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Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine. At the time Bowdoin was chartered, in 1794, Maine was still a part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

A former student mentioned, "I went to Bowdoin very excited! I am from SC and I wanted to see a different area of the country. I’m outgoing so I wasn’t worried about the transition, but what I found made me intensely unhappy at Bowdoin.

-Academically, Bowdoin is great. Profs are great (if a little quirky), but always make themselves available.

-Bowdoin is a VERY culturally homogeneous place. Bowdoin’s reputation as a happy campus stems from homogeneity: a vast majority of students are from the Midatlantic or Northeast, and went to private or boarding schools.

-Socially, Bowdoin takes on a boarding school culture. Acapella performances, plays, and ultimate frisbee teams are big on campus, and if you don’t love these, it’s hard. Many people act aloof, tense, and unfriendly, and the parties are pretty bad. Socially it’s pretty dead here.

These things, combined with a large athlete divide, caused me to transfer. All I can say to incoming students from more diverse backgrounds is to tread carefully."


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Bartender (Former Employee) says

"There is very little chance for advancement, and pay rates are very much not competitive. Benefits are extraordinarily good. Management pretends to care about employees, but has no vested interest in the human aspect."

Cook (Current Employee) says

"Was an ok experience.. I need to change jobs so I can do something I am interested in. Have been a cook for a long time..don't feel as though my heart is in it anymore"

Track and Field Assistant, Coach (Former Employee) says

"A day at the track is fairly smooth, you learn something new daily in the indoor facility and you are always researching and coming across new stats. The hardest part of the job for myself was learning to recruit something that I learned to master. The most enjoyable part was actually coaching, teaching athletes something they will never forget. Cons: heavy hours that you put in at any giving time of the day"

Alfred J. Gosselin says

"They dont work no adhesive power shift under movement."

Alex Donofrio says

"Horrible customer service and experience. They take your money quick but don’t like to give refunds. Waiting for ours for two weeks."


"You left off a part of our order or maybe I did not order But I feel I did."

Linda Hayes says

"As of today (9/9).....I have not received my order (was ordered on 8/19). I talked to customer service and was told that it wasn’t shipped from you warehouse as yet. Suffice to say I’m not happy with your service."

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