From Everything.Sucks is an online travel agency for lodging reservations. It is owned and operated by and is the primary revenue source of United States-based Booking Holdings and is headquartered in Amsterdam.The website has over 28 million listings. The site is available in 43 languages.

Van expressed his outrage in this review, "WE WILL NEVER USE BOOKING.COM AGAIN! Very disappointed with how they deal with Covid situations. Feel like they partner with crooks and do as little as possible to help customers. No proper Complaint procedures. We booked our holiday to Greece long before Covid happened. One of the accommodation is in Naxos, Rita's Blue dreams, (turns out Rita's Blue Nightmares). Our flights to Greece in Aug was cancelled but she refused to budge, refuse to refund under circumstances, saying it is not her fault. Booking does nothing, merely exchanges the conversations between both sides. Is it even legal what they are doing under circumstances? Where can we possibly go to get our money back?"


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sheila says

"Shame on B&N. We received a gift card at xmas, pre-covid. We ordered a book which was set for publication in May, by the #1 author in America. May, June, July passed. In August we were PROMISED delivery would be 8/24. We just received yet another notice that the book is not available. Fourth notice. Horrible.This book is available anywhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In accordance with the employee contract, I am legally unable to speak negatively about the company."

Andrew Scott says

"First of all, the Barnes and Noble Website is completely broken. I tried ordering a nook book from Barnes and Noble online multiple times and every time the order went through I got a confirmation email saying the order was accepted. Immediately after this email I would receive another saying that my order was cancelled without a reason given. I then called the number provided at the bottom of this email to renew my order. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes and the costumer service agent asked for all of my information that I put into the website originally. I obviously didn't want to give my card number over the phone to someone who didn't even provide me with their name, so I just ended up cancelling my whole order. Suffice to say that I will be sticking to Amazon Kindle for the rest of my E book orders."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This person is lying in an attempt to discredit and delegitimize the voices of the many employees who have great experiences here. As a book company, our advice to this person would be to speak up for yourself -- and let others do the same!"

Gay K. says

"i visited the Barnes and Noble bookstore today at Carolinas Mall in Pineville NC. I wanted to make a purchase and get on with my shopping. I went to all of the checkout locations and no one was at any of them! We saw several employees walking around looking at their phones not asking if we needed help! We were standing in the middle of the first floor of the store saying Hello!!! I should not have to beg someone to let me buy something from them!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You know present-day America and the government currently running it? Take from that what you will."

Dave says

"If you are looking to buy books outside of the US look elsewhere. They will throw your books into a box without any packaging material and hope for the best. When one or more books are inevitably damaged *you* will have to pay the return shipping cost. They will not refund this even though they did not pack the books adequately. I would expect that a bookstore founded in 1886 would have learnt how to pack books properly by now. They will also not respond to any emails. Would not recommend."

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