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The Bank of Queensland (branded BOQ) is an Australian retail bank with headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland. The bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in Queensland, having begun as a building society, It now has 160 branches throughout Australia, including 65 corporate branches and 95 "owner managed" branches.In 2007, customer satisfaction with the bank was placed at 88%.

Scotty wrote "I switched to BOQ many years ago because I felt they had a more ethical stance when it comes to their investments. However, their internet banking and other technology are so outdated that I ended up switching to another bank so that I could utilize some of the basic services that other banks offer as standard such as pay wave and being able to update my information via the online banking platform. Now, they refuse to close my unused accounts over the phone (after I waited 30 minutes to speak to someone) or via internet banking, insisting that I must go into a branch - of which there are few. I am not going to waste my day traveling to a branch to close unused accounts that have had a zero balance for years. This antiquated approach to customer service makes me glad I decided to leave."


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Current Employee - Manager says

"If you’re not liked or hired by upper to senior management your chances of progression are next to none. Things such as “procedural fairness” will be thrown around to prevent willing and able staff from progressing however when the time comes for someone within the inner circle to move up that same “procedural fairness” isn’t granted to others. Friends and Former Coworkers of management are constantly being brought in to fill the gaps that toxic managers have been allowed to create. The staff turnover in the last twelve months within the branch network is hurrendous. Staff have been bullied and selectively pushed out in favour of bringing in known proponents of certain managers and their sly practices. New staff are given next to no support (unless they’re in the inner circle) and thrown into the deep end quite often with no guidance around risk and compliance until it becomes a reason for them to get picked on. Technology available was outdate ten years ago let alone in 2018. The pressures that are put on front line staff with outdated, archaic and consistently broken systems is unbelievable. Customers are seen as simply another problem. Head office staff provide next to no support for front line team members as the organisation is very much about silos without KPIs, goals or objectives in line with a collaborative business. Staff are scared to speak up knowing that the internal whistleblower program isn’t anonymous and certain problematic managers within the business have the people and culture department in their back pockets. It is a well known fact within the organisation how toxic it is however no one feels safe to speak up. Staff are terrified of speaking out against managers who are known bullies as there is nowhere to go that won’t get back to the managers in questions. Job security is always a fear of staff. Those who do speak up get black listed or labelled trouble makers. Management shut down those who speak up or raise genuine questions or concerns. Management have connections with everyone within the HR department so anything that is believed to be private and confidential gets back to management and used in their bullying tactics. Policies and procedures are used sparingly in the way they’re designed. Certain staff and teams will get away with blue murder however those not within the protective circle will see the same actions used to drive them out of the business. Long term members of staff who have progressed through the business see themselves being used and taken advantage of. Their experience rather than being rewarded is abused by not providing them staffing or support needed as “they can do it themselves because they know the roles”. This creates burnout and resentment in staff who should be rewarded for their willingness to contribute. There is very much a “Blame Culture” within the organisation. Rather than solving issues or problems that arise it very quickly turns into a witch hunt where someone’s head must end up on the chopping block. This has created the culture that nobody wishes to call out problems in fear of being next to go themselves. “New Management” tend to have a view of long time staff that they’re simply there to collect a pay cheque and constantly looking at ways to remove people from the business through their bullying tactics. A recent “restructure” simply reaffirmed the bad eggs in control who are now wielding it to rid themselves of anyone not “in the circle” The values and pillars of the organisation are thrown at staff when it suits however upper management do not lead by example nor do they abide by those values and pillars. Collaboration is virtually non existent and integrity is constantly in question. All in all there is so much wrong within the walls of BOQ that the best plan would be to close the doors, clean out the place and start again. Management and the powers that be only care about themselves and their pay cheques. Little do they know they’re riding the organisation into the ground."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Far too many BOQ Lifers in key sub executive positions who are no longer relevant and spend most of their time hiding their incompetencies and putting up walls to block change. Corporate culture is ok, however the IT outsourcing model to HP is toxic at best and the primary source of much frustration."

BoQ says

"Having no morals or customer service agenda whatsoever, join the discrimination, bullying and most non compliant bank run like a+ circus act... Problem is its peoples lives they are clowning around with staff and customers. They only bank that loves its self that much it's forgotten about the customers altogether! I wish I had only seen any of these scarily large amount of ironically identically the same claims of Mistreating, Lying, Bullying, Descriminating and endangering of staff and customer safety by not complying with policy and procedure protocols."


