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Bonanza is an American Western television series that ran on NBC from September 12, 1959, to January 16, 1973. Lasting 14 seasons and 431 episodes, Bonanza is NBC's longest-running western and ranks overall as the second-longest-running western series on U.S. network television (behind CBS's Gunsmoke), and within the top 10 longest-running, live-action American series. The show is set in the 1860s and it centers on the wealthy Cartwright family who lives in the vicinity of Virginia City, Nevada, bordering Lake Tahoe. The series initially starred Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon and later featured (at various times) Guy Williams, David Canary, Mitch Vogel, and Tim Matheson. The show is known for presenting pressing moral dilemmas.

Grizzledgeezer19 posted a comment about Bonanza on IMDb in November 2015:

"Bonanza is such a miserable series that every episode could be destroyed, and nothing of any value -- or interest -- would remain. Except for the question of how such a program could have been produced in the first place."


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May says

"SELLERS BEWARE! What an absolute waste of time. I feel like a fool having signed up and PAID to be a seller on Bonanza.

I've had zero sales in 6 months despite the same products being listed and successfully selling on other platforms that are FREE to sell on.

Listing and selling is unnecessarily complex, everything is harder than it needs to be and there were ZERO sales anyway. I spent so many hours setting this up and for nothing.

There are charges for absolutely EVERYTHING, as if they haven't squeezed enough out of you just for signing up, with complex (again) and confusing fees and additional costs all over the place.

No hope of ever making a sale and not interested in ever returning. Glad to have cancelled my account. Will write the loss off as a big learning: never trust a platform that charges you to sell.

No wonder Printful has removed them from their platform integration offering; it's shameful and just not good enough.

UPDATE: Further to Bonanza's response, it cost me AUD$416.73 on 9th June 2020 for a one year subscription. Absolutely EVERYTHING has a cost on Bonanza and I can't believe that even with the one year subscription (which they automatically renew and it's difficult to control this) there was ever any traffic to my store - ZERO sales in 7 months for products that were selling regularly on other marketplaces. Bonanza is a money-grabbing waste of time for sellers. I am not confused."

mad count says

"hi guys, i am writing this message and appeal to all sellers, that stop trading with bonanza as the way they treated me and other sellers in the past, are really horrible and disgusting, not only that they have been lying to the buyer as well, I have been trading on this Platform and thinking that it's a safe place to trade but sadly I was so wrong, I am a serious seller and run 3 proper companies with holding a stock over 40k items, without any notification they close my all accounts without any reasons and explanation,when i asked whats the reason and open talk to them they not only block my emails also offer me to go ioffer and e-crater, the email comes from Judy their support, it's kind a shame that they want to push away serious sellers, also my buyers which i earned in the past 4 years times, they also messaging me but unfortunately, I can not respond to them and they thinking iam a scam,finally i manage to message them on paypal,my all repute destroyed by this Disgusting company, I don't think so bonanza will last if they keep doing this kind of disgusting and arrogant behaviour, they are not like ebay or amazon yet and they think they are big in the market,shame on them and their arrogant policy,I appeal to every seller please keep the backup and try to leave bonanza as soon as possible,there is no place for serious sellers on bonanza,only scammers can work there and take the money away from people and bonanza allow this, not only that even if you complaint about the buyer who being rude or abusive to you,Miss judy and matthew (bonanza support) they don't care as well,
One of the Seller reviews were quite right their days are counted, and iam also considering to take the to the court as they put my company repute on the risk, SHAME ON YOU BONANZA,
the level of arrogancy of bonanza they also blocked my all contacted emails as well,
without sellers you guys are nothing but just dust bowl, they cannot get in touch with me anymore but the my attorney will send them a message and they are also not above the law,"

Marta McGlade says

"I purchased an item from MPendegraft's booth, received a confirmation email which said that once item was shipped I would get a tracking number. No tracking number was ever sent, and I contacted seller numerous times. I never received the item and so I contacted Pay Pal's resolution center. I finally received a refund, but seller was unresponsive and unreliable."

Mary Jo McAuliffe says

"Ordered a power supply beginning of December. More than a month later it has still not arrived. The tracking number provided yields no results. An email to seller provided no useful information. I won't order through them again and will not recommend to others."

Sam says

"I am...err was until an hour ago a seller on this scam of a platform. 9% is what im to be charged on each sale....well I just sold a ~$450 item....$37.79 is my 9%.....well i look on my pay pal they also thieved "Partner Commission" $31.18 and "Shipping Discount" of $14.17 on top of the 9% commission so in total they took $83.14...$45.35 more than the agreed 9%"

Kira Whitney says

"My first and last experience with Bonanza was after being harassed and verbally attacked over a rightfully negative review of a seller. After being harassed for several days by the seller IEWarehouse, I contacted Bonanza to hopefully put an end to it. I waited several days to hear back from Bonanza only for them to tell me there is nothing they will do about the harassment. This is how they treat their buyers. I prefer to stick with shopping at Etsy."

