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Bigstock is an online royalty-free, international microstock photography website that sells images via a credit-based system. Bigstock's photos, vectors and illustrations cost from between 1 and 6 credits each, depending on size, with credits ranging from $.90 to US$3.00. BigStockPhoto was founded in Davis, California, in the fall of 2004. Bigstock adds to its library every day as photographers and designers from around the world submit their work. As of June 2015, Bigstock had more than 25 million royalty-free images (photos, vectors and illustrations) available. On September 23, 2009, Bigstock announced that it had been purchased by Shutterstock, a subscription-based microstock company.

Simon F mentioned in a review "I signed up for images hence name "big stock photos". I email to cancel after on the last day of my 5 day trial. You get 5 images a day over the days days and I downloaded only 5 out the 25 as the images are not sufficient to what I need. Then I see they ignored my cancellation email charged mw twice for the subscription and now say I also signed up for videos when I didn't. They are now refusing to offer me a refund even though I have not used any more images and no video images which I didn't even know I had. My advice don't use this company they are poor."


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