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This is a discography of The Black Crowes, an American hard rock/jam band formed in 1984 by Chris and Rich Robinson. Their first studio album, Shake Your Money Maker, was released in 1990. Helped by the singles "Twice As Hard", "Jealous Again", "Hard to Handle", "She Talks to Angels", and "Seeing Things", the album peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 and went five times platinum in the Unit


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Auditor senior (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que se aprovecha de situaciones difíciles de los empleados, por ejemplo: es usted madre soltera, salio egresado de una universidad mediocre, es su primer empleo y no tiene ninguna experiencia... ok es ud bienvenido... sin embargo las condiciones laborales son pésimas!! Cons: Todo es un mero engaño!!"

Team Administrator (Former Employee) says

"disgusting management and mistreatment of staff, the staff are dropping off every week. Manager is arrogant and will not train or assist the staff in any way. Cons: Too many to list"

Asistente de auditoría III (Former Employee) says

"Maravillosa firma, ideal para trabajar, respeto, cordialidad y oportunidad de crecimiento y actualización permanente"

Senior Tax Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I ever worked for. Used to work for a big 4, they are nothing like it"

Stagista (Former Employee) says

"All'inizio mi sembrava di poter imparare molto in un contesto lavorativo nuovo, dinamico e incentivante, ma dopo alcuni mesi non vedevo prospettive di crescita e mi vedevo confinata a svolgere tutti i giorni lavori di ricerca e stesura pareri. Cons: Salario, contratto, orari"

Auditor (Former Employee) says

"terrible place to work. If you wont fit in from the start, you won't be accepted. Most are huge gossipers and will let you know when they don't like you. It has a fraternity feel to it. they also like to emphasis their core values but are terrible in following them. Cons: everything else"

Audit Associate (Current Employee) says

"A budding organisation with great potential, but is dragged back by inefficient management and support staff. Cons: Over-burdening of employees, Negligent managers, Poor support staff, Extreme cost-cutting environment, Low importance on employee development and morale, Demotivated & unsatisfied colleagues, Poor pay and benefits, Politics galore"

Anyone (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. Hostile and negative work environment. Crowe does not practice what they preach. They r not for their people. They encourage negativity and when u express your dissatisfaction u r terminated. They r a joke. Cons: Fosters negativity"

Paraplanner (Former Employee) says

"Once CH was purchased by Findex, there was a major shift in how business was conducted. Advisers were encouraged and incentivised to recommend a particular product which may not be in the client bet interest, know the firm received a cut. This went completely against my morals. Cons: No overtime, no compliance, lack of care toward consumers"

Senior Auditor/Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Travel was an issue with my family life. Was told that out-of-town travel would be 30% but it was much more than that. Had to work on multiple audits at one time which made it difficult to be effective."

Front Desk Administrator (Former Employee) says

"great place to work in but horrible workers. constant harassment and nothing was ever done even when brought up to HR department. i had to leave the company for this reason. Cons: everything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very insular & non-nurturing environment. If you are not part of the Crowe culture and don't live and breathe the Crowe model(commonly referred to as "Crowe-bots") you have no chance to succeed there. Those so-called Crowe-bots are the least technical people and succeed by virtue of their ability to sell themselves and the firm's products. Great value is placed on bringing in clients but not on retaining existing clients, who are leaving in droves. Because Crowe does not have the name of a Big 4 firm and is relatively unknown in most industries (there are very few prized Fortune 500 and SEC clients) selling the firm becomes an unenviable task. The executive committee responsible for your career, which includes people who have no exposure to your work performance, will focus more on your meeting the unreasonable sales goals that they set for you rather than your technical ability in determining your raise and your future within the firm. Partners and managers alike are put under increased pressure to sell, which creates a very uneasy and competitive environment. (Even partners are not immune from being terminated for lack of sales.) Cons: poor management, biased performance reviews, stressful work environment. no name recognition., too much emphasis on selling and meeting unreasonable goals and budgets."

Senior Staff (Former Employee) says

"Crowe is a slowly sinking ship. They've undergone huge layoffs across the board to the point of ridiculousness. Everyone is tiptoeing around wondering if they are going to be the next to be fired. Morale is very low. I haven't received a bonus in three years (and even when I did, my bonus was a joke). Cons: huge layoffs, management is very short-sighted and slow to react, poor recognition, inferior talent pool"


"Interesting transition towards a single global brand, overall nice people"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"In many respects the work experience here is typical of any midsized accounting firm. The hours are long and the pay very low for the work expectations. As such, most employees view working there as a short-term learning experience before moving on elsewhere."

Manager - Reporting & Analytics (Former Employee) says

"Ok place to environment is not friendly. Admin support is not looked upon as needed help.... they are 'grunt' employees."

TAX PROCESSING LEAD (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is very nice to work with and the pay is good. There is a definite hierarchy within the organization, which can be challenging at times."

Experienced Associate Assurance Services (Current Employee) says

"too many hours, management is not understanding, support for career development is not likely"

Assistant Manager - Audit & Assurance (Former Employee) says

"A good day is a good and bad day is a good day."

Audit Senior Staff (Current Employee) says

"I learned from some brilliant people; however, the culture was not the best..."