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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Boring. Work not very fun. . Bad management. Not good . Be on phones all day. low pay. They dont care bout u at all . Do not work here. ............n"

Provider Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Company portrays themselves to be a caring, honest company when in reality it's all about money they will pay out and more importantly what they won't pay out for health insurance. People suffe"

Medical Management Specialist (Former Employee) says


Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Horrible worst experience ever an pay is not enough for everything you have to do an training is horrible as well not together at all this is the worst job ever Cons: None"

Customer Advocate II (Former Employee) says

"Working in Abilene BCBS was working with a bunch of cattle. Boring. Stuffy managers. Hated it. Just needed a job. Poor training and support. Bad work cohesiveness. Petty office politics"

MAPD Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"What a petty, back-stabbing atmosphere created by Management and Team Leads. As a CSR, it was grueling to say the least. No support, help, etc. If you ask a team lead a question, they act like you have just made the biggest mistake by bothering them. One team lead in particular was demeaning, cruel, give you dirty looks. Ridiculous, unsupportive and if you are a good butt kisser, this is the place for you. You'll fit in with the rest of the BK's there. Toxic, toxic management, environment. Most coworkers will befriend you, only to turn on you if they can get ahead w/TL and Mgr. Cons: Customer Service Managers and Team Leads"

UM review RN (Former Employee) says

"Nearly impossible to meet productivity goals. Fake and fraudulent accusations of wrongdoing especially if you aren’t part of the clique! Won my unemployment case after they falsely accused me if something I didn’t do!"

Eligibility Claims Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Trainer didn’t know anything about my job duties, was trained with missing information. Management was very poor with communication and had no knowledge of job."

Claims technician (Current Employee) says

"Racist company. They trap you into getting fired. I was denied several times for additional training when they said all we had to do is ask for additional training . They gave my white counterparts training but denied me training . The training is not good . There are no claim examples to work from. I worked at the tulsa office near 41st and memorial. Really a waste of time. Very stressful environment Cons: Everyhing you can think of"

Claim Technician /customer service (Former Employee) says

"All the higher ups are all white this is a racist company and they are fast to fire people that are Spanish/Mexican and black They tell their employees that are going pervasive in the military that they’ll have their job and they come back but when they show up back they have a job from them that they no longer have a job with a company to do them being deployed"

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Micromanage and make you unsure about having job tomorrow due to strange looks at you and ungrateful mgmt backstabbing gossip is the culture there 24/7 Cons: Secret cultural codes"

Claims Research Specialists II (Former Employee) says

"Department lead micromanages every single minute and hour of the day. Drama and gossips within or overall department. Expected to be overworked with the company."

Condidential (Current Employee) says

"Can not keep dept adequately staffed to meet dept needs due to poor management. Makes workload impossible. Mean while mng tries to jystify themselve instead of leading by example."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible training if you’re going into a leader role and are not promoted within. They provide a crash course on what feels 1000 different things and expect you to be able and perform most, if not all, that they‘ve just thrown at you in 2 weeks. I was there for 1 month and left! When asked for more support I was told to do my best and that I did not require additional training."

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rep (Former Employee) says

"There are misunderstandings due to their computers. Like trying to leave temporary due to pregnancy, computers are not the way to go about a temporary discharge"

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the blue cross charity shop, not sure what the blue cross blue shield is. The charity shop was chilled, fun environment. Obviously I was a volunteer so i didnt get paid."

Customer Service Advocate (Former Employee) says

"I would not ever recommend working here. The stress level was so bad that I literally had my first ever mini stroke while working. When I returned to work I was treated very unfair. Cons: Poor management. High stress level. They do not offer assistance as promised after training."

ServiceNow Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Enough said. Don't bother. It all depends on who you know. Work/life balance is a joke. You're in meeting after meeting, some of them just to discuss more meetings. Deadlines are unrealistic and management is clueless."

Customer Service Professional (Former Employee) says

"Nothing to say. Pay sucks, Management doesn't care about employees as they say they do. Not getting the tools needed to do the job. Software applications are always down. Cons: Management"

Data Integration Analyst (Current Employee) says

"When I interviewed, the job I was hired for was not the job I am currently doing."