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From Everything.Sucks is an e-commerce retailer of window blinds and window coverings in the world. In addition, the company sells curtains, shades, window shutters, and awnings.

Robert Daum shared his experience, "Horrible experience. Do not recommend at all. I have now had to call for the second time for more parts. They shipped my blinds with no hardware. Waited about a week for the hardware (not expedited at all like they said they would). Came went to put blind up and it’s still missing more hardware which they will not expedite. $250 for a blind that I ordered in may and still can’t hang. Absolutely ridiculous"


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Design Consultant/Sales (Former Employee) says

"Site provided too much information for you to be able to sell. Favoritism for certain sales agents left it unbearable for those not willing to play politics."

Service (Former Employee) says

"Good company until culture started slipping after being acquired by THD. More rules and procedures to follow. It is hard to get promoted even as company grew because it felt that decisions are based on being friends with manager instead of actual performance.Company events, relaxed dress codeFavoritism"

Design Consultant/Sales (Current Employee) says

"since being acquired by THD its became a corporate mess. Good place for millenials looking to start off there job careerscan make $$will need to live at work"


"I enjoyed the people that I worked with and managed. i any where from 4 to 10 people at a time in the samples department. I then went on to handle projects for the department. Now they are phasing out my position with in the company.good health care"

Director of Sales (Former Employee) says

"Culture is slipping away and the organization isn't paying attention. When the leadership team struggles know peoples names and spend time understanding it only leads to disaster.Good MoneyWorklife Balance"

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy the laid back office environment and believe in the companies 4 core values to improve continuously, experiment without fear, be yourself speak up, and enjoy the ride. They often provide free lunch and have many team building activities.Thank you for your candid feedback and your belief in our core values!"

Richard W says

"Perhaps like others, I assumed that when I ordered from there would be people nearby actively manufacturing what they sell. So, when I received a roller shade I ordered without the requesite mounting brackets, I assumed it was an oversight, quickly remedied by grabbing the brackets off a shelf in the shop. As it turns out, there is no inventory of brackets and so far as I can discern, no shelf to store them on either. Nearly a month after the shade arrived and two weeks after I reported the omission of the mounting hardware, I received the brackets in the mail. ordered them from the "manufacturer" according to the customer service agent I spoke with and so it took some time to get them to me. I guess my point for potential customers is this: you might have better luck dealing with a company which actually makes shades and blinds instead of a purely sales and marketing telephone operation. I'm sure the people who answer the phones are knowledgeable about shades and blinds but why not cut out the middleman and deal with a company which actually has brackets on a nearby shelf?"

KD says

"Horrific experience - can I give them ZERO or NEGATIVE STARS??? Blinds came damaged and super ugly brackets that stick out from the top of my blinds - YUCK. Also missing screws and I paid extra for motorized (which they charge you twice for - motorized and the remote control). Guess what?? they didn't send the remote. Also, I had some blinds that I specifically ordered because they could have stay down brackets - guess what they didn't send those either. When I went to customer service they never apologized - ordered the parts and then I got an email saying the parts will ship in 3-4 weeks. AHHHHH WHAT???? You screwed up and I have to wait 3-4 weeks for you to fix your issue???? Completely unacceptable. Stay away from this company - they won't be in business long with this type of poor quality assurance and horrific customer service."

Ernest Okeke says

"I ordered two sets of the 2" Faux wood blinds on December 27th. they arrived late due to the season-high volume of shipping but only one set of the accessories was included in the shipment. I contacted customer services and they informed me it will take another three weeks to get the accessories, making it a total of six weeks. very horrible service. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN...."

Big Mak says

"I purchased blinds from this company in the past and had incredible product and service. I reordered once again and have had the worse time with the product and their customer service. The company is now taking shortcuts on their brackets and it looks HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I’ve sent them pictures of both versions, the ones the sold me years ago vs the new ones. The original version are the same color as the blinds and work for outside mounting, they now use a cheaper silver universal mount that looks awful, we have the snow color and the brackets are silver and look ugly as they stand out shining and take away from the completed look. Been back and forth with them for weeks sending pictures and their team refuses to acknowledge their poor product and shortcuts they take now. It’s not rocket science, have brackets that are the same color, I really don’t understand how they feel good about this ugly item and horrible service."

Michael Spinelli says

"From the responses to my review has confirmed in public forum that they don't see an issue with three out of three sets of blinds failing within a few years. These were expensive blinds. 33% 1 star reviews. seems determined to get the last word. Regarding your response and your comments about 3 year warranty. You are right. The three year warranty has run out on all three sets of blinds I purchased a few months ago, all of which were repaired several times during the three year period and all of which have been in disrepair constantly since I purchased them. So to fellow consumers; three out of three sets of blinds failed multiple times and all three will be replaced now from a reputable company. If you want to buy blinds knowing you will need to continually need to have them repaired and buy new blinds shortly after the three year warranty runs out, then go for it. I personally assume a pair of blinds will last a lot longer than years when I buy them. I didn't even know I had a warranty but I still expect the seller provide reliable merchandise and stand by it and when it fails. From the responses to my review has confirmed in public forum that they don't see an issue with three out of three sets of blinds failing within a few years."

lora smith says

"Thanks to incredible graphics, your web view is just as true. And for your services, that's not much better, but I'll appreciate your swift reaction to time."

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