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Big Heart Pet Brands is a producer, distributor and marketer of branded pet products for the U.S. retail market. They are based in San Francisco, CA. Big Heart Pet Brands was previously the pet food division of Del Monte Foods prior to their 2014 sale to Del Monte Pacific Limited.They generated approximately $2.0 billion in net sales in fiscal 2013. Their brands include Meow Mix, Kibbles 'n Bits, Milk-Bone, 9Lives, Natural Balance, Pup-Peroni, Gravy Train, Nature’s Recipe, Canine Carry Outs, and Milo’s Kitchen. Big Heart Pet Brands also produces and distributes private label pet products. On February 3, 2015, The J.M. Smucker Company announced the acquisition of Big Heart Pet Brands.

One disgruntled employee had this to share in a review, " Supervisor was not helpful rude. Poor Leadership. Everybody is out for there self. I wanted to stay longer they were going to hire me for company, But would not give me time to get my paperwork in order. I would love another chance. Thank you."


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Current Employee - General Laborer says

"Where to begin. Being flat out over worked. Getting 1 day off a week if your lucky. The union is horrible. They care about the interests of the company not the employee. There is a lot of discrimination at the Bloomsburg plant towards women. There is no work life balance. Do yourself a favor and do not work here. Management is horrible. No communication. Lots of forced overtime."

Former Employee - Quality Assurance Technician says

"Absolutely awful atmosphere. Avoid the lawrence plant."


"There are no formal business processes in place to help resources deliver products Management and the overall business exude poor communication and are always battling each other, Undefined roles and responsibilities make it easy to take advantage of entry level and junior level employees. There is a lot of overallocation of work given to entry level employees that would be deemed out an employees job functions and would be considered more of a senior management level or Director level function. Employees are under paid for the amount of work they do Employees are given different lower level titles after they've interviewed or even after they've accepted a position (due to "reorganization") HR is unethical and violates employees personal information"

Worked In IT says

"Incompetent management. If you like working for management that makes decisions against practically every best practice ever written, tasks you with implementing, then points the finger your way when things don't work out, this is the IT shop for you. If you like working for IT management who touts their ridiculously outdated IT skills, you'll love it. Be wary of those throwing around terms they dont understand, like CISSP and those that are about as slick as a used car salesman."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic culture incentives self-promotion and preventing subordinate advancement Politics much more important than driving results Ineffective HR department"

Former Employee - Supply Chain Management says

"Need great benefits for health problems you will develop Good old boy network Not the right talent in upper management Bullies run wild No innovation No training No respect for workers in general Human resources is merely a token"

Current Employee - Brand Manager says

"Politics - Politics at BHP takes it to the next level since it's a private company. People throwing you under the bus? All the time. Lack of decision-making - Everyone is essentially waiting for the CMO to make the smallest decision. Hence always putting off fires all day. Low morale - This is the only company I have worked for where people openly interview for a new job at their cubes. Co-workers send you job postings throughout the day. This Company is only focused on short term goal, which is to be sold to a larger company. There is no long term vision, career development or employee retention effort."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This was one of my worst experiences working for a company. The organization is way too top heavy. That aspect compounded with a lack of leaders and decision making agility has caused immense frustration at all lower levels. There's actually not enough meaningful work left at the bottom because we have so many layers that you are effectively demoted as a result of the organizational structure. We are constantly hiring because everyone at the bottom hates their job and leaves. Beware if you think job openings are a sign of growth. We don't operate as winning teams that work together. This is game of thrones corporate edition. If you are looking for good work experience to progress in your career then you should look elsewhere. If you want to be an admin and spellcheck and do edits for your boss come here. The good people all leave...very few stay."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you live to fight fires all day long, this is the place for you. Institutional lack of prioritization and resource planning results in burn out and apathy. It's impossible to trust with all the changes in the last 12 months. The last 3 months tore the "heart" out of the company."

