown. Andy and all the shows have run the course........yawn!!!!!! Needs revamp!!!!!"

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