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Blue Magic is an American R&B and Soul group, and one of the more popular Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. Founded in 1972, the group's original members included lead singer Ted Mills with Vernon Sawyer, Wendell Sawyer, Keith Beaton, and Richard Pratt. Their most notable songs included smooth soul ballads such as "Sideshow", "Spell", "What’s Come Over Me", "Three Ring Circus" and "Stop to...


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"During the phone consultation with senior medical consultant Rezarta Doci of the emphasis was put on a package deal: "..get picked up from the airport and brought to your hotel by a private driver. Your 5* hotel room will already be booked by bluemagic and you don’t need to worry about transportation and food on the day of the procedure" I was told the procedure would cost around £3k but will get confirmation once the Dr has assessed my case. It was explained a Dr conducts the face to face consultation before the day of procedure i.e draws the lines on your head and the next day leaves you in the hand of "technicians" to carry out the process. I recieved an email which stated, I a Norwood7 with balding in donor area, was "very suitable candidate" for 5000 graft fue procedure. I am not a Doctor/Surgeon… but I have read in an article at ISHRS site. 3000 grafts are safest and 3000–4000 can also be done in a mega session with extra care and attention under guidance with highly trained team but 5000 would deplete the donor area. The email was recieved minutes after the phone consultation, not sure how a professional doctor can assess a patients situation so quick. Email stated normal price £2999 but special promotion offer if book in 9 days "It Is Now £2650 ONLY!" It was claimed I would receive Golden life warranty provided(money-back guarantee) upon investigation such gurantees/warranties have no legal standing to uk resident and a lot of constraints when people try to claim them in turkey. Upon investigation of the hotel they keep you in is not exactly 5*. Upon looking into the "hospital" turns out it is a hired private clinic facility. Following the email I was harrassed by Rezarta with daily calls, voicemails, emails, this continued for months. The emails offered new "special discounts" £675 off, in the voicemails left offered further discounts. In the end from nearly £3k they were offering me the procedure for £1200. The marketing tactics are deceptive as it appears like a team of professional doctors with excellent testimonials, However, the reality is your surgery may be done by someone with no medical training as is evident from being given thumbs up for a 5000 graft procedure when clearly it would not be suitable based on my donor condition. Having 5000 grafts implanted from an already limited donor area in a 6-7hour session is not recommended even by the pioneers of the fue procedure, after consulting with world renowned fue doctors examining my condition a lot mire effectively in depth it was determined to have 5000 grafts in one session will leave me with a depleted donor area, risk of scarring and damage to follicles leaving them to fallout or not regrow. It was pointed out they had performed corrective surgery for many clients whom had such high graft procedures conducted in istanbul being left with pluggy hair growth, unatural hairlines and damaged donor areas. A trustpilot review is left to give others an account of ones experience, professional organisations take all reviews be it negative or positive as feedback to avoid future negativity and build on any success. However, scam organisations go out of their way to try to discredit and remove genuine issues being highlighted in the public domain. Be very careful as to such companies as this business ($'s) matter more than actual treatment. Assess their reviews for yourselves, not one of after results, all portray the touristic experience, similar writing styles with similar generic experiences. A hair transplant is not a holiday it affects you for the rest of your life, be vigilant as in the aftermath it is too late to reverse the affects. Note bluemagic group are very active in trying to get my honest genuine experience review removed, from claiming it is not about them to continuous complaints each time they fail. Report all their positive reviews so that trust pilot can investigate the integrity to make sure they are genuine patient reviews not hoax."

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