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BodyMedia was a medical and consumer technology company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Incorporated in 1999, BodyMedia developed wearable body monitoring systems. In April 2013, BodyMedia was acquired by Jawbone for an estimated $100 million.

"I do not recommend this product at all." says "The Good Guy's Wife" on an Amazon review of "Bodybugg calorie management system" on November 30, 2012:

"I have owned the BodyBuggSP for a year and a half. The first six months' subscription was included in the cost of the armband. I had problems with the quality of my original armband, it broke and I had to buy another one (the elastic part). It worked well for a while after that until they decided to upgrade the phone app. Total disaster! It took a while to get it to work right with my phone. There are many other extremely negative reviews regarding the poor design of the mobile app. I did well for a while then put it away for a few months. I renewed my online subscription for a year at 79.99. At the end of the year, I went back to renew my subscription to find they again have changed their policies. You are no longer able to purchase an annual or fixed amount subscription to the web services. They force you to sign up month to month with a credit card on file. They also raised the price. After the initial purchase, it is very unfair that I can't use the system without paying for it every month. Sadly I will have to find another product to replace it. The customer service was very unsupportive and condescending when I tried to speak with them. I do not recommend this product at all."


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