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Bhavana Brewery is a Chinese-Laotian restaurant, brewery, and printed matter store in Raleigh, NC. Bon Appetit named Bhavana as one of America’s 10 Best New Restaurants in 2017.

Jessie Gavigan wrote, "Wish I could give zero stars. Don’t be fooled by this business’ disgusting attempt to try to act like they are a pillar of our community. Businesses with practices like these are not welcome in Raleigh. They have continually supported violence and abuse and racism in their workplace with no consequence or even apology to this day. They think their dumplings will make up for the lack of morals and we don’t want these people in our town. When we showed to protest peacefully they called the cops on us to silence our voices. Please don’t support this business, there are truly so many great local places to eat in Raleigh and we should work to replace Bida Manda and Brewery Bhavana with better small businesses that add to the community we love!"

Former employees came forward to WRAL, describing an environment at Bhavana that involved the objectification of male and female employees, allegations of sexual assault and a culture of silence. Sara Dye, who managed the bookstore at Bhavana from February 2018 to December 2018, was one of the first former employees to speak publicly with an Instagram post describing a sexual assault by a fellow employee in July 2018. Dye said she came forward with her story following reports that a black employee at Bida Manda (another restaurant with the same owners) had been called a slave in front of other coworkers by one of the members of the management team in February.


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