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The Body Shop International Limited, trading as The Body Shop, is a British cosmetics, skincare, and perfume company.

Ula shares her disappointing experience on, "I don’t recommend to buy The Body Shop cosmetics online. I had to return a product since it arrived damaged. I had to wait over 2 months for the refund. I paid $13 for UPS return shipping and The Body Shop didn’t refund it, even though they should since they sent me a damaged product. It’s impossible to connect with them over the phone and they don’t respond to e-mails. Very bad experience."


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AUTO MECHANIC (Former Employee) says

"Every day I learn something new!!!! Know more peolpe!!!! Keeping busy !!!! Love working on cars!!!!Good payShort breaks"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was an important job for me because i grew as a person and financially i was able to increase 20% of the company's revenue. I worked three years for this company, i was the only women working in an male environment, it took guts and courage to handle people with complete different backgrounds and cultures. Today, my co-workers respect me and appreciate the fact that i was a good leader to them and a good caregiver to my boss business.No work on the weekends0 Benefits"

Secretary (Former Employee) says

"• Taking care of customers, insurance, making schedule on time. • Prepared detailed marketing forecasts on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis. • Worked with company systems and diligently completed all assigned tasks, working overtime as needed. • Provided required weekly, monthly and quarterly reports listing sales figures and client track records."

Mondy Auto Repair (Former Employee) says

"On a typical day at work I supervise the shop. If I have nothing to do such as asking for assistance or working on a task I grab a sweeper to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for customers and co workers. I usually learn something new every other day due to every day jobs by watching. I learned how to sand, primer, and paint an automobile. My co workers are all ways busy working on a car or attempting in finding new customers. The hardest part of the job is taking engine motors out of a car and replacing it with a new one because that's when every employee is needed some times due to its weight and complex way of putting it back together. The most enjoyable part of the job is working because there would be days where we would not have work and I would leave with no money in my pockets, so working at all times is wonderful because you know your leaving with something in your pocket.short breaks"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The people that I worked with were understanding and accepting. The job requirements were comprehensive and good. The business had good management and hours."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"First job, small local job for after school(seasonal). Management was very reasonable.30 min break and 45min lunch break. Hardest part was no air conditioning in work area.Free Lunch, Excellent Co WorkersBad Working Conditions, Bad pay"

Cashier and Paint scratch repair (Former Employee) says

"My typical day started with the costumers, then i would take their car to the back and start working on it. We had to isolate all the parts that were not metal. Then apply the product and use the polish machine. After all that was done, we would clean the car from the inside to out. Then call the client to inform the car was ready, and wait for them, or in some cases take the car to the establish place they asked. Receive the payments and return to the shop. I learned a lot about communication with public, selling and advertising a service. My manager was really flexible and would help with everything I needed. My co-workers were really fun, but most of the tasks was by myself. The hardest part of the job would be making sure all the details in the pain were in perfect conditions. The most enjoyable part would see the satisfaction of the client after seen their car again, and how much it had changed, for better."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too sales-heavy rather than focused on the shopper"

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"abusive management, difficult to request days off, HR was useless, large pay gap between people of the same job title, favoritism from managers"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Unprofessional working atmosphere. High individual sales goals. No training for sales associates or benefits. Felt like I had to take this on my own. The experience I had working here was a nonwoman empowering company. Felt more like a clicky high school affiliation. Unfit/young key holders running the store who need to be evaluated on their vocal professional ethics. A lot of the brand's values were not reflective in my short time working here."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management overworks the associates and is disorganized. Closers usually do the bulk of the stocking staying upwards of 2 am. Lacks work, life, and school balance. Good for a summer, job, or a weekend job if time permits. Not good if you are attending school throughout the week. Difficult to get time off or make a schedule change"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"The company does not seem to be making that much money and that means less hours and money. The managers are always stressed about money and their nearby competition. Work at a bigger company."

