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Microsoft BizSpark was a Microsoft program that provided support and free licenses to selected Microsoft products via MSDN to software entrepreneurs and startups. providing the benefits and the perks to the selected members of this program for a term of 3 years. Microsoft launched BizSpark One in 2009 as an enhanced service for selected startups. The BizSpark program was discontinued on February 14th, 2018.

In February 2010, the A MIND FOREVER VOYAGING blog editor wrote a review about Microsoft Bizspark:

"Microsoft BizSpark Support SUCKS! I had an Avanade MSDN subscription (expired) and a BizSpark MSDN subscription. In a moment of not paying attention, I deleted the unusable Avanade MSDN subscription. Unfortunately, it was the "default' MSDN account. Now without a "default" MSDN account, I was locked out of my BizSpark MSDN subscription. So, I called Microsoft support which is based in India and spoke at (not with as that would imply some modicum of communication) a representative regarding what had happened. His response was that since I could no longer access my BizSpark MSDN account that I must no longer be in the program, although my BizSpark membership doesn't expire until August 2012! Today I went to see if anything had been done, and sure enough, the IDIOT in India had totally removed my BizSpark account! So now I am truly screwed over once again by the incompetents at Microsoft. (Microsoft fixed this, but I am still kind of pissed off about it.)"


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