Former Employee - Insights Manager says

"Very difficult work environment Business Partners that stay at del monte are not cream of crop, don't really know what they are doing no good training program so it never gets better"

Part Time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The manager is a terrible person to work for. Did not train properly. Plus she is not a VERY stable persons. You will not learn from this person whatsoever. THEE upper manager is awful, condescending and TERRIBLE. Perhaps a management class MAY help them, doubtful. They need a clean sweep of ALL managermenrtHaPoor salary"

Utility Operator (Former Employee) says

"nobody seems to know whats going on.Management always lying right to your face and smile about it.Overtime overtime and more overtime plus they have a company union that lets them do whatever they want no balls too speak back about conditions.paylong hours, no family life, mandatory overtime daily"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"they don"t care about you at all. got fired for calling in cause my Dad was deathly ill. and the benefits are going away. the union pension fund only has enough money to last 14yrs max,and theyre having problems getting other factories to join. health benefits are union negotiated with the company and thats the companies highest priority is to get rid of paid health co-workers back stab you to your bosses, and your union reps mis-represent you when they tell the top supervisor anything you say bad. the only thing they want is a person to live at that factory. DID I MENTION ALL THE MOLD THAT COMES OUT OF THE MIXERS EVEY FRIDAY NIGHT WHEN THEY CLEAN UPgood pay, benefits are good for now.toxic enviroment, management, co workers, union, flexability"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"big heart pet brands is a bad place to work management and employees are horrible. they are really back words when it comes to breaks and people of higher authority are real jerks"

tehnician (Former Employee) says

"company sucks and doesn't care about their workers specially if you are temporary worker like i was, i was paid minimum wage with explanation that salary is well based regarding my duties which were to clean up the power plant, i actually did technicians work on daily basis and no one ever even said thank you"

Utility Labeler (Current Employee) says

"Managment is terrible and work is ok. Not really a machine operator all you do is push buttons. Is ok if you don't like to be more involved with machinery. You get hammered with overtime until you gain seniorty but the way things are people with 20yrs are getting forced overtime and its in every dept they are short of people. Its good money though wouldn't recommend working here if you have a family and care to spend time with them...."

Laborer/Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"Picking orders at a fast rate to fill customers demands. Overtime is demanding and on short notice! Seniority rules. Great benefit packages! Work closely with others everyone in distribution is driving a forklift!Wage. BenefitsToo much overtime."

ASSISTANT CONTROLLER (Former Employee) says

"BHPB is a company with many good people who try hard to do a good job. However the management and culture was not a place where teamwork was expected. Many areas of the company were understaffed causing people to work extra long hours and that what was expected on a regular basis. Ten hours a day was not enough. It's interesting that the company was recently purchased by Smuckers and their review said ,much the same thing- that lots of loyal people but managed like a company from the 1980- or 90s. This review is only of one of their plants though.Controlling management based on fear."

maintenance tech (Current Employee) says

"Being in maintenance its hard to say what a typical day would be it depends on how the plant is running or what needs to be fixed. This also makes it one of the most enjoyable parts because there is never any repetitiveness. The worst part of the job is being owned by kkr they are more worried about running things as cheaply as possible without investing in the factory or the workforce.decent payemployees are just a number"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was a fun job to work at. Supervisor was not helpful rude. Poor Leadership. Everybody is out for there self. I wanted to stay longer they were going to hire me for company, But would not give me time to get my paperwork in order. I would love another chance. Thank youHealth insuranceBad Management"

Shipping Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Promotions, reviews and raises are based on favoritism and not employee education or skill. Coworkers are backstabbers and management believes the person who cries the loudestEncourage continuous learninglack of respect"

Packaging Line Operator (Former Employee) says

"No area wide climate control gets 95 plus in the summer time. so many over time hours you wont be able to spend your money. Not a terrible place to work but be willing to work all the time"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Enjoy working with co workers. Not a lot commucation between workers and management. There ot police and proceeders was difficult to understand and hard to plan any time away from the jobfree dog and cat foodot- family time"

Brand Manager (Current Employee) says

"Since acquired a year ago, the company has gone through significant changes: new way of doing everything, layoffs, changing org structure etc. The "growing pain" continues. Some upper management truly cares about employees, others are yet to be determined. Transition is difficult for any organization but the once happy and up-beat work environment feels depressing because a lot of people are on their way out, both voluntarily and forced. It doesn't feel there is enough opportunities for upward movement in any function or at any level if one prefers to stay in the bay area."

Forklift Operator, Shipping & Receiving (Current Employee) says

"Fast pace but pays well. Will work alot of overtime. Could definitely use some better supervisors. Over all I would definitely recommend this job to anyone I can.MoneyLong days"

Senior Financial Analyst, Supply Chain Finance (Former Employee) says

"Worked under some great leadership under tough conditions. Problems I worked on were moderately interesting. Above all it was an absolutely dead culture."

Planogram Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The mission of the company is clearly stated and followed. Great place to work as everyone works as a team with a career path available to all. Work life balance is important to the company and flexible hours and remote working are available at any time needed."

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