Former Employee - Assistant Shop Manager says

"Unreasonable/unrealistic sales goals that pit employees against each other Managers can manipulate sales goals to make themselves look better Upper management cutthroat and not understanding about ridiculous sales goals Unclear policies/quick policy changes Below average compensation Potential for extremely low hours Terrible benefits package High turnover"


"Old computers, high turnover, low pay, very difficult to get raise"

Former Employee - FT Key says

"Hostile work environment, “it’s never enough” attitude, do not care about the well being of employees, cliques, drama, it’s like working in junior high."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The key and responsibilities only have a value of a couple cents. They pay their employees pennies to sell products that are actually worth pennies, which is evident by how many testers we make and throw out on a weekly basis because the freshman manager we hired is convinced leaving testers open to dry out is a good idea. Which is ironic because one of their many slogans is "Enrich Not Exploit" There aren't any real opportunities to move up in the company, despite being told that while I was completing my degree while working there. They have expectations that are often too high and like most corporate jobs they literally don't know what customer interactions are like realistically. They will tell you to your face that they can’t pay you higher despite not providing livable wages, but you also can’t adjust your schedules to free up space for a second job. They have a public image that paints us as philanthropic and environmentally friendly yet waste pounds of plastic, card board and use ingredients with 20 syllabus that somehow translate to natural Shea Butter."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Management on a regional/district level can be incredibly hit or miss. Lack of training , professionalism and accountability at this level is horrible. Not a smart business- very all over the place, Ecom promotions hurt retail business, a lot of talking they can’t back up,traffic is completely shot and it is on the store staff to bring in those people while the company sets up every obstacle to prevent this. Unrealistic expectations, with absolutely zero follow up or support from field leaders."

Ahmad Fikri says

"Wished I came to this site first before purchasing it online. Bought shower gel and hair care last week (10th January) and the parcel hasn't even been shipped. It is quite frustrating considering the items you will buy from them are mostly utility items that are used right after the purchase (Like I buy on the 10th because I expect my parcel would be delivered 2 or 3 days after which my current shower gel would be enough. If I buy a new shower gel from another store, it would be a waste since I have bought from body shop and just waiting for arrival)"

Alfie Callan says

"Was referred to Body Shop and thought, I get £10 off, their stuff looks good, I'll give it a try. I go to check out with £35+ of stuff - code not working. I try again and again, it accepts the code but nothing changes on the price. I contact their Live Chat. After waiting for 40 minutes and spending another 20 answering silly questions like 'are you sure the code is right' (Yes, I know how to spell), they just say they don't know why it's not working, and tough luck. No replacement code, no solution, and slow, below average service. Shame for a brand that promotes it's ethics so highly. Won't bother trying to shop here again."

Jane Novikova says

"Never been so disappointed in my life. Placed and order that never came after so many weeks and all they could say was they will proceed a refund after several days of trying to reach the customer service and also trying to reach them through live chat. These systems don’t work. Never buy anything online from the body shop"

SK says

"I placed on order in October. It never arrived. I have emailed and used on line chat repeatedly. I have been told that my complaint would be escalated and I would receive a response within 48 hours. I have never received a response and body shop have my money. I would l8me Body Shop to get back to me and tell me how I can get this resolved. All the systems I have used so far have been useless. I would not recommend anyone buy anything on-line from Body Shop."

Cindy Railian says

"I would give ZERO stars, if I could. Their customer service has gone downhill. My order was from November 27th and here it is December 28th - no items! Not only that, but they aren’t much help. I’ve ordered from other sites long after and my items arrived. Something in their management is really off! Maybe they are in trouble. C"

Wei says

"Don't do online with them. I tried ordering once and nothing arrived after a week. Tried asking customer support but no one picked up the call after 30 minutes of holding. Tries a second time and they said there was a system error and my stuff was never shipped out. Gave me a replacement order number. This time, I did not receive a shipping confirmation after a week I received my confirmation email for the replacement. Tried support again and no one answered the customer support call, again, no surprise. Finally I tried the online chat and they said the address I provided was missing a postal code and the products were returned to them. I am surprised someone actually realized a problem because the agent that issued out my first replacement failed to tell me there was any kind of problem like this. Now I have to do a replacement for the second time, and still waiting if it'll ever arrive because they proved to be highly untrustworthy. I highly doubt I would ever do an online order with the Body Shop again."

