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Director (Former Employee) says

"Lack of direction for new hires. Management takes all existing business and expects new hires to generate business based of robocalls and awful email templates. Cons: Leadership"

Na (Former Employee) says

"The CEO fires people for no reason, will randomly select you and put you in a different department that you never applied for, showed interest in, went to school for, or have any experience. Just because he feels like it. If you decline- you get fired. Sure the CEO will buy lunch every once in a while but it’s only to cover up the fact that they pay you so low. He doesn’t want to pay anything. The CEO also takes a lot of medications so he comes in so high he has no idea what’s going on. The young girl in HR had no experience is a perfect example of random selection. He puts a lot of pressure to find new people and HR doesn’t take time to go through each candidate. They are too busy running around the office joking and gossiping- literally had no interest or maturity for the position. So no one is hired by skill, they pick the names out of a hat. The department head was randomly picked by the ceos girlfriend with no experience and didn’t know how to do their job so they relied on employees under them to fix their mistakes. If you don’t cover their mistakes they treat you poorly. They also give credit to favorites and not the people actually doing the job. Hr actually went around the office taking credit for something she had no parts on and made it seem like I messed something up so she would look good. And they will openly admit they treat you poorly when no one is around. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are at your job or how much experience you have- it’s all about popularity there. Has a middle school aura if you will.. The most unprofessional office to work in. I felt"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Salary is minimum wage, this job is good for someone who didn’t go to college. New business reps will cold call 200 people a day, you won’t gain real world experience. Toxic environment as favorites (receptionist) receive salary raises from the ceo’s girlfriend. Cons: Everything"

Brand Name Creator / Translator (Former Employee) says

"Only the people in management are satisfied because they get all the credit you worked for and get paid so well. Stay away from this company. My team had worked 15 hours a day. It doesn't matter how many hours you worked for. They don't pay overtime. Cons: Overtime is too long, and they don't pay for it."

Senior Account Executive/Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"A toxic, paranoid, terrified culture of lying and covering up mistakes for fear of being fired. Ops and Sales teams work very poorly together. The CEO is a complete fossil with a serious aversion to modern sales and business tactics and a penchant for firing on the spot and demeaning his employees to the point of quitting. Nepotism is rampant. Good luck guys! Cons: See above"

Associate d (Former Employee) says

"Bad management skills - CEO throws tentrums and so money driven. Get out before you put your foot in. One day, he can turn against your back no matter how great and loyal you were to him. They assume everything they want, and you can't predict who's next or what's next on his agenda. Sounds ridiculous right?"

don't want to self identify (Former Employee) says

"Worked there a long time ago, was not the best job experience, learned a lot and had great colleagues. Interesting place to be wished it could have been more."

Business Development (Former Employee) says

"I would go into work, have our daily meetings with all the offices globally. Then I would make 100+ cold calls to sell branding services mostly targeted at the pharmaceutical companies within my pipeline. Management was very inefficient and incompetent. Workplace culture was poisonous. The hardest part of the job was obtaining new clients. I only enjoyed learning about the healthcare system in the United States compared to the other nations. Cons: no leads, no new business"

Network Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This place was so horrible to there employees. Yes free lunches but you were not allowed to take you 1 hour break. Needed to come in directly on time.. like by the second. Cameras by your area. at Cons: short breaks, terrible management"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy working and there are very good benefits at this company. The work can just sometimes be too much and I don't like to take work home with me. But overall I like it."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"BI is a growing place with opportunities but the only bad aspect is that it is located downtown and is far a long commute. When benchmarks are reached free food is provided. Management is well organized and the team tries to push those deadlines. Cons: Long commute with long hours in the car and workload at times."

Consultant (Director) says

"- Money is good"

Researcher new drug name, casual, online (Current Employee) says

"I had been conducting Brand Drug name evaluations very early, since the company launched the project. Working on-line with Brand Institute was interesting and straightforward. The web applications run smooth; they were very simple and customer friendly designed. After completing cases I had learned about specifics of Medical error possibilities due to linguistic factors, pronunciation and associations with the names. Associations testing, seems, is the most ambiguous and hardest to perform. It requires having strong medical and general knowledge, inquisitive personality and imagination. Cons: Project based, no stability, irregular assignments"

Analyst says

"I worked at Branding Brand Cons: Oh where to begin... management, leadership, workload, expectations, technology, career path, honesty... I could go on. First, let's start with this: they hired too many people to do the work, laid them off, and then had too few. This cycle repeated itself THREE TIMES in the 1.5 years that I was there. The team I worked on had 5 clients-- 3 of the 5 paid for 5 full-time dedicated employees. The other two paid for a half time developer, and quarter time QA and project management. My team had 5 people. Total (3 dev, 1 QA, 1 PM). The math just doesn't seem to add up there, does it? A lot of the worker bees complained about mid and senior level management and HR did nothing about it. They said that they felt abused and taken advantage of and asked to lie to both other teams internally and to clients. And still nothing changed. When concerns over delivery date or client expectations were raised to my boss, he said he'd take care of it and didn't... just lied to his boss (the COO). He spent all of his time brown nosing and none caring about his teams. On two different occasions I had clients actually YELL at him for promising work could be done in an unreasonable timeframe. My boss did nothing other than fumble over his words. Another member of my team was consistently working 90+ hour weeks. She was promised full time to I think 3 clients and she lost it (not on the client). In front of me and the rest of our team, our boss threatened to fire her even though her clients loved her. Bottom line for me is this: the management doesn't care about its employees, only its reputation locally and its client list."

