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Based in Utah, BodyGuardz creates quality accessories and markets them for a reasonable price. Beginning in 2002 with a small line of screen protectors for a few selected gadgets, the company has rapidly expanded to offer a more complete range of BodyGuardz cases for a wide variety of mobile devices. In fact, their swift emergence earned them a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in 2011.

Like a true body guard, BodyGuardz is quick to respond. They already have solutions for the newly released Google Nexus 7 and iPad mini tablets. The larger iPads and Kindle Fire are the other tablets served. Choice designs include: screen protectors, tablet skins, back protectors, and folios.

A sad unhappy customer reviewed her experience at the premises of the company, she said " WORST SCREEN PROTECTOR EVER. I drop my phone so frequently, I was willing to dish out the ridiculous $45 for this case when purchasing my iphone XR because I figured there are lifetime replacements. They actually purposefully make the tempered glass so fragile that you have to replace them frequently-all so they can charge you $7 for shipping, which pays them the cost of the screen probably 7000x over. This is no better than a screen you get on Amazon for a penny and I could've bought 4500 of these at the price I paid for the first one. I bought a new case from Eyejust for the blue light blocking and was pleasantly surprised at how I've dropped the phone dozens of times and already and there isn't a scratch on the tough tempered glass. Now that's what tempered glass is supposed to be!"


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C K says

"I bought one of these cases for my phone and the first time that I dropped it my screen completely shattered, and I dropped it from less than 3 feet high, so their claim that you can drop your phone from 10 feet in the air or whatever they say is a complete lie. Do not waste your money on these terrible, cheap cases. If you do then you will just end up paying the cost for the case on top of the cost for repairing or replacing your phone."

Bill Holmes says

"I agree with the review about wrap around screens. The Body Guardz screen protector DOES NOT WORK on wrap around screens. I have a Samsung GS9+ and I had and paid for a professional person who knows how to install screen savers and generally know how to fix phones as a living and HE couldn't get it to stick on the wrap around screen. It works great if your screen is completely flat!!!! But if you have a wrap around screen it will pull up on the side and lift off little by little until you need to replace. When you do replace it DO NOT BUY THIS CRAPPY product again. There's actually a screen protector that you pour on and it hardens. It's supposed to be super strong and durable. You'll have to search it out. That's all thank you"

Brittany says

"The AT&T rep talked me into buying the screen protector and it’s a huge regret. It’s the only screen protector I’ve had that peeled off on the edges after 2 months, if that. Terrible quality. To get a replacement you have to pay shipping, which wasn’t clear when I bought it. Why would I want to spend more money on this crummy overpriced screen protector? It’s a hassle to register, and it’s a hassle to send the protector back and pay for shipping for a new one. Do yourself a favor and DONT GET THIS PRODUCT. I’ve gotten 3 packs for $10 from no name brands and they’ve lasted me longer than this thing. Ugh I so regret getting this, will never get one again, and will advise anyone I know getting a phone to not fall for the sales pitch."

Amy says

"I have been buying Bodyguardz for years and, yes, they break, but they have always kept my screen from breaking, until now. The ones my husband and I got wirh our new phones were not tempered glass like the old ones. His phone screen is already cracked. It cracked under the supoosed-screen protector. It is junk, and I would not recommend it to anyone anymore, even though I have been recommending Bodyguardz for years. When he called Bodyguardz, they would do nothing to help and now we will have to pay $150 to get his screen fixed. I will never buy or recommend Bodyguardz again."

Stan T. says

"Purchased their overpriced screen protector at an AT&T store. Rep. swore up and down that it is a free lifetime replacement if anything ever happens to it. Well, tried to get a replacement today and was told that they are out of stock. Told me to try another store. Call other store and same situation. Went back to original store and asked if they will order one for me or at least notify me when they get some in stock. Told me I'm SOL and to call back everyday to see when they get a new shipment!?!?! Came home and did some internet research and what do I find? Looks like you have to register your product and they will ship you a replacement.... for a fee! What happened to "free" "lifetime replacement" and "hassle free?" What a total ripoff."

Yesenia Carrillo says

"Do Not Order Anything from this company. They have horrible business ethics. They ignore your email and want you to solve their delivery problems."

