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Big Bite Submarines is a Norwegian fast-food franchise focusing on fresh subs, wraps, and salads. The first restaurant was opened in 1997 at City Syd in Trondheim. The stores are typically located in shopping malls. As of July 2016, the chain operates 53 restaurants all over Norway.

Big Bite has a miserable service, the staff is rude, unprofessional and it's out of touch from customer service, according to a review by Christine Mæland at google comments.

"Miserable service! After three customer visits, I just have to comment that the two who work there during the day do not own touch of customer service. You have never greeted a single smile and the answers you get are insanely sarcastic and derogatory. Dear BigBite, you lose good customers by having such people behind the counter. I will not spend a paid break on this again."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The wage is way too low. It is a very stressful job and you have a lot to do and the small salary does not compensate for that. The head quarters earn a lot on this franchise, but the workers do not. It is also extremely stressful to be alone in the shop after 6 PM. There are still many customers and you have a lot of cleaning and others things to do. The supervisor does not seem to grasp this, as we get more tasks to do in addition to this."