Erdal Arikboga says

"Be away from Bonanza! I have bought a turbo booster for my shop and didn’t use it. They do not REFUND any money they received. They telling me , I have bought wrong product for my shop.
They will bankrupt soon. Fingers crossed"

hossain says

"It took to long to get items in. When I got the order in one of the was old and useless and other one wrong and was not working. I tried them on two different phone. I wrote to seller few time, did not get any reply.
Still waiting to get my money back from PayPal."

LQ says

"Very disappointed when buying through Bonanza. The product purchased was never received and after contacting both Bonanza and the seller directly for assistance, I still had no result. No refund and no product. will never use again."

Kira Whitney says

"My first and last experience with Bonanza was after being harassed and verbally attacked over a rightfully negative review of a seller. After being harassed for several days by the seller IEWarehouse, I contacted Bonanza to hopefully put an end to it. I waited several days to hear back from Bonanza only for them to tell me there is nothing they will do about the harassment. This is how they treat their buyers. I prefer to stick with shopping at Etsy."

jordan maddocks says

"First and only purchase was a scam. Bonanza website didn't do anything to try to prevent"

Awilda Morales says

"Don't buy from Bonanza I had purchased a wizard of oz globe if you see what they send me is a joke nothing that had to do with the Wizard of Oz. I reach out to Bonanza and they said is a third party that they can't do anything about it to contact the seller. I was beyond pissed because it was a Christmas gift so now I had to look for something else and worry I won't get it for Christmas I had to call my credit card to depute the Charges. If you order anything DO NOT trust Argosy Book Shop I'm not talking about NY they are legit. Just order from Bonanza make sure you beware with this site. I don't want you to go through with what happen to me."

maz manley. says

"STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! We ordered a coat from ABBRACI BOOTH who Bonanza directed us to . We received a coat that we paid £108 which was horrendous quality. We can't get our money back, although stated in their returns policy and were told if we returned it ( after asking numerous times for return address) we would need to pay both shipping fees.
Rogue Company please don't be taken in by the pictures as its not true to life ."

JP says

"BEWARE!!! All sellers and buyers: is not legit. Stay away!!! After several years, closed my account down and stole some of my money as well. Their reason? They said they couldn't give me one. But they rudely said I could use other alternatives.
Their customer service is the worst I have ever had. Only one person works in the customer service department and that person takes ages to respond to a request.
That's the same person who couldn't give me a reason for why they took my money after they suddenly closed my account. All their employees are incompetent and amateurish people who post about silly things all the time as if they are using social media. 
They advertise products, take your money but you don't receive anything.   
So, keep an eye out on your account balance if you decide to use They can illegitimately take money from your account when they like. My card was blocked multiple times in the past because was trying to charge my account without my authorization. is a scam and a complete joke. Stay away, BUYERS and SELLERS! sucks, and it will never be an eBay alternative.


But you did steal my money! You charged my card again, despite having closed my account.
Ask your friend Judy about it.
She's the only customer support agent has. And FYI, I have already informed her that I just filed a chargeback with my credit card company, so I can wash my hands of it all. This shady business you guys are doing will hopefully come to light someday.

North West Motorway Elementary says

"Its very slow service
wait for my parts 15 days still not deliverd
dont recommend its take forever"

Thomas Johns says

"OMG, the support is so slow I can't imagine. I am waiting for an important answer to my questions for over a week now. Very bad service"

Jill Wheeler says

"Do not trust this company. My dvd was a copy, not stated before I purchased it."

Heidi Frank says

"TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I ordered $248 worth of skin care and received a tracking number stating it was being shipped from New Hampshire. I later checked the tracking and it showed it was now coming from New Jersey. It was a day late and I received two t-shirts in an envelope. When I disputed the purchase through PayPal Bonanza had the audacity to tell me that if I wanted a refund I had to send the skin care back! How am I supposed to send the skin care back when I never got any!!! That was their reply to not receiving almost $250 worth of skin care products. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE STAY AWAY"

fabio alba says

"I ordered an item from Bonanza. Since i didn't receive my item i proceed to contact them. However, their answer was to check directly with the seller. I kept insisting since i didn't get any replied from him. Finally I got an email telling me to start a dispute. luckily I used PayPal. However, i won't see any type of resolution until a month or so. This is what Bonanza had to say about it "The seller associated with your purchase, esash, has been permanently suspended from Bonanza due to a violation of our User Agreement. This activity was identified after your order was placed. To protect our users, Bonanza errs on the cautious side when dealing with such sellers, and therefore we have permanently removed them from our community. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you." I don't believe they follow any of the orders until you complaint, otherwise they should have seen there was a problem with the vendor and the order. Disgrace doing business with them."

Laud Darlington says

"I bought a product from Bonanza on 23/07/20 and the vendor failEd to supply the goods till date. It still shows up on Bonanza when tracked that the vendor has not delivered on the transaction. I have since put in a request for refund to Bonanza, and that has been the beginning of my ordeal and frustrations. It looks like Bonanza has no intention to either refund me or make good on the goods. All Bonanza has done is try to insist that l contact Paypal and try and sort out the issue myself. Paypal on the other hand is showing no interest and have refused to respond to my claim, l am not surprised because this would not be the first time they have taken my money for and on behalf of a crooked third party.
So far as l am concerned, the pair are not credible and where possible avoid them if you can.

Laud Darlington"