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Bonefish Grill is an American casual dining seafood restaurant chain owned and operated by Bloomin' Brands, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company was founded on January 15, 2000, in St. Petersburg, Florida, by Tim Curci and Chris Parker. Bloomin' Brands acquired Bonefish Grill on October 5, 2001. At the time, the company had three locations. In 2006, Bonefish Grill announced the opening of its 100th restaurant. As of December 27, 2015, Bloomin' Brands had five franchised Bonefish Grill restaurants and 210 corporate owned and operated Bonefish Grills across 28 states.

Jeff Weinsier of Local 10 in South Florida reports on the rampant roach problem at a location in Weston,"Dead roaches on premises at Bonefish Grill. 1 dead roach next to wine and alcohol mixers under service line where Togo and plated food are placed to be picked up 2 dead roaches on left side of reach in cooler by ice machine 1 dead on left side of ice machine 2 dead roaches under three compartment sink 1 dead on shelf where cleaned and sanitized plates are stored on service line."


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Elizabeth Miller says

"Today we went to the Bonefish on Commercial Way in Brooksville. As usual my husband's service dog was with us because he goes no where without him. We sat outside in 90 degree weather and not a soul out there besides us. We requested a dish of water. The waitress came out and informed us that we had to take the dog off premises to drink the water. Are you kidding me? We had a different problem with them a few years ago. They tried to seat us at a corner table and there was no place for the dog to go. We left the restaurant and contacted the regional manager. About a week later we received a gift basket for the dog and $200 in gift certificates begging us to come back. We did and everything was fine until today. Snickers is a service dog and we were outside with no one else around. It was almost 2 so the lunch crowd was gone - even inside was empty. You have got to be kidding me? First of all he is a service dog wearing a vest, etc. Second there was no one outside. We have been going there for years - but no more!! And I will make sure everyone knows how we were treated there. Most places are very accommodating with service animals - not Bonefish!! Two strikes and you are out. Guess what - ANYONE will take our money!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work you til your family is in shambles"

Server (Former Employee) says

"No company rules followed by manager Director don’t care people are leaving company left and rite no one care People don’t like to work there but they are working that’s the only job they can afford ."

John T. Youlio says

"prices to high (especially wine ),Small portions eg,Steak"

Former Employee - Server/Bartender says

"They truly don’t care about the hourly employees at all."

Server (Former Employee) says

"I can not state names but I will warn you all of two very nasty and unclean servers at this location and management knows all about it. This company does not care about the health and welfare of the customers or they would remove these two disease-ridden servers to protect the healthy environment you should be able to count on when dining out with your friends and family."

John T. Youlio says

"Food not that great, prices exceptional high(,Especially the wine ) Portions small ! better off going to Arbeys"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nepotism, over-staffing, poor money, idle time"

Server (Former Employee) says

"This company is an absolute joke. They claim to care for their employees but all they care about is upper management. As long as upper management gets their bonuses every year, they are happy."

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