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Big Stick is an American pop/rock/art-rock/punk/industrial band/duo formed in New York in 1985 by John Gill (guitar, vocals) and Yanna Trance (vocals, percussion, keyboards). Known mostly for their unconventional approach to songwriting and recording, Big Stick's music varies and jumps through different genres and categories.

A fan shares his opinion on, "Pro Drag by Big Stick has some good moments, but the noise level is cut back considerably and in the glaring aural spotlight of clean production this sounds wanting compared to any number of contemporary groups: The Cramps, Royal Trux, Sonic Youth, early White Zombie, Ministry, etc. At best, a pastiche of half-assed blues, rockabilly, and ZZ Top riffs topped with jokey male and unremarkable female vocals, lacking the deranged conviction of their earlier work."


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