Brenda Matthews says

"I purchased my iPhone Xmas about 5 months ago. The salesman sold me the bodyguardz case and screen protector. I admit it was a great protector for my phone. I dropped my phone and the screen protector had to be replaced. The deception is that you get a free replacement for life. First you have to pay shipping for the replacement. Expected that. What I didn’t expect was a charge for 49 because you have to return the damaged protector or they charge you for it. So not only did I pay 7 for them to ship it to me I paid another 7 to ship it back. This was never stated but it is my fault for trusting a company for being up front about that when they use replacements free as a selling point. 50 for a screen protector is insane. I purchased another otter box. Should have never switched over."

Faith Nieman says

"I purchased the Advantage Program- (lifetime replacement) for my Galaxy S6 Active...only to find out they no longer carry the screen protector for my phone ...what an over-priced rip-off! - from the local AT&T store for my"

Lisette says

"I guess I’ll hop on the boat of negative feed back. One I also purchased this over priced screen protector from At&T.. these things crack like nothing clearly it’s refurbished rubbish that’s why they want it back. In one week I’ve gone through two that’s when I realized that’s my last time doing warranty, Two I’ve sent back the replacement before 60 days & I have my USPS receipt and yet I’m being charged full price. I don’t get that at all I definitely need my refund. Already made a ticket too. ( let’s get a move on it Support@bodyguardz)"

Meghan Scott says

"Two protectors and I’m done. First one I paid $45 at the AT&T store when I got my new phone (that was my bad.. I knew better but was just lazy)..Cracked in 24 hours even though I treated my phone like precious antique crystal. Replacement shipped at $7.. cracked in less than a week. Again.. no drops, bumps, nothing. This company is straight up fraudulent. Someone needs sue these thieves."

Garrett Moore says

"Total scam. Purchased for 40$ at at&t and it did not protect my phone from a 3-4 foot fall from my nightstand to the ground. Found out that my phone was the one that sustained an injury and not the protector days after I ordered a new one, which, BTW had to pay 10$ for shipping and if you don't send the damaged product back within 60 days, you are charged full price. At&t offered me no refund. Totally out the money and now I have to go replace my phone screen. Thanks bodyguardz."

Jeffrey Southard says

"WORSE customer service. Need a replacement? 1. You return the old item and they don't let you know. Not even let you know when you sign in in your account. 2. Treat you like you are wasting their time. 3. I opened two tickets online and no responses. SCAM: the screen protectors after the 30 days start separating and of course you can not have you money back. I gave them one star because they don't have zero stars. Check for yourself: more than 67% negative comments."

Amy Chicoine says

"If I could give this product 0 stars I would. Don’t waste your money. I’ve gotten $5 screen protectors on amazon that have easily lasted 6mo to a year, and so far I’ve gone through two of these Body Guard screen protectors in a less than month from simple drops, nothing crazy. So stupid. Such a waste."

Kathy Stieper Vos says

"I bought this overpriced ($40) screen protector from AT&T with the promise of free lifetime replacements if broken. Ist one in store...after that online. I went in the luck... have to go online. THEY WANT TO CHARGE ANOTHER $9.95 for "shipping". HUGE SCAM!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!!! (They just had a answer to reach out to support for help but I already tried this. I was on the phone for nearly an hour. Even talked to a pompous ass of a manager with no resolution. Again...don't fall for this scam!!! UPDATE: Maddie approved sending the replacement out at no extra cost, this one time. After this, I still would need to pay $10 for "shipping". I still would not recommend this company as this was such a huge hassle and a big waste of my time. I got a follow up email basically saying how generous they were to me, but they would not authorize this again if we have further problems. Ridiculous. These were supposed to be free replacements for a lifetime. They did me no favors, but just did what they should have done in the first place."

Darryl says

"I have used Bodyguardz skins for years, used them on numerous iPhones and iPads and always found them really good and last a good length of time. My disappointment is in the shipping of the product, whilst they do say there will be custom charges its not made obvious at ordering. Which is a real shame."

Test-O-Rama says

"Suddenly our CC was charged full price, even thought we dropped the broken replacement protector on receiving the replacement."

Derrick Kind says

"Worst screen protector I’ve ever had. Broke same day in my pocket. This is my 3rd one in 2 months. I think they have some kind of side hustle with usps"

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