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Andrew Bruce Bocarsly (born April 23, 1954) is currently a professor at Princeton University, New Jersey. His primary research interests lie in physical inorganic chemistry. He conducts research in electrochemistry, photochemistry, solids state chemistry, and fuel cells, and is known for his work on alternate energy solutions involving processes and materials for photo-reduction and electro-reduction.

A former student of Princeton University shared his/her opinion about Bocarsly place of work on Nice in May 2020:

"After reflecting on my four years of attending, and comparing it to my graduate institutions and study abroad, I feel that Princeton leaves much to be desired for engineering/COS students. Much of the coursework will not prepare you for graduate programs. Despite doing academically well, I felt that my quality of life suffered in comparison to equally credible institutions due to an incompetent administration. I do not think that a university is a safe place. If you have a choice with another top institution, go elsewhere. The "name" wasn't worth it as a student or as alumni- assuming you have a choice of another top university."


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