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Para USA (Para) is an American-owned firearms manufacturer. It is the successor to Para-Ordnance, founded in Canada in 1985. It specializes in making M1911-style semi-automatic pistols and components.

A former Shipping/Receiving Clerk from Pineville, NC writes about Para USA for a review posted by INDEED: Company is owned by The Freedom Group (who is headlined by Remington) which means that the company isn't going under in the near future. Upper management has issues. Plant manager is way too hands off, while the HR rep walks around like a prison warden. Pay is minuscule. New workers get sent through a temp agency for a minimum of 720 hours of labor prior to being hired on by the company. During that 720 hour temp period, you are not eligible for the medical and dental benefits that the company employees are. Work hours are typically from 7am -3:30pm. You get (2) 10 minute breaks (10am & 2pm) and a 30 minute unpaid lunch break. Also plan to be on your feet all day. Chairs have been eliminated for the majority of positions.


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