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Blurb is an American self-publishing platform that allowing users to create, self-publish, promote, share, and sell their own print and ebooks. It also offers digital software for layouting books.

Sally Wiener Grotta mentions some of the CONS of Bookify in a review published by TOM´S GUIDE website: "Fixed layouts, No clip art, no design templates, Mostly solid-color backgrounds, Tiny selection of black-only borders. Unfortunately, the photo and text placeholders are fixed, so you can't move, reshape or rotate them. Bookify has no drop shadows or other photo tools or effects. The only options you have for adjusting a photo is to zoom in/out, rotate it (within the rigid placeholder) or fit it either horizontally or vertically to the placeholder. If you zoom out far enough so the photo doesn't fill the entire placeholder, the picture will be displayed at its original aspect ratio; any border you apply will shape to the photo and not the placeholder. Bookify doesn't correct pictures, as is appropriate for Blurb's typical clients, who are very savvy photographers who don't want any algorithms messing with their images. But that's less appealing for consumers and novice photographers, whose pictures might benefit from some auto-correction and overall balancing. Backgrounds are mostly solid colors, with the exception of a couple of sketch-like illustrations"


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