Paul Murphy says

"Avoid shopping online. The body shop definitely need to update their online shopping experience. The body shop website stated that the parcel had shipped early December. Two weeks later still no parcel. Checked DPD, it stated it still hadn't received parcel from the body shop. Went to the body shop live chat, waited for ages to get connected and then it disconnected as soon as it connected. Tried again, this time got told that I'd receive an email with an update. Received an email a few days later and got told that the parcel was lost in the post and would I like a refund or replacement. I replied that I'd like a replacement. Several days later no response. Contacted via live chat again, and got told I cannot get a replacement because the items are out of stock and would have to accept a refund only. Horrible experience and will never use online shopping again. The customer service experience really needs updating with more responsive live chat. Secondly the website needs to be updated with stock details. Thirdly the parcel tracking needs to be improved - if the body shop thinks its shipped - it probably hasn't been. God knows what is happening with our money behind the scenes!"

leanne ford says

"Absolutely pathetic. Their online chat agents lie ALOT. I was even sent a faked up email by one of them claiming my order was correct when on my invoice it was wrong. Absolute con artists and I've used the body shop for years! Will never use them again as there are more professional companies out there than these utter clowns. Also there is a reviewer saying they were told they can't change an order 5 minutes after the order was place, I've just been told they can cancel orders up to 20 minutes after so that just proves they do nothing but lie!"

Wins Lai says

"I would give them zero stars if I can. Returned by package to the body shop 7 days ago (It was delivered to their warehouse 7 days ago) and they still hadn't processed me a refund. All the stores are closed during covid so there's no way to do a return in store and it's mail in only. Worst online customer service. Never buy from them online again."

Dan says

"Perhaps the worst service I’ve ever received in my life. I do not understand how companies like this continue to operate."

Shannon Rowe says

"The online experience I have had with the body shop was horrible. I made an order it was declined they took my gift card money and didnt return it until I called back a day later. I corrected the order after I got the gift card money but one item was duplicated by mistake, 5 minutes later, I called the body shop to make a small correction over the phone for a duplicated order and they told me they cannot fix it, even though I made the order within 5 minutes. They said that I am stuck with the wrong order and they cannot help me. I buy all kinds of bath stuff, I am avid bath and body works customer and the reason is they have better customer service. I will NEVER shop at the body shop, I only ordered this time b/c I got a gift card. Shannon"

Alistair says

"I ordered some products and a free gift. The latter never arrived I went on web chat and they were rude and unhelpful. I terminated after an hour. The conversation would not download. I found a phone number and was on holdfor32 minutes. The operator told me they knew all about the problem!! Very offhand. Laughed when I asked for compensation Will never use again"

arlene says

"Never trust the online shop of Body Shop I ordered a product for almost $100 it never arrive. Waste of money terrible customer service. They don't even know what happened to my order and they are not giving me a refund they are not sending another one as well. So my money is gone for nothing. I will never ever buy any product from them again. So please as a loyal customer for 10 years trust me do not waste your money ordering from them online because all the customer service representative is not helpful at all."

Nuova Man says

"Avoid any Body shop online service. Five days waiting for the order to even be processed after ordering online. Contacted them by phone. No answer after 14 attempts. Contacted online chat and came away with more questions than when I started. Said my order hadn't been dispatched after the first online help told me it was on the way. Addendum to this. Apparently the phonline service works if you don't use a mobile phone. Landline only. Who knew."

Chris&Jenny says

"Severely disappointed in the company. Their vitamin e cleanser and toner for all skin types peeled the skin on my face. I’ve never reacted to anything before. I contacted customer services, who didn’t care and didn’t even want to test their product to ensure it wasn’t a faulty batch. I left a factual review on the website and they took it down. No follow up. Will never use their products again. Can’t be trusted and they filter their product reviews which I find highly misleading"

Rozelle Almeida says

"Very bad customer service. Ordered few things from a body shop consultant 10 days back, but still dint get my delivery. Paid for the delivery But no use. Waste of money. They should give free delivery because it’s not worth to wait for a long time."