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Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. The frequency of sports bet upon varies by culture, with the vast majority of bets being placed on association football, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track cycling, auto racing, mixed martial arts, and boxing at both the amateur and professional levels. Sports betting can also extend


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Cashier & Customer Aide (Former Employee) says

"This is not a good company as a whole to work for they cheat you and if your draw is short money they take it out of your paycheck. Only the branch supervisors are good not the main office"

Computer and Phone Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was hired at OTB by a family friend and thought I would have a great working environment going in. The phone operators are treated like vermin. And I don't mean that from a general standpoint. The managers literally cursed and insulted many operators. In front of everyone. This is a completely toxic and unprofessional company to work for, and you aren't paid enough money. There is extremely little room for moving up. Cons: Short breaks, unfair treatment, disgusting work place, toxic management"

Betting Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working in this fast-paced environment due to the excitement of the Horse Racing atmosphere. The pay was good but the management left a lot to be desired. Cons: no medical or health benefits"

Team Member/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"A normal work day was slow except for big race days. The management team was nice but hours weekly were not guaranteed. There were many layoffs that took place."

Senior (Former Employee) says

"I would get called all the time to fill in for someone who called in."

Senior mini parlor vault attendant (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job because of my customers. I started at minimum wage and worked my way up to a living wage after years. yes I had vacation time but that too was only after I had been there for years. you get a couple days your first year and it goes up. the schedule changed on a dime you could be at work and find out surprise your getting out an hour late. this happens a lot during Saratoga and gets later every year. after years of working in this thankless job they closed my branch and replaced me with a machine. They are trying to eliminate the human aspect and go over to automation so I do not recommend this to anyone for that reason. Cons: hours. pay. useless union. bureaucracy"

Principal Administrative Assistant Level (Former Employee) says

"I started at OTB as a betting clerk taking phones bets. Within a year time I moved into Revenue Accounting. I did clerical work at first. Within a couple of years I then moved into more accounting work. Here I love working with numbers balancing statements. The last 5 years I started tracking the Handle for all the tracks we took. I would go in the morning and load the reports from the database. After this I would create spreadsheets for all handle. Many of these reports had to go out to the cooperation ASAP. Cons: closing"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I learned communication skills, working with others... and training new hires."

Teller (Current Employee) says

"My job at off track betting is ok when i am there. I am a sub so i do not work many hours there. that part is not good because you do not get bennifits when you are a sub. The job it self is ok. But there is no growing in that company unless someone retire or get fired or demoted so me moving up in that company any time soon is not happening. The pay sucks. But the customers is very fun to work with and my co-workers is not bad to work with. Cons: no bennifits for subs or hours"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"its was a good and busy place to work, nice managers and co-workers. Learned alot about costumer service and money management. hardest part was dealing with unruly costumers"

Junior Building Custodian (Former Employee) says

"There were days where I didn't want to go to work because it was stressful and fast paced environment. I loved meeting and talking to the customers and I personally learn so much of myself. Most of my co-workers were pleasant and friendly. I worked with various manager and I fairly got along with them. The benefits was great and the credit union was awesome. My supervisor was reasonable and my department was great. Cons: fast paced"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at Betting Connections full-time for more than a year Cons: Micro-managing On my first day they fired someone in front of me for not billing enough money. On my third day, the CEO Duarte called me into a meeting with him, another senior manager and another recruiter. They grilled her hard about her numbers in front of me to the point she was crying. They wanted to make it very clear from day 1 it is all about the money. The senior management installed cameras in the office so they can see from the luxury of their homes who is using the phone and who isn't-you are required to be on the phone all day long. The work environment is extremely toxic. They have a high number of recruiters yes, but the majority of these are trainee recruiters and they have a huge staff turnover."

Former Freelancer - Retail Sales Associate says

"I worked at Betting Connections for less than a year Cons: Recruiters don't give the help they promise."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Betting Connections full-time Cons: Extremely unprofessional behavior from this company's recruiters. They ask for your CV and allegedly apply for certain openings on your behalf. Then they ignore your emails for updates after not providing any feedback for weeks on end, and hide from you if you try to contact via phone."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at Betting Connections full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor pay, required to chase the management for commission already earned. Office space is a bank of phones used for hundreds of cold calls everyday."