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BLU Products is an American company, headquartered in Miami. BLU designs and manufactures low-cost mobile phones. The name BLU stands for Bold Like Us. The company sells many Gionee smartphones running Android (rebadged under the BLU brand name).

One angry customer wrote this about BLU on customersaffair: I have contacted BLU customer service by phone and by email. They send me a Email telling me it's not their problem. It's their pods that are their product that is not working. I have bought several of them and they are not cheap and they will not work the time I open them. If this is how they do customer service I think someone needs to get ahold of Someone that can do something about their product. Their products sucks. Customer service sucks!!!! Do not buy this product unless you just want to throw your money away but you better believe I will be letting every gas station I go to know that they suck and I will be contacting the stores that sell them and letting them know that their customer service does nothing. I have talk to one manager and she was not very happy and does not want to sell the product anymore. I will be sending the email they sent me to all the corporate stores that sell this product.


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Pathetic work and employee management. No scope for growth. The higher management harldly interacts with employees to listen to their issue. I have seen people leaving within a month of joining this workplace. No transparency, no benefits and absolutely. Employees are terminated if they speak up. Stressful work environment and absolutely no industry specific processes are followed. It is a lala land with dictatorship."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CEO meddling and micromanaging Partner in crime is CEO’s puppet CEO is greedy and doesnt trust his co-workers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micromanage management. No trust among management and employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Even though the strength of the company is so small and work and responsibility is so much there is no respect given to other persons opinion or suggestions to match the current industry trend, the hierarchical management is followed where actually linear management is required."

Quality Response Technician (Former Employee) says

"They are horrible peope and will rip you off they stole on a regular bases from there workers. I called the better business barrel on them and turned them in."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I’ve been working here for 2 months, then all of a sudden get put on what they call (LOW) lack of work for over a month now. When I call and ask if/when I will be able to work again they just tell me they have a couple jobs starting up but are unsure when."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Had employees and team leaders smoking pot on lunch break and nothing was done about it. They treat you unfairly, you work 8 1/2 hrs and get paid 8. Unfriendly and somewhat hostile place to worknone unless your a lazy pot smokerno paid breaks, low pay overall, insurance really expensive and not worth having"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"There was no structure to this organization. They are a checker board company with their hands in too many other things. The management does not back you up and they have little to no integrity. They preach Christianity, however when confronted with such issues as employee safety and the support of their Supervisors, they fall short. Everything is overlooked and issues are not resolved. Much profanity and insubordination from the workers and even harassment. No, zero communication from support staff. They acted like you were an inconvenience to their busy schedule of maintaining 3 different companies. Pay is horrible. They have no clue which direction they are going.It was a jobLow wages, benefits over $600 a month, bad reputation, no training"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"This workplace was laid back and enjoyable for the most part. I think that if the tasks were more clear it would have been easier to keep people around. With the company being fairly new it was expected to run into some difficulties, however they should have been addressed in a more professional manner."

Quality Lead Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Dont plan on regular work or mileage compensation. You will be sent north of the state one day and south of the state the next for work.Own bosspretty much everything"

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I got more experiance in the Quality field. Only worked for for them short term. No benefits or full time positions were ever offered"

Quality Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Nobody wants to take accountability for their actions in management. They blame everyone else and do not train people to be able to achieve success. The hardest part of the job was knowing they do not have morals but portray that they do.Meeting new peopleManagement"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"They talk a good story in the interview process; "a family" "the Fruits of the Spirit" yadda yadda....I was so excited!!! Reality is the leadership is gossipy and FULL of drama!! Sooo much negativity. Worst culture I have ever had to endure. Talking behind backs, throwing others under the bus, and working against people vs with people is the day-to-day drill @ Blu -- and these are the LEADERS!! This ugly culture feeds directly into the instability, the inconsistent work available, the constant churn of employees, the focus on the dollar not the people....It's a resume stop at best....get as much experience as you can and move on...Felony Friendly - great opportunity for those with a backgroundincompetent leaders, negativity"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"There is no support, people act like they are there to help you grow but at the end of the day those people will stab you in the back. As an employee you are there to be used and not valued. One of the most toxic environments I have ever been in.Pay CheckNo Team work"

Quality Associate (Former Employee) says

"Like temp services, when the send you somewhere for contracts then they lay off, the recruiters are nice but like i said just another temp service..."