Former Employee - Brander says

"I worked at Branding Brand full-time for more than a year Cons: Wrecked with problems. From hiring friends to lead the company with little to no experience, to an outdated, patched together, product, and the worst, a clear misdirection and almost illegitimate way of doing business. The uppers commonly spend money frivolously, but frequently lay people off and refer to it as 'cutting fat.' The product is flawed, and everyone is scraping by to hopefully patch things enough to just get through day by day, week by week."

Former Employee - Brander says

"I worked at Branding Brand full-time for more than a year Cons: There is no consistent message and client happiness is not the priority. Over the two years I was at Branding Brand I witnessed a company fail their employees and clients over and over again. What started as an amazing experience turned into a job that focused on throwing people under the bus and discounting the work and commitment of many employees."

Former Employee - Director Level says

"I worked at Branding Brand full-time for more than 3 years Cons: + unsanitary -- the office is actually registered as a kennel in Pittsburgh to avoid legal issues with how disgusting the office is due to the puppies. And since it's hip and cool to have a dog, everyone gets one, resulting in mostly untrained 6 week old puppies. + management will lie to motivate you; you will have carrots dangled in front of you for months and only ever receive a payout if you have the audacity to demand it. You'll be lucky to get a $100 gift card for 12+ hour days for 2 months. + few of the people you work with are skilled, you'll find a handful do most of the heavy lifting. This severely limits your ability to develop your career. + your personal life will suffer. Your relationships will suffer. Your mental health will suffer. + thinking about quitting? better double check your final paycheck -- numerous employees have reported being jipped their PTO payouts [this was corrected after one employee called the company out for it]"

Former Employee - Brander says

"I worked at Branding Brand full-time for more than a year Cons: Branding Brand, started by 3 friends from CMU, is basically a modern day 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place'. If you don't remember this late 90's sitcom starring a young Ryan Reynolds, it's okay, nobody will remember Branding Brand either. Lightning struck at BB. The money flowed like wine and new clients instinctively flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. The next 7 long years saw leadership repeatedly trying to fix an extremely fragile business model. These failures in trying to correct BB's downward spiral have led to a mass exodus of clients and a workplace environment that is completely contrary to the 'culture' that BB's internal marketing would like you to believe. Some employees still believe in the company, but the majority understand that the same people that ran the company into the ground *probably* won't all of a sudden 'get it right' and turn the company around. The 3 founders have 50% control of the Board of Directors. Certain Directors with serious decision making responsibilities have *literally* not worked anywhere else. Core leadership's refusal to relinquish control and complete lack of experience is the root of BB's failure. The office is kinda gross. I dropped a penny under my desk. I should have picked that penny up, but I got a Clark's song stuck in my head so I left it there. That penny didn't move for months. With all the dogs in the office, you would think the floors would be cleaned occasionally. Almost perfect balance of developers that quit and developers that are laid off, year over year, for the last consecutive 2 years. That's hard to do! Branding Brand is a silly name. The logo still has '.com' in it. This is like dating a girl who's first AND middle name is 'Becky'. Seriously though, if you work at Branding Brand, you will get sick of explaining it to people when they ask where you work. When hired, you are encouraged to list your job as 'Brander' on social media, mostly LinkedIn. Except the founders. They are above that and employees notice those sings. You get the impression that BB is the 'monkey' in a game of Monkey In The Middle trying to get the next lump of cash. It's unclear who is throwing the money, but it's a constant state of panic trying to get it."


"I worked at Branding Brand Cons: Actively tries to take advantage of employees, under paying & giving work that is over their pay rate. When asking for raises you might as well not, will be fired."

Software Engineer says

"I worked at Branding Brand Cons: The captain is tricking people to stay with free lunch and beer while throwing other crew, integrity, and pride overboard. You may have been asked to join the party and enjoy all the amenities that a sinking ship has to offer. Perhaps you will be swooned by the guitarist they will hire to play you songs awkwardly or maybe you'll enjoy petting the soft fur of a baby alpaca as its ears are brutalized by drum and bass at a company party. That's the beauty of this place. There's something terrible for everyone. If you are convinced to come aboard for an interview, please disregard the 40 foot gaping wound in the haul, swallowing more ocean water than alcohol consumed during work hours. If you're into that whole alpaca thing, you can bring your dog along for the sinking as well. Just to be clear, you will not actually die here. You will just be worked close to death then laid off or worse, be asked to work overtime because 20% of your friends were just let go. Nothing says passion like warmongering."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Branding Brand full-time Cons: Management is looking to screw you over. The work could not be more boring. You can't see the numbers anywhere online, but the attrition here is off the charts. Everyone who is any good leaves this company quickly. They used to show all of the "Branders" pictures on the website, but then everyone quit and/or was laid off. They are a software company that doesn't really understand software, and will hire developers that literally cannot program. This shows in their subpar products. You will be asked to work nights and weekends with very little to no reimbursement."


"I worked at Branding Brand Cons: Young founders getting rich. Honest workers getting slighted. Hire people, fire people until they're all little minions."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I worked at Branding Brand full-time for more than a year Cons: - Company always choose the loudest idea - If you aren’t in the main clique, you are on the outside looking in - Business changes direction whenever rain falls from the sky. - Product team makes decisions for delivery team. - Constantly oversells the product (that is nonexistent) and makes delivery team make up for it. This results in unrealistic deadlines that end up being met by having to intentially create technical debt. If you are looking for a place to make sound architectural decision or design award winning apps, look elsewhere. - Pay their group well. If you are getting an offer expect a low ball offer, regardless of their demand for the position. - Annual to semi-annual layoffs."

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