"After several changes in senior management, the try hard "Big Bankers" moved in and are still there. They were and still are trying to turn BOQ into a big bank but only managing to instill the same money hungry inhuman approach that the big banks have. It was not the same place anymore and as mentioned in previous posts had developed a bullying and blame culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bullying culture as endemic as in BOQ is unacceptable in 2014 in a developed economy. Bullying at BOQ its swept under the carpet by the HR female staff and the rest of the executives for fear of losing their jobs in a bank and all the perks that come with it , in a tight QLD employment market. A"heads up from your manager for performance" as mentioned in one of the reviews by one of the BOQ executives should never take the form of relentless bullying and harassment, belittling comments, demeaning and humiliating treatment in front of colleagues, threats, harassing phone calls, physical assault, insults and name calling with the sole objective to make the employee resign. The bullying managers at BOQ are essentially mentally ill, insecure, lack competence and skills and fear being exposed by their employees for what they are. The COO is actively promoting a bullying culture"

Current Employee - Information Technology says

"stakeholders whom have no idea on fundamental issues that their staff face. hidden agenda's and downright unhealthy staff / vendor relationships. No idea what so called partners actually do for the bank. attempting to transform the bank when there is no clear idea of current state. too many meetings with no agenda, no minutes, no actions, and continual reaching of the same conclusions again and again and again. colossal waste of time and money and talent. No clear road map to follow, constant promises of operation models, yet jot forthcoming.. too much change, too many interconnected piece, too much opportunity for failure ."


"The executive team appears to be cobbled together from a mismatch of big bank cultures ,ex- consultants and egomaniac personalities. The results are lack of results, lack of direction, a bullying culture and a dysfunctional team. Boq can't get good executives who have better choices , hence it is left to hire off the street ,bankers who are no longer wanted by the big 4."


"Backwards, cowboys and buy your own stationary while you leave your PC on all weekend I was bullied by a bipolar manager high on cocaine who spent the business hours on private business, shopping and hairdressing. The manager went on long weekends on BOQ expenses - think concerts etc, working from home was abused and the manager was never available. Most intriguing that person is still there managing personal affairs on bank expenses."

Current Employee - Systems Analyst says

"I worked for BOQ and held several positions across the company for over five years. Every position would eventually hit a dead end due to the sheer incompetence of most leaders and managers. I have worked in retail branches and the head office and almost every team is run by a toxic, emotionally immature child. No one within the business wants to take any accountability for their mistakes and will instead kick the can down the line to the analyst/officer/teller at the bottom and senior management will accept this. BOQ firmly believe that it is never the manager to blame - only the person being managed. If you question anything or simply refuse to fall in line (god forbid you are innovative) you will be bullied, harassed or managed out. I have seen several intelligent, eager and driven people booted out of the company because at BOQ - inertia is the way and the company will always aim for the middle. Despite being a very small company, no one will work together. Teams will not collaborate to deliver outcomes and as a result, the smallest obstacles cannot be overcome. Common sense does not exist. Company-wide culture of no-accountability and fear to make even the smallest executive decision means that even departments that are capable of making change will refuse to do so. As a result, we are left with incredibly outdated and clunky internal and external technological systems which results in a poor customer service experience. A lot of internal gossip about the business being sold to Suncorp. No one has any faith in the company so the attitude is 'why bother'?"

Current Employee - says

"New executive team has little practical experience in leading an organisation of the small size of BOQ or appreciation for the capabilities and capacity of the business processes and staff and hence have unrealistic expectations on performance without prerequisite investment in functions and systems to deliver the results they want. Primarily this can be observed by a lack of enterprise wide governance on product strategy and no observable initiatives to baseline business capability. From time to time individual efforts will be made to correct this in isolated parts of the business but without executive support they lack the rigour to achieve results or influence long term strategy. The impact of the above state cannot be underestimated as the lack of any documented strategy and analysis of existing capabilities has severe knock-on effects to other departments, primarily the PMO functions (called EPO in this organisation) and the IT department - who despite severe investments on both sides have come up short time and time again without any recognisable business architecture to measure their own engagement and delivery strategy against. Waste at this organisation is enormous. Again this goes back to a fundemental lack of organisational awareness of the actual capabilities of the Bank. I have personally witnessed several multi-million dollar projects being written off without any commercial value, some of them within a hairs breadth of being delivered, due to executive management over reaching - imagine attempting to race the Monaco GP in a Ford Falcon and you will have a good idea of the disconnect that senior and executive management have between their aspirations and the actual capabilities they have invested in. Lastly, there is a culture of bullying that has become prevelant in the last year throughout the operations team and can be directly traced to the COO and some of his direct subordinates - it is so apparent that I have even had external vendors remark to me that they have noticed the attitude change. The benefit derived from this behavior has been marginal as any deficiencies in operations pales in comparison to the larger organisational challenges such as lack of self business understanding, long term strategy, capacity and capability management and of course, over all governance of business activities. But yes - several mid level managers have been yelled at sufficiently to somehow cover up for these faults."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Culture of corporate drug & alcohol abuse is very present. Bullying and physical abuse are not uncommon topics for the HR team. New recruits are mismanaged and offered little to no guidance or practical hands on training. They are often used as scape-goats to vent blame for managerial screw-ups."

Customer Relationship Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The company claims to care about is employees but in reality they could not care less. Staff are highly stressed trying to meet targets. Management just keep pushing until you leave. You're the to get out if you don't like it."