Inspector/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Worked for blu about a week was told there was enough work through March this co. Talks out of both side of it's mouth I do not recommend any one to apply to blu skip over and seek better employment"

Floor (Former Employee) says

"You won't be able to make a living. Only take this job if you are looking for a check not a career. Supervisors are constantly working 16 hour days and there are no raises or even pats on the backs or good jobs going over and above for free is just an expectation. Company can't even manage consistent work for most of its employees. There a really good chance if you take a job you will only work a few weeks at most and then whatever job your working will's a paycheckyou can do better just about everywhere else."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy working for this company. The breaks and lunches were short. The employees were hostile. Management turned a blind eye and never addressed employee issues. I seen employees leave crying and never return multiple times."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"It was fair but not great. A good place to relax but work for some extra money but far from growth or making a career out of. Wouldnt recommend it for long term.NoneShort breaks"

Lead (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work, was very stressful at times because things kept changing all the time and there was no communication.Love to work with othersNot enough help to support the team"

Lead Quality Inspector (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at Blu Perspective provided important support for General Motors. I did not have a consistant schedule but had a great relationship with my direct manager. I enjoyed the people that I worked with.paid lunches, flexible scheduleinconsistant hours"

Quality response technition (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed working here but its time to move on this company is willing to work with you if your willing to switch shifts or work over time. they will do the best they can to place you to what ever works for you the only down side is the need to be 24/7 on call you never know when you have to work and at times the job can be very stressful. But the experience you gain can benefit you in the future."

Quality Response Technician (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy working for Blu Perspective, Its just they don't offer benefits.great mentoring.hassle when it comes to payroll."

Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good just can't keep me working now more then six months.out of the year.bit a very nice place to work. All the jobs in Detroit Michigan I live in Toledo Ohio Flat Rock and stuff like that."

Michael Mason says

"Has anyone else using the BLU pro system experienced a burning to your mouth especially to the inner side of the top lip ? i have and its painfull .so its back to roll ups and tobacco i have to say this is a recent thing as i have been using blu for 3-4 years now and up until 5 months ago not had any real problems but the quality of the Clearomisers has slipped considerably ."

Gautam says

"No so great as compared to JUUL"

P Low road says

"Quality is awful. Chinese rubbish. Better buy Vype ePod. High quality device with more power and better. liquids."

Colin Webb says

"Quality of clearomiser now poor. As a previous light smoker the cost of replacing the clearomiser every few days, max 2 weeks is too expensive at £5.99. They leak and therefore need replacing. Clearly Blu have increased the prices and reduced quality. It’s a rubbish poor quality product so I would advice people to go elsewhere."

Alex Cross says

"Don't waste your money. My first one broke after 3 days, battery fault (12 flashes), so I called and they me a shipped replacement which arrived after a week. That one lasted 2 days, yes TWO days, before it stopped working due to a battery shorting problem (3 flashes). Moral of the story? Don't waste your time with this garbage."

krille says

"I made an order with blu and cancelled it again. blu took the money and sent the goods anyway.
I sent back the parcel, they received it and now it takes and takes until they want to give my money back.
Very bad company, they take your money immediately but when it comes to refund it, it takes about 30 days....unbelievable"

Aasim Afzal says

"Horrible company to deal with, no one takes any ownership of issues at all, was using Vape pen and it started getting very hot and they told me to send it back, that was in May and I still not received a replacement pen or even an apology. Worst customer service experience ever - I contacted about 12 people in last 2 months to deal with it but now just gave up and gone with another company with better customer service and quality product.

Don't bother with BLU they are just con artists."

Paul Dalgleish says

"Took the money from my bank account 10 days ago for my first monthly recurring order and still can’t even give me a delivery date...or cancel the order!
Do not set up a recurring order with this company!"

pete pinkston says

"I have made 2 orders in the past 2 months because the auto order keeps stopping. My order in June was being sent to an old address (my fault) but I contacted blu within minutes of placing the order. No one got back to me for 4 days and the order already shipped. Even though I had a change of address on file with USPS they did not forward it for 8 days until I contacted them. I never received that order even thought USPS said they delivered it ( would not provide what address it was delivered to.) After several phone calls and emails to blu I was assured a replacement order would be sent. It never happened. I removed the old address off the web site and made another order. I was sent UPS tracking info the next day that it was going to the address I had deleted. I called them and told them it was going to the wrong address. That time and the next 2 times I called I was told it would be resolved and someone would contact me in 24-48 hours. No one calls back, they haven't resolved either issue. Do yourself a favor and buy from somewhere else."

harry john says

"couldn't amend order after 1 hour. Tells you about age verification after they've taken your money which then leads to 2 day delay. Totally shocking customer service, rude and unhelpful, refuses to transfer you to a manager. To be honest the worst customer serive I have ever received from any company in the world. Just terrible."

