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Black+Decker Inc. is an American manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware, home improvement products, and fastening systems headquartered in Towson, Maryland, north of Baltimore, where the company was originally established in 1910. On March 12, 2010, Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker. It remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.

Michael shared in a review "The Black and Decker string spool that stores the string is cheaply made. The spool is made of low-grade plastic and strips its plastic gears. Not a good design. The weed eater motor is strong and all other parts work well."


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Sandra Spooner says

"Just horrible. Refusing to honor an obviously valid warranty claim even after 7 phone calls and 11 emails and three broken promises to refund/replace."

Jim Fitch says

"Bought a Black & Decker Dustbuster vac in May 2017 for about $53 from Amazon. Failed 3.5 years later. No replacement battery available (from B & D) The control circuit board is soldered to the 3-cell lithium battery in 4 places. DESIGNED TO THROW AWAY AND NOT BE REPAIRED. B& D said it was 'designed to last 3 to 5 years' MY LAST B & D product..."

Terry Rock says

"I purchased a BC15BD battery charger for light use in my garage. The unit has had very limited light high AMP charging, no crank start assist, etc... On plugging it into the wall outlet recently, there is an immediate and very loud pop...followed by massive amounts of dense smoke. It is classic capacitor failure. Had I been charging a battery and not home when this happened, who knows if I'd still have a home to return to. I emailed customer service to get a response. Not one."

denise says

"Black and decker cordless vacuum is useless. Does not run for anything like time advertised, I cant even hoover one floor of my house on full charge. Also it is a serious disadvantage that it wont stand upright when unattended, falls over damanging other furniture nearby. Also, top where motor is too heavy and angular and when you pull arm backstroke, it tajes chunks out if your woodwork. My advice DON'T BUY ONE."

Amber Taylor says

"I got a AC as a gift from my friend and it's the 8,000 BTU. IT barley works it does not cool a small room with the door shut. I would really like to get a new one I need a factory warranty but I did not buy it they did. I have the screen shot of proof of purchase. I tossed the box or I would of just shipped it back to amazon. I will be calling I would really like a straight exchange 503-839-1219."

Mrs Phelan says

"Blade in reciprocating saw came loose after very little use. Its impossible to get to the part to mend it. When I tried to phone for help after finally finding the phone number, I hung on and hung on, giving up in despair in the end. Will not be buying anything else made by Black and Decker"

Teodor Claudiu Mardare says

"Oooh my Gooood !!! I gave a chance to this "brand " to show me if worth to buy their products and ???? I received the most horrible car vaccum "cleaner" . We talk about Black &Decker Autovac "Dustbuster" . Absolutly a real disaster . Spend 39£ bought from Amazon and guess what ? I can't even leave a feedback for this product because costs under 40£ and Amazon don't allows the customers to leave reviews if is under this amount OmG !!! I said whatttt??? I used a 5£ vaccum cleaner before and trust me is not difference betwen this Black &Decker and No name vaccum cleaner . Does not have power even to pull the small bits by itself , does not have any power .Even with the engine on . Cyclonic technology???? When ,where ,? Sure does not apply for this product . Waste of money and time . No way no way no way ."


"Horrible product. Nonexistent customer service. Lawnmower produced weakening power and increasing smoke after a few minutes of use. After 2 weeks, haven't received a response from Black and Decker. Terrible! DON'T BUY BLACK AND DECKER PRODUCTS!"

Steve Ancik says

"Absolutely NO customer support. Have tried numerous times by several methods. No response. Buy another brand"

Bobby White Jr. says

"I will never buy anything from Black and Decker . Reason as follows: I paid $75.00 with taxes at Lowe’s where I live, I ordered online and a short time later I received a email from Lowe’s letting me know when my order was ready for pickup I would receive a 2nd. email telling me it was ready for pickup and I did receive a 2nd. email but Lowe’s told me the product I ordered was “OUT OF STOCK” and it would take between 7-10 days before it would be ready for pickup. Lowe’s needs to update their website to show the product you order is “OUT OF STOCK” and the product I ordered was a rechargeable battery system, and get this the hedger I ordered does not come with a recharge battery nor a battery charger you have to buy them separately and you will need 2 recharge batteries to get the job done fast. recharge battery cost $54.00 each and a battery charger cost $56.00 always read the fine print on the product specs. on what comes with the product you buy, ALWAYS” thank you for your time, Bobby White Jr. Owner: Whitetop WiZard"

Donald Newman says

"I've bought my last Black and Decker product. I have an older edger/trimmer and couldn't find replacement spools locally. so I ordered replacements based on information contained on B&D's replacement parts web page. The spools didn't fit, and since they had no part numbers on them, I could not determine whether I was sent the wrong spools or somehow I had made a mistake. I tried to get help from the customer service people, and what little help I did get was perfunctory and left me with the impression I was bothering them. They never did answer my last message. So I'm on my way to Lowe's to buy another brand of trimmer."

james rooney says

"Invested in a Black and Decker 2 in 1cordless vacuum. Wasnt too bad then the charger (really flimsy) gave way at the joint; Went on line to purchase a new one and only site I could find charged £36 for a replacement. Never again Black and Decker, brand sucks"

Chicago48 says

"I have the Black & Decker 3 in 1 cordless vac, HFEK520, the second one a replacement. DO NOT BUY THEIR cordless vacs! They do not work. The first one didn't work, they replaced it. This one won't work. I had to file a report with BBB and I'm asking for someone to call me to tell me what's wrong. After getting 2 emails from the company apologizing, one email said they were sending a replacement. No one is calling. You can't go online and get troubleshooting help or a live chat. Nothing. I will never get another Black & Decker anything!!! I don't want a replacement. I want a refund."

Juliett Morrison says

"Expensive but cheap quality..."

David Gregg says

"I've just taken delivery of my second Black and Decker Workmate, replacing my thirty year old one. I have to say, I'm very disappointed with it. It is a very inferior thing to the original, with much flimsy plastic replacing metal and compressed bamboo replacing marine-grade plywood. I would have thought the product could only improve over the years, starting from a very good base. In common with most other users, I found the "independent" clamping simply does not work, and you'd be better off disabling it. The original Workmate a brilliant design, but its current incarnation is a very poor interpretation. The assembly instructions are so poor, I don't know why they bother supplying them. You'd be better off having a look at a YouTube video."

LAC says

"I bought the Black + Decker Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker CM2046 and didn't realize the plate does not heat to keep the coffee hot. A couple of other features that would be nice are for the time to have a light to see better and also a beep when the coffee has finished brewing. I do like the look and the thermal pot but this coffee pot does not work for me. How do i return this? Thank you!"

Mr Geoffrey Frost says

"Hi bought a palm sander to do some projects in the house and it just packed up so I got another one to carry on and that also packed up just stopped working I'm not impressed with this sander can you assist me please"

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