Pay roll (Former Employee) says

"If you are a young woman who is looking at starting a family whilst working at BOQ then its best you don't join this bank. they treat you like dirt and make you work long hours whilst knowing you are about to deliver in a few weeks. and once you go back to work after having your new bub your manager will treat you even worse and will never understand that kids get sick etc and will get you to meet with unexpected dead lines and the bullying culture still exist at BOQ and HR is dead silent on what is going. A terrible financial organization to work for and they talk about flexibility of work however none of this exist within many roles at the bank . if you can avoid working here. No one who works at the bank actually enjoys working there. no culture and no heart.You will be given 14 weeks maternity leaveLong Hours, Bullying, Management not underestanding your current status, HR non existent, Managers with no leadership qualities and no heart, Poor Salaries, Poor work ethics"

Iteration Manager (Former Employee) says

"People and drinks were excellent. Everyone was very helpful. The work is very relaxed culture and at a steady pace. However, the leadership and management direction are lacking.Drinks, lunch area.Lack direction, no leadership."

Lending Administration and customer service (Current Employee) says

"Service manager is very difficult to work with and is the main reason for such high turnover. Pay is far less than other banks offer. Little to no room for advancementNoneLow pay"

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"Very unstable management. There was no chance to get promoted or go to a different department (head office) unless I had a family member working there. It is just one corrupted bank. Every day started by reading about Financial Services Guide, and procedures, insurances and ended the same way - every day. There was hardly any reward. Just when we were very close to reach a monthly branch goals, the management would change it and made it impossible for us to meet the targets.I worked in a great team.unstability of the management."

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have never felt so under valued as an employee in my whole working career which has spanned over 20 years.This has contributed to my low self esteem and lack of motivation to lead a normal life.I left BOQ and am slowly regaining my confidence.Going homeStarting work"


"Have now left the Bank of Queensland and looking for a better culture fit. Management are struggling with ongoing changes in the finance sector and maintaining staffing. Constant challenges which provided me with great coping skills."

Customer Relationship Specialist.(Kaplan Tier (Current Employee) says

"not a nice place to work people in the retail network talk about you behind your back the main issue managers that have been mangers too long with no management.corporate good benefits when they are thereculture"

Lending Officer (Former Employee) says

"no support. support that as provided was often not accurate or not helpful. Difficult place to work. Enjoyable part of the job was dealing with customers on a daily occurrence."

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"very customer focused, always something to do. strict targets to meet. always something new to learn. friendly staff to work with."

Collection Officer (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a collector for 5 years, and rang all sorts of people to organise repayment of their arrears. We had to listen, ask questions and assess best possible repayment outcome. I loved to help others clear their arrears position, as some had little idea, on how to use their income and pay their expenditure.Helping peoplelong days, stressful at times"

Customer Service Officer (Current Employee) says

"Whilst I thoroughly enjoy interactions with customers I like to serve my customers and not sell them. I have many loyal customers that will only have dealings with me as they feel I know exactly what they need and do my job thoroughly."

Customer Relationship Specialist (Kaplan Tier (Former Employee) says

"Having had 3 Manager changes in 2 years and no real direction during the royal comission the culture was just toxic and staff were beginning to create problems to look busy. Culture a 0 out of 10. The IT issues the staff claim to have are 90% poor computer underdanding and due to poor training and staff development progams."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be to set up cash for the day,balance ATM,serve customers and any office filing.Upselling and cross selling the banks productsStaff recognitionNeed to train staff properly, not just riely on a persons previous experience from previous employment with difffernt systems"

Customer Service Officer (Current Employee) says

"Was an ok interview process and started out fine but the pressure on sales has changed the dynamic within the retail banking dept. Hence why i am looking for new employment"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Having worked closely with Credit Risk and the Mortgage HUB at the time, the work kept you busy but the objectives to some of the work was misplaced in sight of the goal - streamlining processes to give the end customer a seamless experience. This was not achieved overall by the company in my years at the institution. Career opportunities are managed by nepotism. If you're not close with those of authoritative status aka management, you can forget about your career progression aspirations altogether. In my role I was averaging as the top performer consistently every quarter and saw no recognition or support from management when I would submit for senior roles. Terrible micromanagement style is the curse within that workplace there. BOQ is a small bank with small dreams, evidently was a determining factor in my departure.Great working morale, ethical co-workers, professional conduct and I developed great friendships for life!No social club, no team activities/outings, no clear career progression path."

Part time Teller/Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"I worked here part time as I had a young family. Flexible bosses and team members and I made myself available should I be required for extra work when co-workers were ill.Happy environmentnone"

CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER - Kirwan Branch (Current Employee) says

"Early on working at BOQ was great and the company. Local level is difficult at times. Overall all BOQ has some great aspects but has a big problem with their ITCustomersIt"

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"To whom it may concern, Work with BOQ branch in Maleny for 3months, Did not suite me in anyway shape or form.Good People to work withStressful"

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