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BioLure, a synthetic food attractant for Mediterranean fruit fly [Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann)], is composed of three chemicals (ammonium acetate, trimethylamine hydrochloride, and putrescine). We deployed these components together and in separate MultiLure traps across predominantly native forests, non-native forests, farmlands, orchards, and residential areas on the islands of Hawaii and Maui, to evaluate the attraction of C. capitata and nontarget insects.

The text below was extracted from a study that says that according to a study made by Centro de Ecología Química Agrícola (CEQA-IAM), Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in which BioLure is mentioned, the control of Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann used to rely on chemical control with organophosphate insecticides. New European Directives have banned the use of many substances, so the development of new control methods is essential to manage this pest. One os the things that were measured were the efficacy of attract-and-kill devices for Ceratitis capitata control With an effective attractant, conventional trapping systems. Mass trapping was carried out with Tephri-Traps®, baited with a three-component lure called Biolure® UnipackTM (Suterra LLC, Bend, OR, USA) and with a 500 mg dichlorvos strip (Suterra Biocontrol España, Barcelona, Spain). CONCLUSION: It´s possible to replaced these methods with cheaper, more user-friendly attract-and-kill devices. The efficacy of these devices and their advantages in relation to conventional mass trapping systems are Discussed.


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