Ik says

"I have been using these for a couple of year's the battery never lasts anymore than a month, the company said they last 6 months but that is not the case, they replaced a few but honestly I have never had one that lasted more than 4 or 5 weeks, some have even stopped working after 2 weeks, it's a pity because they are so handy because of the size & I like the cream tobacco flavor but can't keep waisting my money when I'm not getting a realiable product"

yusuf öztürk says

"That's the worst customer services I ve ever seen in my life. They are talking like a joke. They always told me we couldn't do anything. I couldn't cancel my Purchase and get my parcel for a month."

Joe says

"Nicotine pods for myblu leak into the mouth. That’s not good. The clearomisers for Blu pro vaping pen only last a couple of days. After that they leave a terrible taste. These guys need to improve if they want to stay in business, especially when there is so much competition and it’s easy to switch on to another, better brand. I will not recommend Blu products to anyone."

Steve says

"They used to be quite good but alas now simply dreadful. Especially their so called support team.I placed an order which included some vape liquid. When they arrived it seemed they were not sealed properly and in the current situation was worried. So I contacted support who told me not to use them and they would replace. Well there started my problem. Email after email went back and forth including the guy there telling me I had to age verify! I pointed out I had been a customer for a few years so surely as I had bought before it should of been OK. No not for him. Unless I went through the age verification he would NOT replace. I did this including sending them a copy of my passport. I was approved (63 years of age!). Then he emailed to say they were out of stock. I went o9nline to find out they had plenty of stock. he insisted they did not. At this poinnt I asked for a refund. It never happened through them I opened a case with Paypal and they judged in my favour and I got my money back. It does not end there. I had an email as when I checked online about the previous stock debacle I put 19 items into my basket at £3.99 and they asked did I still want them!!! It does not end there. The price they had for these 19 items (normally £3.99) were over £75 each and the cart total was some £1440.00! No idea whet the hell they are doing. I was concerned enough to call them but the lady I got did not have all her lights on or was deliberatley evaisive. However I told her to cancel my account and I just hope this is not some sort of faud thing. I will keep and eye on it. They are simply dreadful. They messed me around I think on purpose. Please whatever you do avoid this company. Plenty of others."

Stuart Smith says

"Do not buy this companys rubbish products. Absolutely useless. The coils last half a day, if you're lucky at £10.00 for 4. I'm absolutely disgusted at the cheap, nasty, rip-off this company sells. They need to be held to account. Asda also should be ashamed selling this rubbish product. DO NOT BUY THIS COMPANY'S GARBAGE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT"

Brett Stewart says

"Really need to make sure the replacement parts actual screw into your older recharging units. At £5.99- £7.99 for the replacements that do not screw in is very annoying and very deceiptful. I mean it's a screw and it screws in, we have been doing this for centuries. So Bristol factory please sort out the randomized machinery that makes these products and please make sure it works before robbing your customers blind."

Tammy Taylor-Wells says

"I purchased a BLU Vivo XL4 five months ago. The microphone quit working. I emailed and called the company. They did some trouble-shooting with me to no avail. Finally I was told to mail them my phone for repair (turnaround time three weeks). This is during the Covid-19 pandemic and I am fighting for unemployment benefits, and awaiting a call-back to work. This is unacceptable to ask for a person's main form of communication with the outside world for at least three weeks...especially since I JUST paid for a new month of service. I now have an iPhone and will NEVER purchase a BLU product again."

Marcos Monk says

"Junk not worth the money Flavor was terrible, 9 out of 10 pods leak. The one that does not leak wont work."

Flemming Allsted says

"I placed my last order today, i will change to another brand. Please upgrade costumer service and maby i will be back.

Please treat a client with respect!"

customer says

"I had a really bad start and experience so far. First I purchased the cigarette Pro Blu in a shop, the top bit stopped working within 5 days, kind of melted and the taste was just horrible. The Liquid came out of the 4 little wholes on the side of the cigarette. I tried sending it to Blu but they are not accepting products from elsewhere. Fair enough. Then I went online, bought another one. After ordering it took them hours to accept my age confirmation, this is now 3 days ago and the cigarette is not even shipped yet. Still waiting for the shipping confirmation. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED, with your product and with your customer service."

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